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    Open RAN Scenario

    covered by Voice&Data

    The O-RAN Alliance developed an ecosystem that promotes interoperability between network software and hardware from different vendors.

  5. Heisede
    Extreme Heat Challenges Data Centres in India

    covered by Heise Online

    This year has seen extreme heat waves in many regions, including India, where temperature touched the agonizing mark of 50 degree Celsius in some places. It could mean many hot ripples. Especially for enterprises, who depend on data centres and servers for digital uptime, core IT, and consistency of services. 

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    Healthcare sector witnesses major consolidation

    covered by The Indian Express

    The healthcare sector is on the verge of rapid consolidation as collaborations, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become the norm due to market dynamics in the space.

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    Enhancing business continuity planning with AI-powered digital twins

    covered by The Economic Times

    Within the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of commerce, having a solid business continuity plan (BCP) is now not an extravagance, but a need. However, this is more than just executing a plan. It includes making a dynamic and technology-driven environment that thrives in the face of challenges. 

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    Is the sun shining on renewables?

    covered by Financial Express

    Two notable announcements were the anticipated solarisation of 10 million households via rooftop solar systems and viability gap finance (VGF) for offshore wind projects totaling 1,000 MW.

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    Green Cement: The next frontier in ecofriendly construction

    covered by Construction Times

    While the cement industry provides a vital material for infrastructure, its production significantly impacts the environment. The cement industry's carbon footprint can be traced to its core process.

  12. Times Now
  13. Voicedata
    A high-stakes Jenga game

    covered by Voice&Data

    Open RAN’s progress reflects a delicate balance between promises and practical hurdles, including slow adoption and single-vendor imperialism. (pg 44)

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    Machine Learning to detect and prevent cyber threats

    covered by Hindustan Times

    In the digital battleground of cybersecurity, the rise of cyber threats has necessitated the adoption of advanced tools and strategies to defend against malicious actors. Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have emerged as formidable allies, offering innovative approaches to detect and prevent cyber threats.

  15. Voicedata
    Where is the Capex going?

    covered by Voice&Data

    As telcos across the world alter their Capex spending, does it signal a permanent shift, reflecting broader strategic transformation amidst new challenges (pg 24-27).

  16. Mint
  17. Times Now
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    Blockchain in construction: Enhancing transparency and security in project management

    covered by Construction Times

    In the dynamic field of real estate, a silent revolution is underway, propelled by the transformative power of blockchain technology. Once synonymous with cryptocurrencies, blockchain is now poised to redefine property transactions, promising a radical shift in the traditional landscape of the industry.

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    As the World celebrates Earth Day, here’s how companies aim towards sustainability

    covered by Financial Express

    Sustainability has been a ‘buzz’ word for over a decade now, and the horizon has only expanded over the time. The so-called definition of sustainability is now no more limited to what earlier was understood as reduce, reuse and recycle the natural resources for the future generations. 

  20. Biz Biz
    How modern tech is making farmers richer, crops greener

    covered by Bizz Buzz

    The tech revolution is giving farmers a bird's eye view of their fields, allowing them to monitor crops, target pests, and use resources more efficiently. Data-driven decisions are leading to higher yields, less waste, and a more sustainable future for agriculture.

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    Views on deep tech startup policy will benefit your industry?

    covered by Techiexpert

    The announcement of the deeptech policy at Startup Mahakumbh is an important step towards supporting the startup ecosystem. The main aim of developing this policy is to support startups in the field of emerging technologies.

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    The West's Monopoly On ESG Ratings And Why India Needs A Swadeshi Lens

    covered by Outlook India

    Indian companies have suffered for years at the hands of western ESG rating agencies. These agencies, based out of Europe and the US, have refused to take India’s developmental stage into account while giving out ESG certificates. It is time the Indian business community takes matters into its own hands

  24. Thehindu
    How integrated pest management contributes to sustainable farming practices

    covered by The Hindu Business Line

    In India, for sustainable farming practices, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) offers a holistic approach to pest control. It stands as a foundation when it comes to minimising the risks to health and environment, simultaneously maximizing agricultural productivity.

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    How do economic fluctuations influence corporate debt management

    covered by Economic Times Edge

    Business cycles, interest rates, and credit conditions are intricately connected and influence corporate debt management. Corporates manage debt and liquidity across business cycles by adjusting debt refinancing needs, capital expenditure, and discretionary spending such as dividends, share buybacks, and M&As.

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  28. Expressmusic
    How gamification can help telecom companies

    covered by Express Computers

    In a world where customer loyalty in the telecommunications industry is becoming increasingly unattainable, companies are faced with the pressing need to adapt and innovate to maintain relevance.

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    As e-commerce goes headless, is it head or tail for businesses?

    covered by Financial Express

    As e-commerce goes through automation, headless e-commerce architecture has come into play with smart supermarkets. Experts believe the use of robotics can allow the frontend and backend of an organisation to perform individually and automatically. 

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    As governments hop onto cloud does it help solve data problems?

    covered by Financial Express

    With data being stored on clouds, the question that can arise is whether it is safe or not. Experts believe that cloud-centric government infrastructure can improve efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, among others.

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  37. Mint
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    Benefits and challenges of global investments for Indian investors

    covered by Financial Express

    Portfolio diversification, the practice of spreading your investments to optimize returns and reduce risks, has evolved significantly over time. The internet’s expansion and regulatory changes have made global investments highly accessible.

  41. The Eco Times
    India has an enviable place in global ESG disclosure list

    covered by ET online

    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are so important today that a company’s management has to publicly declare its performance on these fronts. As the world is fast transitioning towards sustainability, many organisations are becoming transparent on managing ESG risks.

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    Clearing Smog Post Diwali: Air Purifier Market Sees Seasonal Surge

    covered by Business world

    As the festive cheer of Diwali fades away, a concerning reality looms over Delhi — the national capital witnessed a significant breach of the fireworks ban, resulting in a thick layer of smog engulfing the city the very next day.

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    How can IoT cement the ‘smart’ factor in cities for years to come

    covered by Financial Express

    The effects of urbanisation seems to have increased in cities in the past decade . With governments invested in city-oriented future planning, technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) have seemingly started to make a mark in that respect. 

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  45. Mint
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    Building a diverse workforce with AI: Strategies for inclusive hiring

    covered by ET Edge

    As diversity and inclusion take on greater significance in the workplace, AI-driven technologies are emerging as valuable tools that focus on merit-based candidate selection, irrespective of factors such as caste, ethnicity, or gender. There are various ways organizations can harness the potential of AI for equitable hiring.

  48. Thehindu
    Israel-Hamas conflict: Impact on Indian farming and exports

    covered by Hindu Business Line

    The Israel-Hamas (Palestine) conflict, ongoing for over 17 years, has escalated in the past week, resulting in significant casualties on both sides. This escalation has disrupted the flow of goods, complicating the supply chain between the two nations, with a devastating impact on Israel’s agriculture community and related industries. 

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  50. The Eco Times
    How to build resilience in a post-pandemic hybrid workplace

    covered by Economic Times

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in workplaces worldwide, with hybrid work arrangements becoming the new norm. Building resilience in this post-pandemic hybrid workplace is crucial for employees and employers. Resilience helps achieve business goals, brings teams together, and empowers individuals to face challenges with an open and adaptive mindset.

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    The Rise Of Unicorns: Analysing Valuation Strategies For High-Growth Ventures

    covered by Inc42

    Unicorn startups are not merely companies with exceptional valuations; they possess certain defining characteristics that set them apart from the rest. Unicorns, when it comes to determining their value, are typically assessed using a combination of two distinct methods: market approach and income approach.

  52. The Eco Times
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    How Virtual World is Making Real World Sustainable

    covered by Entrepreneur India

    The path toward sustainability has been suggested, advocated, and discussed for decades. But Metaverse, an immersive virtual world, was not a part of it in any way. Metaverse, as a concept and practicality, has pushed for an unknown feature it harbours- to make companies and their users adopt sustainability in some aspects of life.

  54. Pharmaname1
    Impact of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in Pharma

    covered by Pharma BioWorld

    The pharmaceutical industry has long been at the forefront of innovation, inventing and developing life-changing medications for patients worldwide. With the advent of the Internet Medical Things (IoMT), this industry is experiencing a transformative shift. 

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    Valuing Disruptive Startups: 6 Alternative Startup Valuation Methods

    covered by Inc 42

    The startup landscape has disrupted several business models, the impact of which we see on the operations of several businesses today. This is largely attributed to the rapid development of technology, especially in the fields of blockchain, AI-based platforms, robotics, and machine learning, in addition to the development of virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

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  59. Green Car
    Aranca launches Green Hydrogen Hub to track green hydrogen projects worldwide

    covered by Green Car Congress

    Global research and advisory firm Aranca has launched the Green Hydrogen Hub—an interactive online tool that tracks all green hydrogen projects that have come into operations since 2018. It currently is tracking 461 projects. Users can register to gain full access to 10,000+ datapoints showcased on the platform.

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    Banks Vs NBFCs: Why MSMEs Prefer The Latter For Loans

    covered by Businessworld

    In the past few years, India’s public sector banks (PSBs) have witnessed an increase in lending to cash-strapped and crisis-hit micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). However, now a new player— non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) has entered the arena, posing formidable competition to these banks.

  62. Mint
  63. Times Now
  64. Zee
    Power of AI in BFSI: Transforming operations and enhancing customer experiences

    covered by Zee Business

    Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) has always been a hub for innovation and has seen significant change as a result of recent technology advancements. While mobile has permanently altered how banks connect with their clients, automation and analytics have made it possible for banks to provide highly customised offers to consumers

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    Learner’s Park; Need to rethink overemphasis on standardised testing, marks: Prakash Kailasam of Aranca

    covered by Financial Express

    The best thing about today’s education system is its growing emphasis on practicality and real-life situations. Unlike traditional methods that relied heavily on memorisation, modern education encourages students to apply their knowledge to practical scenarios. This approach cultivates critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity, enabling students to become adaptable and well-rounded individuals.

