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Market Research Solutions Portfolio

Business leaders across functional areas leverage our expertise for diverse strategic priorities

Growth and Strategy

  • International Expansion
  • Market scans
  • Deep-dive market studies
  • GTM strategy
  • Acquisitions
  • Identify, shortlist targets
  • Fit analysis – Detailed profiles
  • Due diligence support
  • Digital Strategy
  • Industry trend analysis
  • Best practices / Success stories
  • GTM strategy
  • Diversification
  • Opportunity scans
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Business case / Financial Model
  • Increase Market Share
  • Market segments and growth
  • Customer / product profitability
  • Customer need analysis
  • Innovation
  • Mega-trends workshop
  • Product / Service design
  • Business process innovation

Understand your business better

  • Customer Insights
  • Satisfaction & loyalty studies
  • Lost customer surveys
  • Customer experience management
  • B2B Sales Planning
  • Account planning
  • Prospect Profiling
  • Firmographics
  • Brand Research
  • Brand tracking
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand valuation
  • Competition Analysis
  • ’How-they-do-it’ analysis?
  • Product & Price benchmarking
  • Competitor profiling
  • Channel
  • Planning & optimization
  • Satisfaction studies
  • Business outlook surveys
  • Advertising Research
  • Communication testing
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Digital communication strategy

Research support for
Consulting Engagements

  • Industry Studies
  • Market sizing & segmentation
  • Value chain, Profit-pool maps
  • Scorecards
  • Customer Analysis
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Share-of-wallet analysis
  • Up-sell or cross-sell analytics
  • Surveys
  • CXO surveys (business issues)
  • CTO surveys (technology issues)
  • B2C or Healthcare surveys
  • Competition Analysis
  • Product & price benchmarking
  • Deep-dive analysis (Functional areas)
  • Profiling (Operations, SWOT, Plans)
  • Digital Business
  • Market sizing and forecasts
  • Technology & social trends
  • Best practices & success stories
  • Innovation
  • Industry mega-trends
  • Product / service design
  • Business process innovation

Knowledge management support for enhancing
Operational effectiveness

  • Information Management
  • Proprietary databases
  • Sales enablement assets
  • Training material development & management
  • Business Development | Marketing Support
  • Prospect profiling / Strategic client updates
  • Proposal development support
  • White papers, client newsletters
  • Business Support Services
  • Presentation and DTP support
  • Library support services
  • Intranet content management

Win, develop and retain business in new and existing markets

  • Maximize your returns on business development through our account planning research support
  • Leverage our research and insights on your ecosystem to design winning strategies for your firm
  • Use our intelligence on litigation related trends to proactively plan customer marketing strategies
  • Customized competitive intelligence to track, analyze competitors or benchmark your firms versus peers
  • Leverage our customized customer experience management and loyalty measurement programs
  • Engage our experts for developing white papers or newsletters for clients or internal audiences

Engagement Models

Business research engagement - Bespoke model

Bespoke Projects

For one-off research requirements, be it a small quick turnaround or a large research project.

Business research engagement - VA model

Virtual Analyst

Dedicated team of analysts to support ongoing market and competitive intelligence needs.

Business research - As a service model

Enterprise Research as a Service

Enterprise-wide cloud-enabled solution for supporting on-going research needs.

Why Aranca?

Business research experts
Engage with Experts

Work with analysts who have deep knowledge of your industry.

Diversified business research experience
Experience Matters

Over 50,000 projects executed, spanning 100+ sub-sectors in 90+ countries.

Business research knowledge of over 80 sub-sectors

Power of Knowledge

Proactive tracking of market trends in over 80 sub-sectors, across regions.

Global business research execution capabilities
Global Footprint

Research centers in India and China supported by on-ground analysts in 30+ countries.

Multi-lingual business research execution capabilities
Multilingual Capabilities

Capability to conduct B2B and B2C research interviews at scale in over 30 languages.

