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Utilities Sector Experience

Over 30 projects executed in 15+ countries across 20+ segments of the Utilities sector

Electricity Generation
(Non Renewable)
  • Coal
  • Natural gas
  • Oil
  • Petroleum
Electricity Transmission
  • Transformers
  • Towers
  • Power lines
  • Sub stations
Water treatment & distribution
  • Filtration plants
  • Water treatment plants & systems
  • Pumps and booster stations
  • Valves & Water meters
Electricity Generation
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Hydro power & Tidal
  • Geothermal
Electricity Distribution
  • Solid state & Flow batteries
  • Control switches
  • Metering
  • Panel/switch boards & switch gears
  • Demand side management
Gas Production & Distribution
  • Natural gas
  • LPG
  • Gas transportation & distribution
  • Gas meters
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the utilities sector across the world

    • Analysis of smart metering technologies in China's utilities sector
    • Market assessment of the Indian water treatment sector
    • Study of the packaged wastewater treatment systems in India
    • Market study on coal fired power plants in Indonesia
    • Assessment of AMI technology in Australia
    • Market study on waste treatment in Singapore
    • Study of the electricity transmission & distribution segment in India
    • Opportunity assessment of PV cell manufacturing in China

    • Sector notes and investment manual for the utility sector in GCC
    • Market study on the power equipment rental market in KSA
    • Opportunity assessment of the power sector in KSA
    • Opportunity assessment for power generation equipment in Turkey
    • Market study of the waste water treatment in GCC countries
    • Study of the DI pipes used in waste-water transportation in Iraq
    • Business plan for a leading renewable energy company in KSA
    • M&A landscape analysis of Middle East’s utility sector

    • Sector analysis of the South African electricity industry
    • Market study of electrical products in South Africa and Tanzania
    • Financial model and valuation of a major utility company
    • Assessment of the electrical equipment market in Tanzania
    • Study of the water and wastewater treatment in South Africa
    • Benchmarking study of utility companies in North Africa
    • Opportunity analysis of smart metering in Nigeria
    • Market study of the electricity generation sector in South Africa

    • Competitor analysis of UK's B2B electricity market
    • Sector assessment of industrial gloves in Russia's utility sector
    • Market study of the energy storage sector in Ireland
    • Competitive intelligence on integrated renewable energy operators in Europe
    • Investment assessment of an European utility company
    • Market study of the solar and wind energy segments in Spain
    • Benchmarking study of renewable energy companies in Europe
    • Market study of waste management industry in Norway

    • Competitive analysis on the Top-3 utility companies in the US
    • Opportunity assessment for electronic safety tools in the US
    • Commercialization assessment of mobile app for utility firms
    • Opportunity assessment of the energy storage industry in the US
    • Operational benchmarking of utility companies in North America
    • Market study of the renewable energy sector in Canada
    • Competitive assessment of pureplay renewable energy firms in US
    • Study of innovative desalination technologies in North America

    • Assessment of hydropower generation in Mexico and Venezuela
    • Competitive mapping of smart grid products suppliers in Mexico
    • Analysis of the PPA agreements in electricity sector in Chile
    • Financial feasibility for a utility company in Brazil
    • Assessment of the infrastructure needs of Mexico’s utility sector
    • Study of the smart grid infrastructure investment in Brazil
    • Regulatory assessment of renewable energy sector in Mexico
    • Opportunity assessment of wind energy sector in South America

Case Studies

Market study of water & waste water treatment in key Southeast Asian countries

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Assessment of investment opportunities in the utility sector in the MENA region

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