Packaging Sector Experience

Over 250 projects delivered, covering 30+ packaging products and materials in 25+ countries


  • Caps | Closures | Seals
  • Cups | Trays | Plates I Crates
  • Aerosols | Cans | Tins
  • Jars | Bottles | Containers
  • Drums | Barrels | Pallets
  • Bags | Pouches | Boxes
  • Films | Foils | Laminates
  • Release liners | Tapes | Labels
  • Paper board | Container board
  • Dispensers | Tubes | Strip packs
  • Envelopes | Sleeves | Card holder


  • PE | PET | PS | PP | PLA
  • Moulded pulp | Coated paper
  • Plastic film | Plastic wrap
  • Wax paper | Tissue paper
  • Kraft paper | Parchment paper
  • Adhesive | Hot-Melt adhesive
  • BOPP film | Cellulose film
  • Metallized film | Aluminium foil
  • Corrugated plastic | Fibreboard
  • Colorants | Additives | Masterbatches

Equipment / Machinery

  • Cartoning | Can forming
  • Case packer | Crate packer
  • Palletizer | Depalletizer
  • Filling | Capping | Tying | Sealing
  • Carton erector | Case Erector
  • Pasteurizers | Coolers | Washers
  • Stretch wrapper | Pallet wrapper
  • Blister packing | Thermoforming
  • Liquid dispensing | Adhesive dispensing
  • Lasers | Die cutting | Printing
  • Inspection | Leak detection
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the Packaging sector across the world

    • Go-to-market strategy for molded fiber trays in India
    • Opportunity identification within the Chinese market for parchment paper
    • White space analysis for egg packaging in China and Indonesia
    • Innovation trends in flexible packaging laminates in Australia
    • Supplier analysis of composite plastics for frozen sea food packaging in Asia
    • Automation mapping within secondary packaging market in China
    • Business case analysis of wood packaging vis-à-vis other packaging in India
    • Supply chain assessment of rigid plastic packaging industry in China

    • Identifying attractive markets for egg packaging in Middle East
    • Consumer preference assessment for fast food product packaging in GCC
    • Opportunity assessment for wooden pallets market in GCC
    • Market study on canned food products in Bahrain
    • Financial due diligence on stretch film market in UAE
    • Competition analysis of corrugated paper for packaging in Middle East
    • Assessing future market position of kraft paper packaging in KSA
    • Market expansion plans within the tissue paper business in the GCC

    • Segmentation analysis of flexible packaging materials in East Africa
    • Market study on aluminium usage in pharmaceutical packaging in Kenya
    • Market study and opportunity identification within beer packaging in Africa
    • Innovation trends within the metal packaging market in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Market mapping of food packaging materials and products in Tanzania
    • Opportunity identification within the paper packaging market in South Africa
    • Competitive analysis on makers of plastic caps / closures in North Africa
    • M&A and partner identification within the egg packaging market in Nigeria

    • Market potential for sustainable (green) packaging in the UK
    • Customer needs analysis for the canned food market in Spain
    • Identifying distribution partners in the healthcare plastics sector in the UK
    • Potential for master batches within the pouch packaging market in Europe
    • Go-to-market strategy in silicon coated release liners market in Turkey
    • Opportunity assessment on beverage packaging in Nordic countries
    • Supply landscape analysis for extrusion coating in Russia
    • Sector snapshots on corrugated board packaging in Western Europe

    • Market study on thin wall aerosol can industry in North America
    • Competitor benchmarking of end-of-the-line packaging equipment in the US
    • Identify M&A targets within the glass and metal packaging market in the US
    • Competitor analysis of wooden shipping crate & box manufacturers in the US
    • Detailed assessment of PE (HDPE/LDPE) films suppliers in the US
    • In-depth competitive landscaping of airless packaging market in Canada
    • Market size estimation of antimicrobial films in the US and Mexico
    • Demand estimation on corrugated boards within the Canadian retail industry

    • Market study on personal care product packaging in South America
    • Market study on lamitubes usage in South America
    • Customer needs analysis within the plastic packaging market in Chile
    • Sector deep dive on metal cans in South American packaged food industry
    • Feasibility study on beauty personal care market packaging in Brazil
    • Market study on non-alcoholic beverage RTD packaging market in S. America
    • Market analysis and outlook for green packaging within South America
    • Competitive landscaping of the high barrier packaging films market in Brazil

Case Studies

Go-to-market strategy for a new entrant in the silicon coated release liners market in Turkey

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Identifying attractive end-use segments & countries within the metal cans market in South America

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Global market study on airless dispensers in the healthcare and personal care segments

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Strategic assessment to expand molded fiber operations in the Middle East

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