Life & Non Life Insurance
(Banking & Financial)

Life & Non Life Insurance Sector Experience

Over 300 projects delivered, covering 15+ segments of the insurance sector in 25+ countries

Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Endowment Life Insurance
  • Unit Linked Insurance Plan
  • Annuity Plans

General Insurance

  • Motor Insurance
  • Fire / Earthquake Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Aviation / Marine Insurance


  • Casualty
  • Property & Specialty
  • Aviation / Marine
  • Structured Reinsurance Solutions
  • Retakaful
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the insurance sector across the world

    • Opportunity assessment for setting up of a MDO in Australia
    • Opportunity assessment for travel insurance services in 4 countries
    • Go to market strategy for mobile insurance in 3 countries
    • Study of risks and insurance needs in Indonesia’s palm oil sector
    • Market study of the reinsurance sector in Singapore
    • Market study of trends and opportunities in the insurance sector in Thailand
    • Competitive Intelligence on life insurance operators in India
    • Customer needs assessment from P&C insurance in South Asia
    • Feasibility study for auto insurance business in North Africa
    • Analysis of Competitors strategies for risk products in South Africa
    • Deep dive analysis of the insurance sector in 5 countries
    • Competitive intelligence in the life insurance space in 3 countries
    • Analyzing the potential for mobile insurance services in Morocco
    • Market study on trends and opportunities in the insurance industry in Zambia
    • Competitor intelligence on performance of auto insurance firms in South Africa
    • Channel surveys to understand insurance distribution strategies in Tunisia
    • Business Plan for setting up of reinsurance business in GCC
    • Analysis of the insurance sector in 12 countries in the region
    • Competitive Benchmarking of 10 life insurance players in the GCC
    • Opportunity assessment for auto insurance in Bahrain
    • Market study on auto insurance sector in Saudi Arabia and UAE
    • Go to market strategy for offering travel insurance services in Dubai
    • Customer needs analysis on Retakaful requirements in Qatar and Bahrain
    • Analysis of the health insurance market in Oman
    • Detailed assessment of P&C insurance sector in Portugal
    • Analysis of mobile distribution channels for short term insurance
    • Partner identification for flood and catastrophe insurance in UK
    • Competitive Intelligence on performance of major reinsurers in Western Europe
    • Market study on disruptions in the insurance value chain in Europe
    • Competitive intelligence on strategies of major European reinsurers
    • Opportunity assessment for takaful services in Germany
    • Market study of vehicle service contracts in France and Italy
    • War gaming support for a leading specialty insurance provider
    • Analysis of major trends in commercial lines insurance in the U.S
    • Identification of innovative business models / innovations in the U.S
    • Analysis of digital marketing strategies of major players in the U.S
    • Opportunity assessment for extended warranties in Mexico
    • Competitive intelligence on non-life insurance players in Canada
    • Customer needs assessment from life insurance service providers in Canada
    • Go to market strategy for mobile insurance services in Mexico
    • Analysis of the vehicle service contracts market in three countries
    • Analysis of online strategies of insurance companies in Argentina
    • Opportunity assessment in Extended Warranties segment in Chile
    • Detailed assessment of the non-life insurance sector in Peru
    • M&A / JV partner identification study in life insurance in Colombia
    • Market study on micro insurance in Latin America
    • Business outlook surveys with P&C insurance firms in Chile, Peru and Colombia
    • Analysis of the emergency roadside assistance services market in Brazil

Case Studies

Analyzing the potential for vehicle service contracts (VSCs) in Mexico

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Market entry strategy for mobile insurance services in India

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