Customized business research solutions
Customized Solutions. Always.

Tailor-made solutions for research requests that address specific client issues and budgets.

No Country is Beyond Our Reach

Global experience, with client projects executed in over 90 countries.

Over 40000 Global Business Research Projects

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Business research projects in china
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Business research projects in United-States
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Business research projects in Mexico
Business research projects in Brazil
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Business research projects in Venezuela
Project Title
Market Opportunity & Feasibility Assessment of Biotech Park
Identification of M&A targets in the renewable energy sector
Market study & charter strategy for offshore charter vessels
Feasibility study for establishing energy drink plant
Feasibility study on Copper bus-bar market
Entry strategy for Mobile payments Market
Market potential of fluidising fabrics for aluminium and cement plants
Market study for shipbuilding industry
Assessment of the Infant Formula market
Competitive landscape assessment of glass packaging companies
Assessment of market and partner identification for one series homogenizer
Market assessment of egg packaging in China
Market study to assess potential demand for Ultrasonography machines
Sector study on aerospace and defence along with competitor landscape
Distribution practices for high-end sanitary ware in South-Korea
Market study on egg packaging focusing on moulded fibre packaging
Supplier identification and assessment for Marine Tools & Equipment
International Schools Market Assessment in South-Korea
Market opportunity assessment of the local test preparation market
Opportunity assessment for E-waste recycling
Industry report on urban transportation sector
Market analysis and competitive dynamics in wind energy generation
Supplier assessment for select components for road construction machinery
Market study and competitive dynamics of the food & beverage industry
Business plan for a geothermal energy company
Opportunity assessment for auto parts manufacturing
Real estate projects assessment in Jakarta
Market sizing and competitor assessment for road transport
Competitive benchmarking for men's personal care
Market study on Coal Fired Power Plants
Market Study on plastic truck bed liners
Market study on APAC automotive infotainment market
Market opportunity assessment for industrial grinding machines
Assessment of the confectionery market
Report on film production/ distribution
Competitive intelligence on steel roll service providers
International Schools Market Assessment
Assessment of policy framework for reverse logistics of electronic goods
Competitive landscape assessment for call centres
Performance assessment of foreign retailers in grocery segment
Defence market study with product mapping across competitor landscape
Comparative study of the bio-technology industry with other peer nations
Market study and distribution landscape for centrifugal pumps
Investment attractiveness assessment of a real estate company
Opportunities in hot and cold flat steel and aluminium markets
Study on the agri-food products market in Myanmar
Competitive benchmarking of utilities companies
Opportunity assessment for hydropower energy generation
Assessment of technology innovations and their impact on retail banking
Opportunity assessment, M&A target identification in health insurance sector
Study of mobile distribution channels for short term insurance products
Market Study of Fluidizing Fabrics for coal fired power plants
Identification and JV partner selection for aquaculture business
Opportunities for methyl silicone resin in electrical and electronics market
Market study of roll services in the Steel and Aluminium industry
Research study on diabetes incidence and treatment costs
Comparable Valuation of Fast Food Restaurants
Benchmarking of field force efficiency for mobile telecom services
Competitive assessment of major dairy and farming machinery manufacturers
Financial and operational benchmarking of commercial banks
Market opportunity for low floor/semi floor intracity buses
Opportunity mapping for chillers market
Market study on Precast Concrete material in Saudi-Arabia
Entry Strategy for managed IT security services
Feasibility for expansion of logistics business in KSA
Market Study on Bottled Water Market
Business Plan & Financial Feasibility for a Franchise Coffee Shop in Dubai
Business Plan and Feasibility Report on Polyclinics in Abu Dhabi
Opportunity assessment for E-waste recycling
Feasibility study for a theme -resort
Market study on Dubai's travel and leisure industry
Market assessment and investment opportunity for a P.E player in ICT sector
Market study for luxury car rental services