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    Micron Investment Fuels Modi Govt's Semiconductor Ambition. What Are The Obstacles Ahead

    covered by ABP Live

    Micron Technology's announcement regarding the establishment of a cutting-edge semiconductor assembly, testing, and packaging plant in Sanand, Gujarat, has reignited fresh hope for India's aspirations to become a global semiconductor supply chain hub. Will the investment by the fifth largest semiconductors manufacturing firm give India the push it needs to break into the chip ecosystem?

  67. Zee
    Power of AI in BFSI: Transforming operations and enhancing customer experiences

    covered by Zee Business

    Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) has always been a hub for innovation and has seen significant change as a result of recent technology advancements. While mobile has permanently altered how banks connect with their clients, automation and analytics have made it possible for banks to provide highly customised offers to consumers

  68. Mint
  69. News18
  70. Mint
    Emerging threats in 5G: How to secure the future of connectivity

    covered by Live Mint

    Experts warn that while the 5G network offers many benefits, it also poses significant cybersecurity challenges. The rising attack surface and the growing complexity of network architecture create ample opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities and launch attacks.

  71. News18
  72. Mint
    Strategies for Indian startups to attract investors and secure funding

    covered by The Mint

    In India, securing venture capital (VC) funding has become a popular way to raise funds and grow businesses as investors have become quite selective about in which startup they invest their money. Hence, it is essential for entrepreneurs to navigate these turbulent waters and secure funding. 

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  74. Times Now
  75. Entre
    Artificial General Intelligence: The Next Frontier In Technology

    covered by Entrepreneur India

    For an AI to be classified as AGI, it needs to have certain characteristics such as common sense, background knowledge, transfer learning, abstraction, and causality. Vision from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the aptest example of what AGI can be like.

  76. Entre
    Fee Of Up To 1.1% On Merchant Transactions Above INR 2000: NPCI

    covered by Entrepreneur India

    National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) in a recently released circular has recommended a 1.1% interchange fee on certain merchant UPI transactions above INR 2000, made using prepaid payment instruments (PPI) like online wallets.

  77. Retina
    Role of Telecom Solutions in Enabling Digitalisation

    covered by Express Computers

    Recently, the world has posted a massive shift toward digitalisation. As businesses are increasingly embracing the digital landscape, the need for reliable and efficient telecom solutions is paramount. Telecom solutions have become the backbone of digitalisation,  enabling businesses to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with customers, partners, and employees.

  78. Entre
    Earth Day 2023: 4 Ways To Make Your Office Sustainable

    covered by Entrepreneur India

    We only are executing a fraction of what needs to be done to reverse the damage and not just control it. Concerted efforts on all fronts, be it in the office or at home are required all around the year to truly reverse the effect of climate change. Here are four ways to make our workspaces more sustainable.

  79. Mint
  80. Timestech
    Role of Telecom Power Solutions in Enabling Digital Transformation

    covered by TimesTech Buzz

    Telecom power solutions play a crucial role in enabling digital transformation. It highlights the importance of modernizing power infrastructure, adopting renewable energy sources, and implementing intelligent power management solutions to support emerging technologies like 5G and IoT.

  81. Mint
  82. Inc
    The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: Why Startups Must Rethink Their Credit Strategy

    covered by Inc 42

    The sudden crisis at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has brought to light new challenges for the startup ecosystem, which was already stressed with the prospect of a funding drought and an impending economic downturn. The liquidity crisis has deprived startups of their deposits, posing a threat to their cash flows overnight.

  83. Forbe
    India Stock Market News March 2023

    covered by Forbes Advisor

    The Indian stock market continued to clock a monthly slide in March with the Nifty 1.08% lower and the Sensex down by 1.29% on the back of global uncertainties fueled by a banking crisis and persisting inflation. Major events including the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Credit Suisse’s buyout by rival UBS, global inflation and continuing geopolitical tensions kept the stock markets on the edge.

  84. Bwmarket
  85. Times Of India
  86. The Eco Times
  87. Mint
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    Keep Solar Up and Running

    covered by North America Clean Magazine

    Over the last couple of years, the world has observed significant climatic disruptions that has impacted various regions globally. Climatic changes has increased the frequency of natural calamities such as heat waves, flooding, and drought, and a rise in sea level. This has compelled countries to invent processes or methods to overcome these climate changes. Accordingly, they have taken several initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate climate disruptions.

  89. News18
  90. Power
  91. Nalogo
    CSP 101: Benefits of a concentrated solar thermal system

    covered by North American Clean Energy

    Power generation is recognized as one of the major sources of pollution. In an effort to offset some of its effects, continuous efforts are being made to make power generation greener by focusing on the adoption of clean energy sources (i.e., solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear power). 

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  94. Mint
  95. The Eco Times
  96. Mint
    Budget 2023 expectations: What does these leading corporates expect?

    covered by Live Mint

    The Union Budget 2023 will be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on the Parliament on February 1. This year, the budget is likely to be growth-oriented with a focus on capex, manufacturing, infrastructure, and rural economy.

  97. Zee
  98. Times Of India
    IP Licensing – Strategy to ensure growth during adversities

    covered by The Times of India

    Intellectual property (IP) license is an agreement between IP rights developer or owner (licensor) and the party authorized to use the rights (licensee) of the innovation or new technology in exchange for monetary value, which can be a fee or royalty, or both. 

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  100. Insight
    Embodiment of Curiosity and Knowledge

    covered by Insightscare

    Preparing for a leadership role is very arduous than it seems. It does not stop at how much and what the leader has accomplished. However, it asks whether these leaders demonstrated values and integrity, functioned as a mentor, and showed trust and respect to their colleagues.

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    Knowing Employee Mental Wellness at Workplace Closely

    covered by Business World

    Risks to mental health at work, also known as psychosocial risks, can be related to job content or schedule, specific workplace characteristics, or opportunities for career development, among other things. Therefore, nowadays many organisations are practicing measures regarding employee mental wellness.

  103. Financial Logo
    Difficulties in aligning supply chains with blockchain

    covered by The Financial Express

    Reportedly, an increasing number of businesses disclose information regarding their procurement methods, raw-material sources, and other supply-chain data to external stakeholders.

  104. Times Of India
    Factors considered by investors while making an investment

    covered by The Times of India

    Raising funds is a challenging task for any startup, especially in the initial stages. Moreover, the current market sentiment, indicative of a funding winter, is adding to the woes of thousands of entrepreneurs globally. 

  105. Financial Logo
    Can blockchain revolutionise the procurement process

    covered by Financial Express

    According to experts, organisations that have adopted blockchain have a dynamic and interconnected supply chain and are establishing a digital future for procurement.

  106. Logo
    Next wave of AI in pharma - from cost-based to value-based models

    covered by

    The pharmaceutical industry generated total global revenue of US $1.4 trillion in 2021, which is expected to touch US $1.77 trillion by 2026. North America is expected to contribute US $700 billion to the industry in 2025, the EU and Southeast Asia US$ 250–300 billion, and China US $200 billion.

  107. Energeticalogo
    Floating Wind Turbines - a Promising Alternative

    covered by Energetica magazine

    Floating wind turbine technology is relatively new compared with other wind technologies. The demonstration of the first grid-connected MW-scale floating offshore wind turbine took place in Norway in 2009… Floating wind turbines are likely to witness greater adoption worldwide once technology get fully commercialized.

  108. Logohospital
    Business models for cloud kitchens

    covered by Energetica magazine

    With the rise in digital natives, there is a surge in e-commerce. This has paved way for use of technology across products and services, including cooked food.

  109. Dq Logo
    Five Emerging Trends Likely to Shape the Workplace of Future

    covered by Dataquest

    Workplaces and office cultures are in a constant state of change. Variables such as technology, generational mindset shift, and changing lifestyle affect the workplace, resulting in its transformation and the emergence of a more suitable working environment.

  110. Times Of India
  111. Cropped Business News Week Logos White
    Four firms who provide IP research and Intelligence

    covered by Business News This Week

    Aranca is a global research and advisory firm empowering decision makers from Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, Private Equity and High potential start- ups with intelligence and insights to make better business decisions. 

  112. Fe
    Drug Discovery sub-sector record best half-yearly period in terms of VC deals: Aranca Report

    covered by Financial Express

    Aranca, a global research and analyst firm, on Tuesday launched its  HealthTech  Decoded 1H22 report on global Healthtech dynamics. According to the HIMSS Future of Healthcare Report, 80 percent of healthcare providers plan to increase investments in technology and digital solutions over the next five years.

  113. Power
    Shift to Specialty Fuels—A Driving Force to Build Supply Chain Resilience

    covered by POWER

    Geopolitical tension, ongoing energy crisis, supply chain disruption, and destructive climate change effects have been altering energy needs and sourcing requirements. Global companies have been transitioning from traditional fossil fuels to specialty fossil fuels, such as industrial heating oil (IHO) and CO2-as-Energy. In addition to cost savings (25% to 30%), they offer relatively high heat output. Due to this, companies across industries, especially in Europe, actively seek specialty fossil fuel alternatives. Therefore, to build resiliency, it

  114. Pv
    Challenges to utility-scale solar in India

    covered by PV Magazine

    The growth of utility-scale solar PV in India is marred by several challenges such as availability of land, limited local manufacturing capacity, high transmission and distribution losses, grid integration, and other inefficiencies.

  115. Header
    Semiconductor Fabrication in the United States

    covered by US-Tech – The Global Electronics Publication

    The share of global semiconductor manufacturing located in the US has plunged in the last few decades, mainly due to Asian country governments providing large incentives for set-up.  However, the US has undertaken initiatives to ensure self-sufficiency.

  116. Timestech Logo
    Impact of AI in IoT security

    covered by TimesTech

    The Internet-of-Things (IoT) market has grown rapidly over the past few years, with the pandemic further catalyzing its adoption across geographies. IoT impact can be assessed by the various sectoral use cases, ranging from personalized healthcare to infrastructure, including industrial applications. 

  117. Fehealth
    A guide to targeted pharma strategies

    covered by Financial Express

    Pharmaceutical businesses that need to discover locations with the largest unmet needs must rely on new data.

