Fine & Specialty Chemicals

Fine & Speciality Chemicals Sector Experience

Over 100 projects delivered, covering 25+ segments of the fine & speciality chemicals sector in 30+ countries

Textile chemicals

  • Coating and sizing chemicals
  • Colorants & Auxilaries
  • Finishing agents
  • Desizing and bleaching agents
  • Surfactants

Flavors & Fragrances

  • Beverage flavors
  • Dairy and savory flavors
  • Food and confectionary flavors
  • Fine fragrances
  • Consumer goods fragrance

Oil-field chemicals

  • Drilling and completion chemicals
  • Well cementing chemicals
  • Stimulation chemicals
  • Enhanced oil recovery chemicals
  • Surfactants, biocides and proppants

Paint additives

  • Dispersions and pigments
  • Dispersing agent
  • Wetting agents
  • Surface modifiers
  • Defoamers

Polymer additives

  • Acrylics
  • Polyvinyl acetate (PVA)
  • Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE)
  • SBR Co-Polymer
  • Butadiene Co-Polymer

Other Fine & Speciality Chemicals

  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Electronic chemicals
  • Water management chemicals
  • Construction chemicals
  • Consumer chemicals
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the Fine & Speciality Chemicals sector across the world

    • Acquisition opportunities for distribution of specialty chemicals in India
    • Assessing distribution strategies for select flavour suppliers in China
    • Opportunity assessment for polymer additives in Vietnam
    • Competitor intelligence on electronic chemicals suppliers in China and Taiwan
    • Mapping supplier landscape for surface modifiers in Malaysia and Indonesia

    • Opportunity assessment for well cementing chemicals in KSA
    • Feasibility assessment for polymer additives plant in GCC
    • Benchmarking go-to-market strategies for paint additive suppliers in KSA
    • Identifying acquisition opportunities for distribution of sealants in UAE
    • Market study on drilling and completion chemicals in Middle East

    • Identifying potential distributors for bleaching agents in East Africa
    • Opportunity assessment for dairy flavors in Kenya and Tanzania
    • Market study on stimulation chemicals in Nigeria and Angola
    • Evaluating distribution strategies of oil-field chemical suppliers in West Africa
    • Opportunity assessment for textile finishing agents in South Africa

    • Competitor intelligence on desizing and bleaching agent suppliers in Germany
    • Opportunity assessment for paint defoamers in the UK, France and Germany
    • Identification of distribution opportunities for sealants in Western Europe
    • Market study for polymer additives in Spain, Italy and the UK
    • Mapping distribution strategies for construction chemical suppliers in Poland

    • Market assessment for bio-based surfactants in North America
    • Acquisition opportunities for custom flavour manufacturers in the US
    • Opportunity assessment for enhanced oil recovery chemicals in US and Mexico
    • Mapping emerging trends in adoption of biocides and proppants in the US
    • Identification of distribution opportunities for textile colorants in Mexico

    • Capability assessment for polymer additive suppliers in Brazil, Peru and Chile
    • Opportunity assessment for beverage flavours and additives in Brazil
    • Competitor intelligence on adhesive suppliers in select S. American countries
    • Identifying distribution opportunities for wetting agents in Argentina & Peru
    • Mapping supplier landscape for water management chemicals in Brazil

Case Studies

Go-to-market strategy for Type II / III lubricants manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

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Evaluating emerging opportunities for polymer emulsions suppliers in Indonesia

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