Competitive analysis of major banks for retail banking services
Feasibility Study for Japanese Restaurant
Deep-dive assessment of engineering and design services market
Feasibility study of setting up Diagnostic Centers
Opportunity assessment for hobby based remote control toys
Market study of Islamic banking sector
Market potential for DI pipes used in waste-water transportation
Opportunity assessment of online remittance products
JV partner identification for aquaculture business
Market overview of integrated healthcare services
Competitive mapping of Global Oilfield Services companies
Islamic Banking opportunities in the SME sector
Market potential for DI pipes used in the construction sector
Opportunity & Investment Assessment for an auto parts distributor
Market study of the medical devices sector
Competitive assessment of drilling and oilfield services companies
Market study and distribution landscape for ductile Iron pipes
Market study and competitive dynamics for consumer lighting products
Study on the legal services landscape
Market study and opportunity assessment for packaged drinking water
Market Study & Business plan for auto care products
Assessment of the premium car rental market
Feasibility study for manufacturing gypsum boards
Market analysis and valuation for investment in a shipping company
Identification and JV partner selection for aquaculture business
Market landscape and competitive dynamics for medical insurance sector
Market analysis and competitive landscape for taxi services
Opportunity assessment in commercial real estate market
Market analysis and competitive landscape for Medical devices market
Market opportunity assessment in the car rental segment
Overview of home care services market
Market opportunity and peer benchmarking analysis for key building materials
Feasibility study for a hotel expanding into fine dining restaurant business
Opportunity Assessment: Bahrain Education Sector
Market opportunity for opening an Islamic bank
Study of transmission and distribution network in the electricity industry
Competitor Intelligence Reports on General Insurance Companies
Information Memorandum for a fund looking to invest in the telecom sector
Market study of industrial gloves used in the automobile industry
Market Study of Fluidizing Fabrics for coal fired power plants
Opportunity assessment and M&A target identification in the Baby Food Market
Market study of the Islamic finance industry
Market Study of Long Steel products such as rebars and wire rods
Market study and competitive analysis of broadband internet services
Opportunity & Investment Assessment on a Real-Estate Company
Financial valuation of a leading furniture retailer
Market study of the data center and cloud services industry
Market study and supplier mapping of the oil drilling industry
Opportunity assessment of fresh fruit exports
Market study and detailed analysis of major gold mining companies
Market and supply chain assessment of commercial agriculture
Market study and feasibility analysis for sale of energy meters
Opportunity assessment of the mobile telecom market
Information Memorandum for a hotel project in Addis Ababa
Market study of Mobile, Fixed Line and Broadband Sectors
Opportunity assessment of the food & beverage manufacturing sector
Sector report on the auto insurance industry
Ethiopia Construction Market Report
Feasibility assessment of a casual dining restaurant
Assessment of Training Support to Maize Farmers by NGOs
Market Assessment and competitive dynamics of mobile broadband services
Market assessment and export potential of the fisheries industry
Market study on tobacco production and distribution
Market assessment of milk and milk products
Feasibility of setting up a health insurance distribution business
Detailed industry research and report on the Nigerian automotive industry
PPM to assess feasibility of energy meter business
Feasibility report for developing hospitals
Research report on tobacco market
Market study and feasibility assessment of White space technology business
Assessment of the oil drilling market
Market opportunity assessment for ductile iron pipes
Market study for electrical wiring devices and circuit breakers
Opportunity assessment in the trucking industry
Market overview of the Kenyan airline industry
Research report on the banking industry in
Feasibility study for a furniture outlet
Market Study of food packaging cans segment
Opportunities in e-commerce market and future outlook
Opportunity assessment for apparel and footwear specialist retailers
Market study of metal and ceramic injection moulding industry
Study on braking system market for agricultural vehicles
Market analysis and competitive assessment of animal nutrition products
Competitive assessment of M2M technology providers
Opportunity assessment of the braking system market for agricultural vehicles
Feasibility study for a OLED light manufacturing company