  118. Times Of India
    Technology as a beneficial tool for investors

    covered by The Times of India

    Adoption of modern technological solutions and applications is growing in the global corporate world. Over the past few years, technology has emerged as a must-have tool for investment managers in both the public and private markets.  

  119. Cxo Outlook Trade Marke1D
    How Growth in Metaverse Prospect has Buoyed Investor Interest

    covered by CXO Outlook

    In mid-August 2022, Mark Zuckerberg posted a “digital selfie” of his meta-avatar in front of the digital avatar of Eiffel Tower in Horizon Worlds metaverse and promptly got trolled for the poor graphics quality. Some even compared it to the 20-year-old video game Second Life. 

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  121. Microsoft Teams Image 4
    How metaverse can transform the healthcare industry

    covered by The Hans India

    The metaverse would be an effective tool in helping caregivers give the best therapy with the aid of technology and in allowing patients to avail of top-notch services and treatments.

  122. Moneycontrol Logo1
    Should you invest in a recession-hit stock market?

    covered by MoneyControl

    For long-term investors, recessions are opportunities to participate in the stock market at bargain prices. But investment during this period should be done for the long term, backed by a sound strategy.

  123. Live
    Swimming pool supply, installation costs spike as summer begins

    covered by TRIB LIVE

    In the pool industry, everything from raw materials — such as aluminum, which increased 35% in the past year — to PVC pipe — which rose 4% — has been impacted, according to Aranca, a global research analytics firm.

  124. Microsoft Teams Image 3
    Global Ocean Freight Rate Outlook: 2022-23

    covered by Parcel

    The global ocean freight industry has been greatly plagued by various factors such as port congestion, non-availability of vessels and containers, and major force majeure events in 2021. The situation worsened with the onset of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2022. It is estimated that resilience in the industry and subsequent stability in transport prices will not be achieved before 2023.

  125. Insights Care Op Logo
    Embodiment of Curiosity and Knowledge

    covered by Healthcare Solutions Hub

    Preparing for a leadership role is very arduous than it seems. It does not stop at how much and what the leader has accomplished. However, it asks whether these leaders demonstrated values and integrity, functioned as a mentor, and showed trust and respect to their colleagues.

  126. Commodity Logo 1211
    Commodity Price Risk in 2022 – Steel

    covered by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

    The prices of steel witnessed a steep incline of 2.5x for hot rolled coil (HRC), reaching >USD2,100/MT in 4Q21, while those of cold rolled coil (CRC) and hot dipped galvanized (HDG) coil steel went up 2.3x and 2.8x. This can be largely ascribed to limited supply, sharp rise in raw material and energy costs, increasing ocean freight costs, and growing demand across end-use industries, in particular mobility, industrials, and construction.

  127. Logon
    How firms build support systems for employees

    covered by Deccan Herald

    Employees are the greatest asset a company can have. It is essential to develop a healthy, supportive, and collaborative working culture for employees that helps them maintain their mental well-being while contributing to the organization. 

  128. Times Of India
    How the health sector has widely implemented artificial intelligence

    covered by The Times of India

    Artificial intelligence (AI), an emerging technology, has seen wide-scale adoption in various industries, including healthcare. AI can automate tasks, decipher complex data sets, and perform regression on data sets (forecasting), enabling quick decision-making. 

  129. Techgraph Logo
    Change In Logistics Sector After Large-Scale Technology Adoption

    covered by TechGraph

    The global economy has been adversely affected by multiple geopolitical concerns, including the aftermath of COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions arising from various ongoing conflicts. Every sector, including logistics, has faced the brunt of the economic imbalance.

  130. Dfm Logo Copy
    Role of AI in the HR Industry

    covered by Digital First Magazine

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology that is revolutionizing industries and processes. The technology uses pre-programmed algorithms to make real-time decisions and complex computing approaches to simplify data sets. In addition, it automates regular, mundane tasks.

  131. Forbs1
    Convoy Of Self-Driving Trucks About To Put The Hammer Down

    covered by Forbes

    The advent of autonomous trucking is here: with software developers, OEMs and logistics service providers coming together to test and deploy innovative future solutions that will transform the transportation industry.

  132. Times Of India
  133. 925107201S 3
    Need for digital innovation in real estate

    covered by 99acres

    With the help of technology, real estate professionals have easy access to data, information, and customers. The entire construction process is also being digitalized to make it more efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

  134. Cxo Outlook Trade Marked
    Cryptocurrency – The Inevitable Future of Money?

    covered by CXO Outlook

    The theory of cryptocurrency can be traced back to the 1980s, where the focus was on developing an untraceable currency that did not require centralized entities. However, the market for cryptocurrencies only started to gain recognition after 2011.

  135. Times Of India
    The art of developing a successful work team

    covered by The Times of India

    The art of developing a successful team is actually a science. Just like in a scientific experiment, one must ensure the right elements and atmosphere for success. 

  136. Logo
  137. Et Healthworld
    Investor Excitement at All-Time High in HealthTech

    covered by Economic Times – Healthworld

    Healthcare Technology (HealthTech) companies stepped in just at the right time to breathe new life into the healthcare system, support it through this tough time, and make it resilient for the future.

  138. Cxo Outlook Trade Marked
    Strategies to Boost Team’s Growth

    covered by CXO Outlook

    An individual’s contributions and achievements are often the direct result of his/her team’s combined efforts. Notably, in a professional environment, the significance of team effort increases manifold.

  139. Gvnlb Kz2 Zd
    Reimagining Work by Uniting Technological and Human Capabilities

    covered by Silicon India

    The rapid pace of technological innovations has had a major impact on every sector and industry. It has brought about a huge change in the way companies operate, irrespective of the field (manufacturing, logistics, or sales). The fourth industrial revolution has enabled the integration of human expertise with emerging technologies to maximize productivity.

  140. Commodity Logo 12
    Inflationary Price Risk – Polyethylene

    covered by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

    PE prices witnessed maximum growth in Europe, followed by the United States and Asia. In 2021, average PE prices in Europe increased 85–90% to $1,950/MT from around $1,040/MT in 2020. In the U.S., they stood at $1,760/MT in 2021, up 75–80% from about $987/MT in 2020. However, PE prices in Asia witnessed a strong surge (55–60%) during 2019–20 and slightly edged up 10–15% to $1,540/MT in 2021 from $1,420/MT in 2020.

  141. Amd
    Aerospace is rebounding despite challenges

    covered by Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

    Year-end holiday air travel returned to near pre-pandemic levels despite passengers needing to wear masks in terminals and on aircraft, proof of vaccination requirements at destinations, and flight delays or cancellations due to staffing shortages. Increased demand for air travel and air cargo is spurring new aircraft orders and freighter conversions – but expect hiccups along the way.

  142. Issuu
    Supply Chain Sustainability Efforts: Delay In Progress Amid COVID-19

    covered by Parcel

    Over the last decade, organizations have increased efforts to ensure sustainability within supply chain. However, COVID-19 has hampered sustainability efforts across the globe, compelling companies to switch priorities. This is particularly visible in the case of two leading industries, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and healthcare, despite both witnessing substantial business growth amid the pandemic.

  143. Commodity Logo 12
    Commodity Price Risk in 2022: Aluminum

    covered by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

    Over the past two years, the price of aluminum has increased by more than $1,000/MT, touching $2,700/MT in December 2021. The main reasons for the hike are substantial increase in energy and raw material costs, growing demand, decline in China’s production capacity, reduction in global inventories and the impact of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The scenario is expected to continue in 2022, with the average price projected to increase 5-10%.

  144. Us Tech
    Smart Manufacturing Technologies for Today’s Smart Factory

    covered by U.S. Tech

    The challenges left in the wake of the global pandemic offer manufacturers many opportunities to become more resilient and resourceful. Companies have embraced digitalization and this integration of the latest technologies in processes is paving the way for smart factories.

  145. Tr Logo 5
    Rising Tides lifts even Micro M&A

    covered by Thomson Reuters M&A Lawyer

    Micro M&A deals are those that have a transaction size of less than $100mn.  In the last five years, there has been considerable activity (~38,400 announced deals) in the micro M&A market in the US and Europe across well-established traditional as well as technology-focused sectors. Interestingly, large companies (revenue >USD500 million) are also very active in this space, creating significant value for their shareholders.

  146. Nace Logo
    Floating Wind Turbine – Future Key Source of Renewable Energy in the US

    covered by North American Clean Energy

    Floating wind turbine market is at nascent phase in the US with only two approved commercial projects, but it is expected to be one of the major sources of renewable energy in the future with an estimate potential of more than 4,500 terawatt-hours (TWh) per year.

  147. Forbes Logo
    It's 'Go Time' For Self-Driving Cars – North Of The Arctic Circle

    covered by Forbes

    Driverless cars may still be at the initial stage of development, but the race is intensifying as participants from different spectrums – OEMS and other technology giants – invest heavily in the technology. Pilot projects across cities indicate regulators are gradually warming up toward building a conducive environment for the implementation of these vehicles in future.

  148. Emsnowlogo
    Industry 4.0: Are We There Yet?

    covered by EMSNOW

    Manufacturing cost economics is greatly impacted by machine downtime and resource utilization. Application areas such as connected machinery with predictive maintenance can help in understanding the ROI and benefits of smart technology easily - EMSNOW interviews our in-house expert Suraj Patil and Michael Ford from Aegis on what will enable a faster adoption of Industry 4.

  149. Scb2
    The 'China Plus One' Sourcing Strategy

    covered by SupplyChainBrain

    Concerns about the environment, the increasing cost of labor, a shrinking workforce and the U.S.-China trade war are among the factors that are motivating manufacturers to shift a portion of their operations out of China in favor of alternative locations. For the most part, they aren’t going so far as to abandon China altogether — the availability of relatively inexpensive labor continues to assert a strong pull on global manufacturers — but t

  150. Emsnowlogo
  151. Sdce Logo
    China Plus One – An Emerging Supply Chain Diversification Strategy

    covered by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

    Companies are diversifying their supply chains to reduce dependence on China and are increasingly considering nearshoring (Mexico) or offshoring (India and Vietnam) alternatives for sourcing various raw material components across the mobile electronics, automotive, and medical device industries.

