Commercial Banking
(Banking & Financial)

Commercial Banking Experience

Over 350 projects delivered, covering 20+ segments of the commercial banking sector in 40+ countries

Debt Financing

  • Loan Syndication Products
  • Structured Finance
  • Asset Backed Securities
  • Mortgage Backed Securities

Islamic Banking

  • Sukuk (Bonds)
  • Qard (Interest-free Loan)
  • Ijarah (Lease Finance)
  • Murabaha (Trade Finance)

Customized Banking Products

  • Internet Advisory Services
  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Risk Advisory Services
  • Cash Management Services

Trade Finance

  • Trade Finance & Services
  • Vendor & Channels Financing
  • Funded Line of Credit
  • Un-funded Line of Credit

SME Banking Services

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Term Loans & Overdraft Facility
  • Cash Management Services
  • Export Financing & Letters of Credit

Other Services

  • Project Finance
  • Liquidity Management Solutions
  • Forex Services
  • Treasury Risk Management Services
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the commercial banking sector across the world

    • Opportunity Assessment in the commercial banking space in India
    • Impact of technology evolution on bank operations in Philippines
    • White paper on the impact of digital strategies on banks in China
    • Benchmarking of Central Banks’ Best Practices across South East Asia
    • Detailed assessment of regional banks performance in 6 countries
    • Due diligence support in acquisition of a regional bank in India
    • Feasibility study for the setting up of an Islamic bank in Indonesia
    • Customer satisfaction studies on trade finance services in 3 countries
    • Business plan for setting up of a local bank in Nigeria
    • Opportunity assessment in wholesale banking in South Africa
    • Opportunity assessment for bill discounting services in 3 countries
    • Competitive analysis of banks’ performance in Tanzania
    • Market analysis of trade finance services in Sub Saharan Africa
    • Deep dive analysis of the banking sector in North Africa
    • Customer’s financing need analysis in the banking sector in Ghana
    • Comparative assessment of banks performance in Kenya and Tanzania
    • White paper on government micro credit programs in the Middle East
    • Opportunity Assessment for Islamic Banking amongst SMEs in the GCC
    • Go to Market strategy for a NBFC in Saudi Arabia and UAE
    • Opportunity Assessment in the mid-market segment in UAE
    • Detailed assessment of the Sukuk market in the GCC
    • Competitive intelligence on the performance of banks in Qatar
    • Financing need analysis of SME customers’ in Jordan
    • Comparative analysis of performance of Islamic banks in the GCC
    • Study on the impact of economic crisis on banks in Eastern Europe
    • Assessment of corporates’ financing requirements in 6 countries
    • Market study on the current scenario of Islamic banking in Turkey
    • Opportunity Assessment for SME banking in 4 countries
    • Formulation of digital marketing strategy for a leading bank
    • Comparative assessment of SME product portfolio in 5 countries
    • Analysis of the impact of technology on the banking sector in Italy
    • Business outlook surveys with leading commercial banks in the EU
    • Analysis of the major trends in Back Office Outsourcing by banks
    • Identification of M&A in the regional banking space in the U.S
    • Competitive intelligence on strategies of major banks in Canada
    • Opportunity assessment for Islamic banking in U.S and Canada
    • Benchmarking of corporate banking service offerings in Mexico
    • White paper on the impact of the fed tapering on U.S banks
    • Market study on banking services to the SME sector in Mexico
    • Market study for mid-market loan products in Canada
    • Analysis of the impact of rating downgrade on banks in Brazil
    • Benchmarking of financing and deposit products in Central America
    • Opportunity assessment for SME banking services in Argentina
    • Comparative assessment of overdraft facility across 3 countries
    • Competitive assessment of banks performance in Peru and Colombia
    • Study on the outlook for commercial banking industry in Argentina
    • Opportunity assessment for mobile banking services in Venezuela
    • Corporate customer surveys to identify gaps in SME offerings in Brazil

Case Studies

Opportunity Assessment and M&A target Identification in the Indian Banking Space

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Opportunity Assessment for Islamic Banking in the MSME segment in Saudi Arabia

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