Aquaculture Experience

Over 20 projects delivered, covering 10+ segments of the Aquaculture Sector in 10+ countries

Environment Type

  • Brackish water aquaculture
  • Marine water aquaculture
  • Fresh water aquaculture


  • Intensive fish farming
  • Extensive fish farming
  • Shrimp farming
  • Shell fish farming
  • Aquatic plants farming


  • Aquaculture for ornamental fish
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Supplements and functional food
  • Biotechnology products

Ancillary services

  • Fish harvesting
  • Aquatic plants harvesting
  • Stock restoration
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the Aquaculture Sector across the world

    • Market study on freshwater aquaculture in China
    • Deep-dive analysis of fish farming market in Indonesia
    • Market study on aquatic plant farming and harvesting in Australia
    • Opportunity analysis for aquaculture in pharma products globally

    • JV partner selection for aquaculture business in KSA
    • Market study on shell fish farming across Turkey
    • Market study of aquaculture opportunity across GCC
    • Opportunity analysis of farming of salmon and sea bass in Egypt

    • Emerging trends on marine aquaculture across North Africa
    • Valuation of a freshwater aquaculture farm in South Africa
    • Fish and aquatic plants harvesting market analysis in Kenya
    • Competitive benchmarking of fish harvesting companies in Africa

    • Market study of stock harvesting in aquaculture across France
    • Opportunity assessment for cattle feed industry in Spain
    • Indepth analysis of usage of aquaculture for nutritional food in Italy
    • Market study on aquatic plants harvesting in Eastern Europe

    • Aquafeed market analysis for fish, shrimp and shell fish in the US
    • Competitive benchmarking of aquaculture companies in Canada
    • In-depth analysis of benefits of aquaculture farming across the US
    • Market study on fish and shrimp farming in Mexico

    • Global aquaculture market trends for fresh and brackish water
    • Strategic developments in aquaculture in the Amazon region of Brazil
    • Market study of aquaculture opportunity in aquatic plants in Peru
    • Opportunity analysis of farming of fish and shrimps in Chile

Case Studies

JV partner selection for Aquaculture business in KSA

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Market opportunity assessment of tuna aquaculture industry in Egypt

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