  152. Eps News Final 3 23
    How China Plus One Diversifies Supply Chain Risk

    covered by EPS News

    Trade wars, tariffs and geopolitical concerns have spurred global electronics manufacturers to reassess their supply chain strategies and China Plus One is taking hold as a way to diversify supply chain risks.

  153. Sp Global Logo2
    PE dry powder and corporate carve-outs buoy specialty chemical M&A

    covered by S&P Global

    The specialty chemical industry is seeing a rebound in M&A and corporate carve-out activity after a period of disruption caused by COVID-19, thanks in large part to private equity funds holding ample capital to invest and corporations focused on efficient operations to better navigate the impact of the pandemic.

  154. Financial Express4
  155. Silicon
    Innovations in Sustainable Fuels and Leading Innovators

    covered by Silicon India

    Sustainable fuels have been around for years now and their growth has been mainly influenced by factors such as energy security, fluctuating prices of fossil fuels and government policies to curb global warming.

  156. Ep 2X
    Open innovation in drug development

    covered by Express Pharma

    Traditional drug development is a costly, tedious process for pharma companies the world over. There is immense investment of time, effort, and money involved in developing a new drug. The time taken to move a new formulation from discovery to commercialisation is 10–12 years.

  157. Outlook Money
  158. The Statesman Logo
  159. Business Today
    Hungry for Stressed Assets

    covered by Business Today

    Private equity and stressed asset funds continue to show interest in acquiring value assets undergoing insolvency proceedings despite delays and litigation

  160. Etprime Seo Image
    Homebuyers move into rentals to rethink posh NCR buys

    covered by The Economic Times - Prime

    Realty Developers DLF, which offer super luxury condominiums in Golf Links, Gurugram, has recently started a luxury rental program for two of its super luxury condominiums – The Aralias and The Magnolias At DLFS Golf Links

  161. Etcio Logo 400X400
  162. Bw Autoworld Logo
    Parked Cars- Untapped Potential

    covered by Business World- Auto World

    With research and innovation, it is possible to develop unique and environment-friendly solutions to utilize cars even when they are parked.

  163. Ciol Logo
  164. Etenergyworld Logo 400X400
  165. Express Pharma Logo
    E-commerce: Will e-pharmacies become the norm?

    covered by Express Pharma (The Indian Express)

    E-pharmacies need to be aligned with the specific dynamics of the Indian market to make them more relevant to the Indian consumer.

  166. Etprime Seo Image
  167. Silicon
    Pet Care Market – On the Way to Steady Growth

    covered by Silicon India

    The pet care industry, which includes pet food, nutrition, toys, personal hygiene, and healthcare, has seen steady growth in the past few years.

  168. Etenergyworld Logo 400X400
  169. Etcio Logo 400X400
    Customer experience and AI driving next generation e-commerce

    covered by The Economic Times - CIO

    In the e-commerce space, AI is set to play a critical role in delivering personalized and humanized customer experience, at scale, to customers across every stage of their purchase journey. Prioritizing experience design, developing a robust plan, and enhancing technological capabilities will be critical to driving next generation e-commerce.

  170. Et Logo
  171. Express Pharma Logo
    Why COVID-19 presents a golden opportunity to Indian pharma firms

    covered by Express Pharma (The Indian Express)

    With its Pharma Inc's expertise and cost competitiveness in manufacturing, India can play a major role in ensuring access to essential medicines and vaccines and has a great potential for growth.

  172. Etprime Seo Image
    E-Mobility Takes the Driver’s Seat on Self-reliance Road

    covered by Economic Times Prime (Print - Bangalore, Delhi & online)

    Electric mobility will be in the driver's seat as India begins its journey towards industrial self-reliance. The Centre's push to reduce overseas dependence, and the prevailing sentiments against China have prompted e-vehicle makers to localize.

  173. Outlook Money
    RBI, Govt Need To Work Together In Supporting NBFCs, HFCs

    covered by Outlook Money

    As part of the Rs 20.97 lakh crore 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' package, the government has been taking several measures to improve liquidity among the stressed NBFCs and HFCs. Just last month, it cleared 15 proposals worth Rs 6,399 crore.

  174. Inc42
    Alternate Financing Options for Startups

    covered by Inc42

    VCs are not the only options for startups to get funding. An entrepreneur can draw investors through other options as well.

  175. Etprime Seo Image
  176. Express Pharma Logo
    Race to find a viable vaccine: Can Indian firms rise to the challenge?

    covered by Express Pharma (The Indian Express)

    Even as COVID-19 continues its worldwide rampage, many countries have eased lockdowns due to the stress on their economies. While the fight against the pandemic continues, the fact remains that the only way to truly eradicate the virus is to discover a viable vaccine.

  177. Pcqlogo Sm
  178. Financial Express30
  179. Bwhealthcare
    Megatrend: Reducing Plastic Usage across FMCG Value Chain

    covered by Business World - Healthcare

    Growing concerns about environment protection and an imminent ban on plastic usage have set in motion a sustainability drive to eliminate single-use plastic and reduce the amount of plastic reaching landfills.

  180. Ys Logo
    How a COVID-19 Vaccine Will Impact the World

    covered by Your Story

    The COVID-19 vaccine may be a boon in managing the disease, but it will come with its own set of issues, which may make it difficult to measure the impact initially.

  181. Et Logo
  182. Financial Express4
    When should Private Equity players exit businesses?

    covered by Financial Express

    PEs must understand and factor in how the market and economy may behave in future. If the impact on the public market is likely to persist over the long term, it is advisable to realign the exit strategy and consider a private market exit.

  183. Eh Logo2
    Will a COVID 19 vaccine truly be a game-changer?

    covered by Express Healthcare (Indian Express)

    World over, the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed devastation. It has claimed lakhs of lives globally, with numbers continuing to stack up. Healthcare has been impacted directly-hospitals across countries are struggling to accommodate and treat patients.

  184. Entrepreneur India
    Sanitaryware: First Line of Defense Against COVID-19

    covered by Entrepreneur India

    Multilateral institutions and government agencies across countries have been regularly issuing guidelines and directives on safe water, sanitation and adequate hygiene (WASH) as a preventive measure against the virus

  185. Express Computer2
    COVID-19: An Inflection Point for E-commerce

    covered by Express Computers (Indian Express)

    Following the outbreak of COVID–19, e-commerce has been rapidly gaining traction. E-commerce companies have managed to beat the odds by adopting a flexible approach in terms of transforming their business models and leveraging emerging technologies.

  186. Moneycontrol
  187. Et Cio
    Why businesses need to pay people for their data

    covered by The Economic Times - CIO

    ‘Pay-for-data’ is the need of the hour. Not only will it limit privacy violations, surveillance without consent, and manipulation of behavior, it will also help companies gain the loyalty of customers and build trust.

  188. Eh Logo
    Telemedicine: Growing adoption amid the current crisis

    covered by Express Healthcare

    Juilee Dandekar, Sector Expert – Healthcare, Aranca shares how telemedicine is beneficial both for the healthcare sector and patients alike, how different bodies from government, private, start-ups, medtech can help better telemedicine delivery and increase penetration even into very remote areas of India

  189. Financial Express2
    Can PE firms benefit from the COVID–19 downturn?

    covered by Financial Express

    Private equity (PE) firms with larger exposure to severely-affected sectors are the hardest hit and they need to act swiftly to minimize the impact and help portfolio companies sustain.

  190. Etauto Logo2
    Impact on Sourcing Due to Mass Exodus of Companies from China

    covered by Economic Times- Auto

    Over the past two decades, China has served as the production hub for companies in multiple industries globally. However, trade war with the US, increasing cost of labor, shortage of manpower and the current COVID–19 pandemic may make it difficult for China to retain its position as the epicenter of manufacturing.

  191. Express Pharma Logo
    COVID–19 and its impact on India Pharma Inc

    covered by Express Pharma

    Juilee Dandekar – Sector Expert (Healthcare), Business Research & Advisory, Aranca, among other things, believes that India Pharma Inc should rework its business and growth strategies to completely leverage its deep expertise in the manufacture of drugs, highly skilled scientists, and low-cost manufacturing.

  192. Siliconindia Logo2
    Impact of COVID–19 on Chemicals Industry

    covered by Silicon India

    Since its outbreak in China toward the end of 2019, the coronavirus pandemic has evolved into one of the most significant challenges the global economy has ever faced. With 4.5 million infections and 300,000+ casualties so far, it shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

  193. Etauto Logo 400X400
    Who Will Replace China: India or Vietnam?

    covered by Economic Times- Auto

    Over the past two decades, China has served as the global production hub for companies in multiple industries, such as electronics, textile, medical devices, and automotive. The key factors have been the high availability of raw material, technological innovations, business-friendly laws, and accessibility to skilled labor.

  194. Bw Wellness Logo537X132
    India – The Next Healthcare Superpower

    covered by Business World

    COVID-19 has spread globally, causing largescale economic destruction and claiming lives. People's livelihood is at stake amid job losses and businesses shutting down. The world over, leaders are blaming China squarely, holding it responsible for not taking the required precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of the deadly virus, and not issuing adequate warnings globally about the seriousness of the situation.

  195. Repairer Driven News Min
  196. Inc42
    Livestock Business: Using WearableTech To Build Prospects For Digitalisation

    covered by INC42

    Technological advancements have ushered in digitalisation across sectors and geographies. Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics are transforming industries. However, the impact of new-age technologies on the more traditional sectors, such as agriculture and livestock farming, remains limited in scope and largely confined to developed countries.

  197. Express Computer
    Using AI to Optimize Supply Chains

    covered by Express Computer

    Over the years, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in supply chain management (SCM) has increased significantly across the globe due to higher demand for transparency and visibility on supply chain data and processes, along with the need to enhance customer service. The leading industries in terms of adoption of AI in SCM are telecom (26%), high tech (23%), healthcare (21%), professional services (19%), and travel, transport and logistics (18%), among others

  198. Pcqlogo Sm
    CyberAttack: Another pandemic in the wake of COVID-19

    covered by PCQuest

    COVID-19 has severely disrupted lives the world over. Measures to contain the spread of this deadly virus, including work from home mandates and restrictions on general day-to-day activities, have led to billions of people being confined to their homes. Amid the lockdown, dependence on digital channels for daily interactions and transactions has increased. This has rendered sensitive data, now accessible via a multitude of devices running on home networks, vulnerable.

