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Market Size & Opportunity

Bespoke market engineering solutions to aid business decisions on markets, products and services

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Customized market opportunity analysis aimed at enabling businesses to make informed business decisions

Market size estimation is a critical step in building a business case - determining feasibility for a new product development, entering fresh markets or expanding within a market.

Our consultants are able to engineer robust market sizing analysis and market size estimation frameworks by taking a comprehensive view of the industry and products/services dynamics to estimate and forecast market potential and opportunity. We customize our approach to each market size model and opportunity assessment, with particular emphasis on conversations with industry participants and customers, to size the market with in- depth information.

  • What is the total size of the market?
  • What is the estimated gap in market supply and demand?
  • What is the scale of the addressable market opportunity?

Aranca follows a robust methodology for market size estimation & potential opportunities.

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