Opportunity assessment of automotive replacement parts distribution
Market study on potential for custom temperature sensors in France
Opportunity assessment of industrial coatings for the freight rail sector
Study on the short-term Insurance products' distribution through mobiles
Market study and investment opportunities in office space and retail
Market study and competitive assessment of medical equipment industry
Opportunity assessment of the confectionary market
Market potential for 3D television market
Target identification for acquisition in axle manufacturing
Study on braking system market for agricultural vehicles (tractors)
Market study of non-life insurance sector with focus on distribution channels
Analysis of the major trends in Back Office Outsourcing by banks
Opportunity assessment of the mobile telecom market
Competitive dynamics for high tech warehouses
Customer Assessment for paint coating application
Opportunity & Investment Assessment on a Used Car Distributor
Study of Changing Consumer Attitudes for Wealth and Luxury
Study on the employee benefits market
Competition assessment of generic, biosimilar and medical devices industry
UK Architects Market Study
Opportunity assessment of vending machines for serving hot beverages
Craft beer market study
PPM & financial model for a real estate company seeking to raise funds
Study on short-term Insurance products' distribution through mobiles
Performance evaluation of CEOs in the financial sector
Market estimations for engineering and design services
Market landscape and competitive analysis of the consumer goods industry
E-commerce market assessment
Market assessment of industrial gloves in various end-user sectors
Market Study on Long Steel Industry
Market Study of Fluidizing Fabrics for coal fired power plants
Opportunity assessment in the paint packaging market
Government tendering process & competition landscape-passports/ personal IDs
Market potential for industrial coatings in the rail freight segment
Study on braking system market for agricultural vehicles (tractors)
Market study on food packaging cans
Competitive landscape assessment for animal nutrition products
Analysis of Premier Bank Account Offerings
Opportunity assessment in the tourism industry and GTM strategy
Opportunity assessment and competitive mapping for air logistics
Assessment of greenhouse emission norms for truck transport
Transport economics of commercial transport between US and Mexico
Market study for lubricants and dust suppressants used in surface coal mines
Brand perception assessment for luxury motorcycles
Market assessment of gaming consoles industry
Opportunity and services offerings assessment for local test prep market
Market and competition assessment for automotive batteries
Analysis of mobile distribution channels for insurance products
Market intelligence study for fluidising fabrics for aluminium plants
Market based valuations of publicly listed comparable fast food companies
Distribution landscape assessment for sanitary-ware products
Competitive landscape assessment of glass packaging companies
Luxury motorcycle market assessment
Market opportunity for value added distribution in food services
Identifying opportunities to leverage idle capacities in flat steel market
Opportunity assessment of potential markets for PC Strands and Wires
Market analysis of liquid infant child nutrition for premature babies
Supply chain assessment for bakery and cereals products
Market analysis and opportunity selection for premium liquor
B2B customer satisfaction measurement for leading dairy products manufacturer
Assessment of demand and supply of aluminium foils, and market entry options
Benchmarking of products and strategies of styrene co-polymer manufacturers
Market opportunity for smartphones and tablets with native applications
Assessment of power transmission & distribution sector
Market assessment of healthcare industry and opportunities for B2C services
Market study of the packaged foods market
Market study and competitive dynamics in mobile and broadband services
Study of the oil & gas industry with focus on the upstream segment
Investment opportunities in the dairy industry
Market assessment and opportunities for online tourism services
Feasibility study of consumer foods packaging industry
Mapping of major crop producers and detailed analysis of key players
Market study and competitive dynamics for food processing industry
Overview of the healthcare service providers’ market
Market study of the bio-fertilizer and organic compost sector
Market study on Synthetic Fiber industry
Market study and feasibility assessment for developing a resort
Market study of key building materials and peer benchmarking of competitors
Study of the green energy sector and emerging trends
Competitive analysis of major oil & gas companies in Venezuela
Competitor benchmarking in the Telecom Broadband service Market

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