  199. Nuffoodsspec Logo
    Time to be ‘Vegan Ready’

    covered by Nuffoods Spectrum

    With the world engaged in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, believed to be a zoonotic pathogen, consumers are shifting their dietary habits to plant-based alternatives. This is also leading companies, especially in the food sector, globally to make necessary changes to business models in their bid to grow in changing times.

  200. Outlook Money Copy
    How To Manage Your Personal Finances During COVID-19 Pandemic

    covered by Outlook Money

    COVID-19 has spread across the globe and claimed thousands of lives. Uncertainty in markets, the declining economy, and rising unemployment have created restlessness in public. The world over stock markets has tumbled more than they did during the Great Recession and stocks across industries have fallen, making equity investors lose money. Lakhs of businesses have been closed due to a lack of workers and loss of demand.

  201. Etcio Logo 400X400
    Rethinking digital investments during Covid-19

    covered by ET CIO

    Enterprises need to actively plan and prioritize their digital investments so that they are prepared for growth and emerge more competitive when current challenges subside.

  202. 99Acres Logo
    Small and Medium Enterprises- The growth drivers of the construction industry

    covered by 99acres

    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the construction sector face various challenges pertaining to payment delays from clients, difficulty in retaining skilled employees and the inability to secure high-value contracts. The best way to upgrade the capabilities of small and medium contractors is a collaboration with the prominent stakeholders in the industry.

  203. Financial Express30
  204. Live Mint Logo
    The companies Gen Z swipes right on

    covered by livemint

    Carbon footprint, gender policies, work-life balance.. these are the issues post-millennials raise about a company they’re considering working for, and they’re willing to take a cut in salary or benefits to stick to their ethics

  205. Ciol New Logo
    Due Diligence: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    covered by CiOL

    Comprehensive due diligence is essential to any PE and VC firm for making the right investment. But, getting a complete and transparent view of financial risks and rewards associated with an investment is not easy. Even the big brands in the world make due diligence mistakes. Hence, the investment/acquirer firm needs to be aware of due diligence blunders to avoid financial burden.

  206. Siliconindia Logo
    Coronavirus - Did We Trigger It?

    covered by Silicon India

    However, the majority of the outbreaks were reported in Asia and Africa. It is known that emerging countries adhere to less stringent standards of hygiene, their citizens eat food that is uncommon in developed countries, and they have poor access to medical facilities – the reasons why the virus spreads quickly and remains unchecked at times.

  207. Financial Express
  208. Outlook Money
    How Online Banking Has Changed Investment

    covered by Outlook Money

    Of the several disruptive technological innovations, the internet has been one of the most revolutionary discoveries creating a major paradigm shift. The emergence of online banking has not only transformed the banking industry but also had a major impact on other related sectors such as investments and portfolio management.

  209. Entrepreneur India
    Coronavirus Outbreak: What's At Stake For Indo-China Trade

    covered by Entrepreneur India

    The global death toll is reportedly nearing 500 and apart from the severe loss of life, there are also fears of businesses and Indo-China trade suffering due to the outbreak.

  210. Zawya Logo2
  211. Zawya Logo2
  212. Bloomquint Logo
  213. Zawya Logo
  214. Logisticme Logo3
  215. Logisticme Logo
    Automation, IoT and AI key discussions at SPS Automation Middle East

    covered by Logistics Middle East

    The event, which runs until 4 September at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), is co-located with Materials Handling Middle East, and opened to a crowd of logistics, materials handling, automation and e-commerce professionals.

  216. Automotive Logistics
  217. Pharmachem
    At a crossroads – Pesticides Value Chain in Europe

    covered by PharmaChem

    Rapidly changing global market dynamics, consolidation in the industry and a stricter regulatory stance have posed significant challenges for additive suppliers and pesticide formulation companies. This article intends to shed light on emerging trends with respect to these players, and examine how they are reinventing their business models to remain competitive.

  218. Et Prime
  219. Automechanika Logo 1
    Automechanika, Riyadh – AI in the Automotive Industry

    covered by CBN Middle East

    Aranca, at the exclusive trade exhibition for the automotive service industry in KSA, said mega-trends such as shared mobility, electrification, connectivity and autonomous vehicles, will lead to a big shift in the redistribution of profits across the value chain, with the emergence of new technologies opening up fresh opportunities.

  220. Ingredients South Asia New
    Asia Halal Cosmetics Market

    covered by Ingredients South Asia

    The article captures the trends and overall size of the halal cosmetics market in Asia. The region is one of the largest markets in the world, accounting for 65% of global halal cosmetics. Growth in the halal cosmetics market is primarily driven by the rapidly increasing Muslim population.

  221. Logo Special Chem Resp
  222. Fb News Logo
    Trends in Asian Beverages Market

    covered by Food & Beverages News October 1 - 15, 2018

    The article captures trends shaping up the beverage market in Asia. The Asian beverage market is the largest market in the world, accounting for 60% of global beverage consumption. Growth in this regional beverage market is driven by rapidly increasing middle-class population, rising disposable income, growing tourism sector and increasing inclination toward a healthier lifestyle.    

  223. Logo Special Chem Resp
  224. Wolters Kluwer
  225. Aranca Client - Special Chem
  226. Fb News Logo
  227. Aranca Client - Kaleej Times
    Gold prices in full swing

    covered by Khaleej Times

    Kankana Dutta, Soumen Samanta and Nikhil Salvi from Investment Research and Analytics have been quoted in Khaleej Times.

  228. Logo Special Chem Resp
    Graphene - A Future Material in the Plastic Industry

    covered by SpecialChem

    Graphene is considered to be the ‘Wonder Material’ in the Plastic’s industry due to it High strength, Excellent Electrical Conduction, Light absorption and other key properties.

  229. Bioeconomy New3
    Bioeconomy Conclave 2018

    covered by Bioeconomy Conclave 2018

    As Knowledge partners for the Bioeconomy Conclave 2018 focused on the theme ‘How to achieve the $100 billion target by 2025’, Aranca presented a talk on the ‘Use of CRISPR technology in agriculture’.

  230. Aranca Client - Kaleej Times
  231. Aranca Client - Reuters
  232. Ingredients South Asia New
  233. Livemint 300X239
  234. Aranca Client - Kaleej Times
    Diwali comes early for jewellery retailers

    covered by Khaleej Times

    Jewellery retailers in the UAE are optimistic that the recent drop in gold prices will spur their sales in the ongoing festive season.

  235. National Logo
    India's biggest tax reform since its independence still need tweaks

    covered by The National

    Despite a raft of changes to India's new goods and services tax (GST), economists and businesses say further amendments to the taxation regime are needed as companies continue to grapple with the biggest tax reform since the South Asian nation gained independence in 1947.

  236. Aranca Client - ET Tech
    How India can make cryptocurrencies mainstream

    covered by ET Tech

    Japan recently became the first country to regulate cryptocurrencies; the US is quickly laying down regulatory guidelines as well, the UK and Australia continue to work on the formalities, while China has recently banned the ICOs.

  237. Aranca Client - Quartz India
  238. Ar
    Recyclability of Electric Vehicle Batteries Scrutinized

    covered by American Recycler

    Faced with high energy costs, environmental concerns by consumers and government regulatory measures, the world’s leading automakers are embracing new technological advancements to make today’s vehicles more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before.

  239. Aranca Client - The Licensing
  240. Economic Times
    Checking online content on terror a tough call now

    covered by Economic Times

    In 2014, a 19-year-old US citizen Asher Abid Khan was planning to go to Syria to fight for the ISIS. Media reports said he was exposed to propaganda videos through Facebook which encourages people from across the world to fight in Syria. 

  241. Livemint 300X239
  242. Aranca Client - Kaleej Times
    VAT IN UAE: Dubai to remain city of gold

    covered by Khaleej Times

    Dubai will continue to shine as the 'city of gold' and its position as a preferred destination for gold and jewellery purchase would not be affected by the implementation of value added tax (VAT), industry experts and jewellery retailers said.

  243. Livemint 300X239
  244. Economic Times
  245. Cirulli
    Mixed messages on fund changes

    covered by Cerulli

    Recently the regulators for securities market in UAE and Saudi have revamped the rules and regulations governing the investment funds.While the new regulations (IFRs) in UAE have brought several welcome changes for the domestic funds, they have imposed fresh obstacles for the entry of foreign funds in the country.

  246. Economic Times
    Here is how Indian techies are minting a fortune in bitcoins

    covered by Economic Times

    When 32-year-old Harshad Gawde first invested in bitcoins in 2013, he couldn't have expected the returns from it to sponsor an all-India tour, beginning with a six-month trip through Roopkund hills in Uttarakhand. He will be living off $15 daily payouts from that investment. 

  247. Aranca Client - Kaleej Times
    Is it right time to go bullish on bullion?

    covered by Khaleej Times

    Geopolitical risks and uncertainty related to US President Donald Trump's ability to carry out his election pledges may drive gold prices towards $1,300 (Dh4,784) per ounce level in 2017, market strategists said.

  248. Aranca Client - Forbes
    Factories Of The Future Need AI To Survive And Compete

    covered by Forbes

    Today’s consumers are pickier than ever. They want customized, personalized and unique products over standardized ones and prefer local, smaller producers over large-scale global manufacturers.

  249. Livemint 300X239
  250. Aranca Client - India Business Journal
    A Case for Reducing Policy Rates in India

    covered by Indian Business Journal

    The Indian media has been abuzz with the RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) discussion on a proposed reduction in interest rates for the Indian economy.

  251. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
    No space for e-waste on the GST rate list

    covered by Economic Times

    In spite of India generating 1.85 million tonne of electronic waste annually and being ranked among the top five countries of e-waste generation, e-waste has not been categorized separately under the new GST regime. 

