Copper/Zinc/Lead Alloys
(Metals & Mining)

Cu/Zn/Pb ( Copper/Zinc/ Lead ) Alloys Sector Experience

Over 80 projects delivered, covering 20+ segments of the Cu/Zn/Pb sector in 20+ countries


  • Copper rods/sheets
  • Copper wires/cable/tube
  • Copper alloys - brass/bronze
  • Copper alloys - cupro nickel


  • Molten zinc
  • Zinc compounds/powder
  • Zinc alloys - brass/nickel silver


  • Lead sheets
  • Lead electrodes
  • Lead compounds
  • Lead alloys


  • Tin alloys- bronze/bearing/bell metal
  • Liquid tin (plating)
  • Tin compounds


  • Cobalt alloys - vitallium/super alloys
  • Cobalt compounds - oxide/acetate
  • Cobalt pigments - blue/green


  • Nickel alloys - brass/bronze/alnico
  • Nickel alloys - monel/Nimonic
  • Nickel foam/mesh
  • Nickel compounds and liquid nickel
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the Cu/Zn/Pb sector across the world

    • Market assessment for copper wires in construction sector in South East Asia
    • Opportunity Assessment for Aluminium Bronze products in India
    • Market study on copper alloy bar and wire market in Japan
    • Sustainability assessment report for copper alloys in consumer durables in India

    • JMarket study on copper tubes and fittings in KSA
    • Market assessment for copper fittings and tubing in construction industry in UAE
    • Opportunity assessment for brass rods for bathroom fitting in Qatar
    • Market assessment for local fabrication opportunities for Cu/Zn and brass in GCC

    • Opportunity assessment for copper wires in telecommunications in Nigeria
    • Market assessment for lead acid battery market in Egypt
    • Market study for equipment supply for nickel alloy manufacturing in Botswana
    • Market landscape for electroplating industry in South Africa

    • Opportunity assessment for copper fittings in fuel gas distribution in E. Europe
    • Market assessment for copper precision parts for automotive in Hungary
    • Market report on future outlook for lead based pigment in Germany
    • Recent trends, advances and future outlook for copper wire market in France

    • Opportunity selection for brass faucets in Canada
    • Diversification strategy for a copper tube manufacturer in US
    • Mega trends and future outlook for zinc plating market in Mexico
    • Export potential assessment for molten zinc supply to steel industry in US

    • Market overview and competition landscape for nickel silver wire in Brazil
    • Research report on bronze bearing market in Peru
    • Export potential assessment for phosphor bronze bolts in Brazil
    • Competitive benchmarking for copper producers in Chile

Case Studies

Market assessment for local fabrication opportunities for Cu/Zn and brass in GCC

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Opportunity Assessment for Aluminium Bronze products in India

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