  252. Aranca Client - Special Chem
    Latest Advances in Rubber Additives!

    covered by Special Chem

    The increased rubber consumption has fueled the research for improving its properties in various sectors, consequently leading to great advancements in rubber additive market.

  253. Aranca Client - CPI Financial
    Investing in Saudi's consumer staples

    covered by CPI Financials

    Consumer staples, prized for their slow but steady growth in investment portfolios, are generating higher alpha than ever before. They've not only been more resilient to the usual market headwinds but also have tremendous potential to grow, bolstered by technological disruptors and a growing consumer base among the world ís emerging market middle class.

  254. Aranca Client - Special Chem
  255. Aranca Client - Health Care Technologies
    The Internet of Medical Things

    covered by

    A healthcare application of IoT technologies, the concept of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) envisions a network of connected devices that sense vital data in real time. 

  256. Aranca Client - Telecomlead
  257. Aranca Client - TVN
    Unlimited Data: The Power of the Internet of Things

    covered by True Viral News

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is most commonly conceived of in the consumer space as a luxury asset; these pieces of technology make living easier by automating or streamlining day to day tasks. But for businesses, IoT technology represents an opportunity to integrate every facet of their operations, bringing contextualized data to decision-makers from assets that were previously “dumb.” And it’s becoming absolutely essential to remaining competitive.

  258. Aranca Client - Kaleej Times
    India GST: A boon for UAE jewellers

    covered by Khaleej Times

    The UAE gold jewellers are gearing up not only for the festive season but also to handle excess demand from India after the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of three per cent from July 1.

  259. Aranca Client - APN News
  260. Aranca Client - Omnexus
  261. Aranca Client - News Dog
    Google India-BCG Report Forecasts Online Travel Market Trends For 2020

    covered by Newsdog

    A recent Google India-BCG report has projected the overall Indian travel market to reach $48 Bn by 2020 at a CAGR of 11%-11.5%. In May 2016, this number had been predicted at $40 Bn, as per an IBEF report. According to IBEF, the online travel market alone is expected to account for around 40%-50% of the total transactions by 2020.

  262. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
  263. Aranca Client - Toronto Buss Daily
    Automotive industry dynamics poised to change as vehicles get smarter

    covered by Toronto Business Daily

    In today's world, our cars are becoming a lot more like computers. Automakers are working in tandem with technology companies to put more smart features and advanced technologies under the hood and on the dashboard of the modern vehicle. The self-driving vehicle invasion is only part of this diverse landscape of new tech tools for the automotive industry.

  264. Aranca Client - Manufacturing Business Technology
    4 Ways To Get The Best ROI On Supplier Satisfaction Surveys

    covered by Manufacturing Business Technology

    It is not rocket science to understand that supplier or vendor satisfaction primarily helps drive business prosperity downstream and ensures optimal quality, performance and cost of products and services, in turn influencing customer satisfaction.Now, the next step is to know what and how to ask your vendors to get the most out of your supplier satisfaction programs.

  265. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
  266. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
  267. Aranca Client - Omnexus
  268. Aranca Client - Toronto Buss Daily
  269. Aranca Client - VC Circle
    Quikr’s quick-fire acquisitions: Is it time to consolidate now?

    covered by VC Circle

    When cross-category classifieds company Quikr announced the acquisition of home services startup Zimmber earlier this month, it marked the Bangalore-based firm’s tenth buyout in less than two-and-a-half years.

  270. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
    Albania could see economic boost with rise of tourism, analyst says

    covered by Balkan Business Wire

    Some experts looking at the economic future of Albania feel that better accommodation of the country's travel and tourism industries could mean substantial improvements in the national economy and a path toward more vibrant markets.

  271. Aranca Client - Reuters
  272. Aranca Client - Manufacturing Business Technology
  273. Aranca Client - Livemint
  274. Aranca Client - Toronto Buss Daily
    Toronto real estate tax could fail to hit mark, analyst says

    covered by Toronto Business Daily

    A protectionist move by officials in Ontario seeks to deal with high housing demand and a potential real estate bubble, but analyst Priti Agarwal believes the controversial step is only a band-aid.

  275. Aranca Client - huffpost
  276. Aranca Client - Livemint
  277. Aranca Client - IDG Connect
  278. Aranca Client - VC Circle
  279. Aranca Client - Bloomberg
  280. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
    Greece may need debt salvation, analyst says

    covered by Balkan Business Wire

    Greece faces a big deadline in June 5 when the Greek government hopes to repay over $300 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

  281. Aranca Client - VC Circle
    Is this Flipkart’s last fundraise on road to IPO?

    covered by VC Circle

    India’s largest e-commerce company Flipkart’s recent fundraise of $1.4 billion (around Rs 9,000 crore), the biggest-ever in the country’s burgeoning consumer internet sector, has undoubtedly filled its coffers for now, but it also begs some important questions. 

  282. Aranca Client - Asia Times
    Investors place their bets on a Macau turnaround

    covered by Asia Times

    People are doubling down on casino stocks as the gambling enclave shows signs of a making a positive shift after reporting that gaming revenues grew at the fastest pace in three years.

  283. Aranca Client - Bne Intellinews
    Agrokor giant brought down by addiction to junk debt

    covered by Bne IntelliNews

    Creditors of Croatia’s Agrokor have appointed a turnaround expert to lead the heavily indebted Balkan food and retail giant out of its financial crisis, potentially ending the four-decade rule of founder Ivica Todoric.

  284. Aranca Client - Medical Travel Today
  285. Aranca Client - VC Circle
    Does Truecaller have false hopes of making a dent in payments space?

    covered by VCCircle

    Close on the heels of Samsung introducing its mobile payments service, caller-identification app Truecaller has followed suit with the launch of Truecaller Pay as it looks to leverage its enormous user base to cash in on the government’s digitisation push.

  286. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
  287. Aranca Client - Omnexus
    Plastics Reshaping Wearable Medical Devices

    covered by Omnexus Special Chem

    Metals and ceramics are prevalent in the medical industry. However, the unique properties of polymeric materials and their blends exhibit potential as better replacements for conventional materials.

  288. Aranca Client - VC Circle
  289. Aranca Client - Newsweek
  290. Aranca Client - Manufacturing Business Technology
  291. Aranca Client - Reuters
    A new breed of sovereign wealth fund - without the wealth

    covered by Reuters

    Once the preserve of rich oil exporters or nations with trade surpluses, like Norway, Kuwait and Singapore, an unlikely new breed of sovereign wealth fund is emerging - in countries with large deficits and deep debt.

  292. Aranca Client - Business Standard
    A new breed of sovereign wealth fund - without the wealth

    covered by Business Standard

    Once the preserve of rich oil exporters or nations with trade surpluses, like Norway, Kuwait and Singapore, an unlikely new breed of sovereign wealth fund is emerging - in countries with large deficits and deep debt.

  293. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
  294. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
    Balkan retail giant Agrokor in trouble

    covered by Balkan Business Wire

    A Balkan supermarket chain Agrokor which employs 40,000 people in Croatia, also has thousands of workers in neighboring Bosnia and Serbia is encountering financial trouble.

  295. Aranca Client - Livemint
  296. Aranca Client - Livemint
  297. Aranca Client - Business Review
    How to mitigate the impact of Brexit through sound procurement practice

    covered by Business Review Europe

    While uncertainty about the UK’s decision to leave the European Union may be abating, the slew of changes it entails in everything from exchange rates and laws governing contracts to logistics and trade rules are forcing companies to reconsider their procurement strategies.

  298. Aranca Client - IP Watchdog
    How ‘The Donald’ Does Intellectual Property

    covered by IPwatchdog

    Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States managed to get elected based at least in part on his real or perceived success as a businessman. He achieved this reputation in part by licensing his “Trump” brand name—a kind of intellectual property—to third parties.

  299. Aranca Client - Bio Portfolio
  300. Aranca Client - Energy Digital Uk
  301. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
  302. Aranca Client - ET Tech
  303. Aranca Client - The Licensing
    The Resurgence of Patent Pools in Today’s Marketplace—Part 1

    covered by The Licensing Journal

    This is Part 1 of a three-part article. Parts 2 and 3 of this article will expand on the topic of patent pools, further defining the patent landscape in and out of these pools in their respective industries, which will allow for comment on their activities.

  304. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
    Bulgaria, Serbia work toward creating gas pipeline interconnect

    covered by Balkan Business Wire

    A new gas pipeline linking the Bulgarian capital, Sofia with the Serbian city of Nis could have a beneficial impact on local economies and help the two nations to be less reliant on Russian oil. 

  305. Aranca Client - Balkan Bussiness Wire
    Montenegro government feels backlash over financing plan

    covered by Balkan Business Wire

    Montenegro opposition parties are responding negatively to a plan by the government of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic to adopt a draft budget for this year that would include new loans to cover a shortfall of about $481 million.

  306. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Omani city bullish on China shops

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    The new Chinese shopping center in Salalah, Oman, offers more than 250 businesses, including a children's play area, a water fountain and a food court, but the country’s second-largest city hopes the center is just the first piece in a much-larger economic picture.

  307. Aranca Client - Livemint
  308. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Dubai property companies gild welcome mat for buyers

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    For the past few years, Dubai property companies have made concessions to buyers to entice them into new homes built in a burgeoning real estate market, and now there's more reason to believe buyers are in the driver’s seat.

  309. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Understanding employment picture is no easy job

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    It said 98 percent of professionals in the Middle East are looking for jobs.The reality is much simpler. Most of that surprisingly high percentage includes anyone looking for a new job even if it's simply checking job opportunities on an internet portal.

  310. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Salaries the latest casualty in Yemen conflict

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    The ongoing civil war in Yemen has caused immeasurable pain and heartache, from the thousands of lost lives to the approximately 20 million residents in desperate need of food or other aid.

  311. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Saudi cuts expected in wake of oil downturn

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Saudi Arabia might cut as much as half of its planned projects this year following a historic drop in oil prices, according to a Reuters report.

  312. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Diversification -- not oil -- fuels Dubai

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    The downturn in oil prices and other financial pressures in the GCC have not slowed economic growth in Dubai, a crown jewel of the UAE that continues to draw on a vibrant tourism base and diversify the country away from independence on fossil fuels.

  313. Aranca Client - ET Tech
    What 2017 looks like for start-up valuations

    covered by ET Tech

    Several dominant consumer driven tech-startups (such as e-commerce portals, food-tech sites, online marketplaces, and aggregators) enjoyed soaring valuations.

  314. Aranca Client - The Licensing
  315. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Gulf states see their future in education

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Gulf state members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are spending $150 billion a year on education, the GCC Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry recently determined.

  316. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Oil recovery credited with bump in Qatar GDP

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Recently released figures show some gains in Qatar’s projected GDP during the third quarter of 2016 -- an estimated 3.7 percent year-over-year growth. Officials estimate that, factoring in constant prices, the country's gross domestic product rose 3.6 percent from second-quarter figures. 

  317. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Saudi fund seen as investing in UAE utility through back door

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Saudi leaders recently appeared to an about-face on a deal to invest a large sum of money with the United Arab Emirates, as the sovereign wealth fund prepared to buy a significant stake in the UAE utility company Utico.

  318. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Saudi Arabia wrestles with cybercrime in social media era

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    In Saudi Arabia, the full spectrum of issues surrounding cybercrime tangles with traditional attitudes about moral values to create quite a complex navigational field for social media users.

  319. Aranca Client - CNBC
  320. Aranca Client - Reuters
    Rosneft purchase leads $82 billion spree by sovereign investors in 2016

    covered by Reuters

    Qatar's purchase of a stake in Russian oil company Rosneft last month crowned a year of mega-acquisitions by sovereign investors in 2016, with total deal value rising 22 percent to $82 billion whilst the number of transactions held steady.

  321. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Dubai South project promises economic boost

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    UAE officials say a new project called Dubai South will create a half million jobs and fulfill the financial needs of more than a million urban residents.

  322. Aranca Client - Fund Selector Asia
  323. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
  324. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
  325. Aranca Client - Business Line
    Online traffic has grown in aviation since demonetisation

    covered by The Hindu Business Line

    India’s online travel segment is expected to grow 17.8 per cent during 2013–2016E, outperforming the overall travel market by six percentage points. Online travel (online gross bookings) now constitutes an estimated 41 per cent of the overall Indian travel market, according to global research and analytics company Aranca.

  326. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
  327. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Reuters discusses Dubai's spending on infrastructure

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Observing the efforts of countries around the world to keep up their infrastructure, experts are noticing that these kinds of investments tend to pay off very well.

  328. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Dubai receives high innovation rating for recent efforts

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    To visitors in downtown Dubai, the results of rapid innovation are evident: smart city infrastructure blinks behind glass windows. On central Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard, free driverless cars patrol the streets, ready to give pedestrians a lift.

  329. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Oman to reap revenues from new VAT system

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    As GCC countries start looking at the real impact of the coming Value Added Tax (VAT), planned for the beginning of 2018, the country of Oman is realizing that it may have quite a lot of extra revenues to manage even as financial pressures threaten the region.

  330. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    AAOIFI promotes centralized sharia boards

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Earlier this month, at the annual conference of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Finance Institutions (AAOIFI), participants looked at a preliminary study for centralized sharia boards in order to regulate finances in GCC nations.

  331. Aranca Client - Inc42
  332. Aranca Client - World of Chemicals
    Article - Sector View: Solvents VOC

    covered by World Of Chemicals

    In place since the 1970s, regulations limiting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions in paint & coating products are getting stricter. Enforced by agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US and legislations like the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) in the EU, they are meant to limit the use of organic chemical compounds that are harmful to human health and contribute significantly to atmospheric ozone depletion as well as global carbon

  333. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Qatar raises select government salaries

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Under pressure from lower oil prices, the Gulf Coast country of Qatar is increasing pay for a range of government employees.A Nov. 7 press release shows the government is poised to make substantial increases, even doubling some government salaries.The move comes after a series of cutbacks and layoffs in the country within the last couple of years, including the downsizing of 1,000 foreign workers at Qatar Petroleum.What is the context for the current salary

  334. Aranca Client - Manufacturing Business Technology
    What Trump Presidency May Mean For Manufacturing?

    covered by Manufacturing Business Technology

    Following a protectionist policy alone will not help the US in the long run as the global shifts in manufacturing will always follow both demand dynamics and cost advantages. Intense lobbying is expected in early 2017 between the Corporate America and the Trump administration, and a compromise solution is the one that is most likely to emerge. 

  335. Aranca Client - Quartz India
  336. Aranca Client - ET CIO
    Artificial Intelligence: Breaking new grounds

    covered by

    Artificial Intelligence evokes a whole gamut of reactions. The cinematic world has been taking unrestrained creative liberty for ages. Such ambiguities that hound artificial intelligence (AI) clearly stem from an inherent lack of understanding of its root concepts. Interestingly, in one form or the other, the human race is already surrounded with AI. The era of Artificial Intelligence has begun.

  337. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Dubai, Turin team up for sustainable business development

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Leaders in Dubai are getting help with sustainable energy goals and ecological business plans from a partner on the other side of the Mediterranean.An Oct. 23 press release shows the secretary general of Dubai GEP, Fahad Al Gergawi, and an Italian official, Turin’s Mayor Chiara Appendino, in a Dubai location to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that moves forward collaborative goals between the two economies.

  338. Aranca Client - IDG Connect
    How biometrics is changing Latin American banking

    covered by IDG Connect

    In Brazil you can go to an ATM and withdraw cash with just your fingerprint. The tech has been around for a while and has changed the way Brazilians are banking. They are not the only ones. recently reported that Nequi, a financial mobile banking service from Bancolombia, has become the first in Colombia to deploy mobile biometrics for authentication. 

  339. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
    City Airport may Let You Enter with Your Aadhaar

    covered by Economic times

    Have an Aadhaar card? Jump the queues at the airport.Bangalore International Airport is preparing to introduce biometric screening at entry for holders of India’s digital identity numbers, the first step in adding a layer of security and efficiency at one of the country’s busiest airports.

  340. Aranca Client - ET Tech
  341. Aranca Client - ET CIO
    Bengaluru airport to use Aadhaar for biometric entry

    covered by ET CIO

    Bangalore International Airport is preparing to introduce biometric screening at entry for holders of India’s digital identity numbers, the first step in adding a layer of security and efficiency at one of the country’s busiest airports.

  342. Aranca Client - Yahoo Finance
    Stocks could drop after the vote, no matter who wins

    covered by Yahoo Finance

    Hang on, investors. Stocks may be headed for some bumps after the presidential race is decided, and that could happen regardless of who wins the loud, crazy and unpredictable campaign.The market may be in for an election correction that's fairly common when an incumbent president isn't on the ballot.

  343. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Saudi oil production falls from record highs

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    A Reuters article from Oct. 18 shows exports of crude oil from Saudi Arabia fell from 7.6 million barrels per day to 7.3 million barrels per day in the month of July.The numbers come from information materials provided by Saudi Arabia as a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).The report also shows that Saudi Arabia’s oil inventories peaked one year ago, and that crude inventories have decreased since then. Domestic r

  344. Aranca Client - Fnb News
    Bakery ingredients used for quality, shelf life

    covered by Ingredients South Asia

    MATERIALS used in bakeries are known as bakery ingredients. They include bases (flours of various kinds), additives (emulsifying agents, sweeteners, etc.) and enhancers (gar- nishes, flavours, flavour enhancers, etc.). These ingredients improve protein content and aeration and help maintain the freshness of baked foods. Baked products include foods such as bread, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pizzas, pies, pastries, doughnuts, tarts and frozen baked products.

  345. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Can Egypt handle IMF loan?

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    With inflation in the high teens, and other factors putting pressure on the national economy, the country of Egypt has pursued a plan to take out a $12 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) -- and the eventual resolution of this deal is coming soon.Reports released earlier this month show that IMF leaders still have to deliberate on some aspects of the plan to lend Egypt a sum of money that, by any

  346. Aranca Client - Computing Uk
    Is it time to dump the cloud and go on-premises?

    covered by Computing UK

    With price rises from cloud providers including Microsoft and others, and huge potential fines when the GDPR comes into force, is it time to re-examine the decision to go cloud?

  347. Aranca Client - Healthcare Executive
    India’s Healthcare Sector : More Mergers and Acquisitions in the Future

    covered by Healthcare Executive

    India is a complicated place in which to do business, particularly in the healthcare sector. When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, it’s not unlike Monopoly: the more assets a company has, the more valuable they are. Despite cultural differences and language barriers, however, every forward-thinking company needs to consider merging with another company, or acquiring a competitor in order to grow. Healthcare is in bigger demand than ever; thanks to urbanisation and a g

  348. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry evaluates domestic goods production

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Recent efforts by the Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) aim to promote the local production of goods, in an attempt to improve the national economy.A Sept. 19 announcement of a study program by the agency describes its purpose as such: “to reduce import (sic) and boost local production.”The ministry undertakes this effort in partnership with the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting.In the study, which is titled "Domestic Resources of the Sultanate of

  349. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Private health care in Oman expands to address unmet demand

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    The Gulf Coast nation of Oman is seeing a rise in private health care services, the result of efforts to expand domestic health care systems to meet demand. New private facilities are changing a medical landscape that has been dominated by government-funded medical infrastructure.A Sept. 18 story in Business Today discusses new hospitals opening up in the city of Muscat and other central areas of Oman, calling the move an “aggressive expansion” pla

  350. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Oman focuses on improving domestic trade

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    Wednesday, Oct 5, 2016 Recent efforts by the Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) are aimed at promoting the local production of goods, in an attempt to improve the national economy.A Sept. 19 announcement of a study program by the agency describes its purpose: “to reduce import (sic) and boost local production.”The ministry undertakes this effort in partnership with the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting.

  351. Aranca Client - Reuters
    Empire State stake, Melbourne port among Q3 sovereign fund acquisitions

    covered by Reuters

    LONDON, Oct 3 An Australian port and a stake in the Empire State Building's operator were among assets acquired by sovereign investors such as wealth funds and state pension funds in the third quarter of 2016, with deals totalling $21.2 billion.The combined value of deals was up 38 percent from the previous quarter, helped by a handful of jumbo-sized transactions in the infrastructure, energy and real estate segments, although the number of direct investments fell to 35 from 43 in

  352. Aranca Client - LD Export
    Dubai’s medical sector keeps on growing

    covered by idexportgulfnews

    With a 13% annual growth in Dubai medical sector by 2021 and an investment of over US$272.2 million last year, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) expects to welcome around 1.3 million medical tourists to the emirate within the next five years[1]. Details released by the Dubai Statistic Centre (DSC) show that Dubai’s 26 hospitals, both private and government, received nearly 630,831 health tourists last year, of which 298,359 were foreigners who came from abroad, accounting for nearly 46 per cent of the t

  353. Aranca Client - ET Energyworld
    Could Privatization Be the Key to India's Oil Production Self-sufficiency?

    covered by ET EnergyWorld

    Hoping to boost domestic oil reserves as well as reduce dependency on imports, the Indian Government is opening up 67 oilfields across the country — including 12 small oilfields from the eastern state of Assam — to foreign investments, hoping to make the country more self-sufficient in meeting its demand for oil.As locals boycott the decision — calling it unfair exploitation — some question whether privatization really is the best move toward fulfilling India’s long-term o

  354. Aranca Client - Travel & Tour
    Dubai expecting13% annual growth in medical tourism by 2021

    covered by Travel and Tour World

    Dubai is all set to provide medical tourism to its global community. In coming years, this cosmopolitan city expects an annual growth of 13 million medical tourists surpassing previous records. As per the statistics released by Dubai Statistic Center or DSC, 26 hospitals in this modern city did 46 percent of its business last year via foreign tourists who majorly belonged from the Asian countries. Dubai medical facilities and different vendors are trying to maintain and develop its

  355. Aranca Client - Hoteller Middle East
    13% annual growth in Dubai medical sector by 2021

    covered by

    Dubai progresses in its vision to grow its health care system to the point where it offers medical tourism to the global communityDubai authorities have said that with an investment of over US$272.2 million last year, they expect to welcome around 1.3 million medical tourists to the emirate within the next five years, according to local media.Foreign guests accounted for 46% of business last year for Dubai's 26 hospitals, while details released by the Dubai Statistic Centre

  356. Aranca Client - Arabian Industy
    13% annual growth in Dubai medical sector by 2021

    covered by Arabian Industry

    Dubai progresses in its vision to grow its health care system to the point where it offers medical tourism to the global communityDubai authorities have said that with an investment of over US$272.2 million last year, they expect to welcome around 1.3 million medical tourists to the emirate within the next five years, according to local media.Foreign guests accounted for 46% of business last year for Dubai's 26 hospitals, while details released by the Dubai Statistic Centre

  357. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Dubai planning for 13% annual growth in medical sector until 2021

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    In a region that's quickly modernizing, one of the Gulf area's primary cosmopolitan cities, Dubai, is determined to grow its health care system to the point where it offers medical tourism to the global community.Dubai authorities are announcing that with an investment of over $272.2 million last year, they expect to welcome around 1.3 million medical tourists within the next five years.As far as revenues, Dubai officials are looking for an increase of 13 percent every

  358. Aranca Client - Portfolio Advisor
    When could China onshore bonds be included on global indices?

    covered by Portfolio-Advisor

    Three global indices are considering including China's onshore bonds on their indices, which has the potential for strong capital inflows. Talks are underway between China and three key global bond benchmark indices – JP Morgan Global Government Bond Index, Barclays Capital Global Aggregate Bond Index and Citi World Government Bond Index to include onshore bonds after the mainland authorities relaxed fules for foreign participation in the China interbank bond market (CIBM) in May.Standard C

  359. Aranca Client - Fund Selector Asia
    When could China onshore bonds be included on global indices?

    covered by Fund Selector Asia

    Three global indices are considering including China's onshore bonds on their indices, which has the potential for strong capital inflows. Talks are underway between China and three key global bond benchmark indices – JP Morgan Global Government Bond Index, Barclays Capital Global Aggregate Bond Index and Citi World Government Bond Index to include onshore bonds after the mainland authorities relaxed fules for foreign participation in the China interbank bond market (CIBM) in May. S

  360. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Report cites job stability, higher wages for Saudi workers

    covered by Gulf News Journal

    In a time when the Saudi economy is struggling with lower oil prices while taking on ambitious energy and economic projects, there is some glimmer of light for Saudi workers, particularly native citizens. A study by the Korn Ferry Hay Group shows big increases across the board for salaries in some industries, such as high technology and transportation and logistics. Another major factor in the study was the finding that over half of Saudi nationals

  361. Aranca Client - Fnb News
    Evolution & future scenario - Thai Nutrition Labelling

    covered by Food & Beverage News

    Introduction: Thailand has earned a good reputation in the global food market and is advancing towards becoming a global leader in food production and exports. Darsh Lathia from Aranca presents his views on the evolution of nutrition Labelling in Thailand.  Read more -

  362. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
    nuTonomy beats the likes of Google and Uber by launching world's first self-driving taxi service

    covered by Economic Times Print Edition

    BENGALURU: A three-year-old Singapore-based startup called nuTonomy has stolen the thunder from the likes of Google and Apple, Ford and General Motors, Uber and Lyft, by launching the world's first self-driving taxi service last week.  Founded by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers, Karl Iagnemma and Emilio Frazzoli, the transportation and automotive technology firm has 50 PhD scholars and experienced scientists. ET spoke to the firm's leaders and expert

  363. Aranca Client - ET Tech
    Driverless cars: The world is up for it, India isn't

    covered by ET Tech

    Google and Apple have great ambitions for the space. Ford plans to get a model on the road by 2021. General Motors pumped in $500 million into ride sharing app Lyft to get a toehold. Uber will pilot its service in Pittsburgh in the United States later this month. Driverless cars -- especially self-driving taxis -- have giants from the auto and tech industry licking their chops.

  364. Aranca Client - The Times of India
    NuTonomics & the Future of Driving

    covered by Times of India

    A three-year-old Singapore based startup called NuTonomy has stolen the thunder from the likes of Google and Apple, Ford and General Motors, Uber and Lyft - NuTonomy launched the world's first self-driving taxi service last week.

  365. Aranca Client - Green Area
    Saudi Arabia working on renewable energy projects for Vision 2030

    covered by Green Area

    As part of Saudi Arabia’s bold new plan to modernize the kingdom, known as Vision 2030, the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) is taking steps to identify sites for renewable energy projects within the country. An Aug. 14 press release shows the SEC has started looking at developing plans to implement new energy projects in such areas as Al-Jouf and Rafha. There’s also the Harimale Project that is slated to produce over 2700 kW of wind power for

  366. Aranca Client - Gulf News Journal
    Saudi Arabia working on renewable energy projects for Vision 2030

    covered by Gulf News Journal Reports

    As part of Saudi Arabia's bold new plan to modernize the kingdom, known as Vision 2030, the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) is taking steps to identify sites for renewable energy projects within the country.An Aug. 14 press release shows the SEC has started looking at developing plans to implement new energy projects in such areas as Al-Jouf and Rafha. There's also the Harimale Project that is slated to produce over 2700 kW of wind power for

  367. Aranca Client - Global Investor
    Aramco IPO sparks exchange scramble

    covered by globalinvestormagazine

    Saudi Aramco’s proposed IPO is raising as many questions as answers, not least over which foreign bourse will host the overseas listing, writes James GavinTouted as the world’s biggest ever public flotation, the proposed initial public offering (IPO) of 5% of state oil company Saudi Aramco is the cornerstone of the kingdom’s bold economic reform drive. The listing promises not just to galvanise the sluggish listing pipeline of the Saudi Tadawul exchange, but have

  368. Aranca Client - TB Petroleum
    Proposed Project to Expand Gulf of Mexico Port Capacity

    covered by Technology Business Petroleum

    A new deepwater port project planned for Louisiana aims to complement existing Gulf Coast infrastructure to service the oil and gas industry. Located in western Louisiana on the Calcasieu Ship Channel just south of Lakes Charles, the Port Cameron project will allow for faster deployment of supply vessels, support and emergency services for exploration and production (E&P) activities in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Jack Belcher, executive vice president of HBW Resources LLC,

  369. Aranca Client - Downstream Today
  370. Aranca Client - Business News Daily
    How the Internet of Things Will Make Your Business Better at Customer Service

    covered by Business News Daily

    What is the so-called internet of things? It's most visible in smart appliances, such as networked thermostats or refrigerators. But the internet of things, or IoT, is a concept that comprises much more than just the technology and devices that power smart homes. The internet of things includes incredibly powerful applications for the business world of tomorrow, with built-in dedications to efficiency and data analysis to allow companies to operate more productively and cost-effectively.

  371. Aranca Client - Arabian Oil and Gas
    Upstream and downstream integration for KSA

    covered by Arabian Oil & Gas

    Saudi Arabia’s upstream and downstream giants Aramco and Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) are looking into the possibility of developing a crude oil-to-chemicals plant in Saudi Arabia. The two energy giants signed an agreement late in June to conduct a feasibility study on the development of such a facility.

  372. Aranca Client - ET CIO
  373. Aranca Client - ET Tech
    The healthcare industry could have a lot riding on IoT

    covered by ET Tech

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a world of possibilities that make the world of tomorrow seem closer than ever before. Although just a small sub-set of IoT's potential applications, its ability to revolutionize the mundane in healthcare and medicine is spurring some interesting developments. 

  374. Aranca Client - ET CIO
  375. Aranca Client - Yahoo Finance
    History favors an election correction for stocks

    covered by Yahoo Finance

    No matter who you're pulling for in this year's presidential election, if you're an investor, don't bet on either candidate giving a lift to the stock market or your portfolio this year. The market may be in for an election correction.

  376. Aranca Client - Asia  Nikkei
  377. Aranca Client - Euromoney Seminars
    Hedge funds finding regulation tougher than asset growth

    covered by Euromoney Seminars

    Managing regulation cited as number one challenge by hedge funds Keeping up with regulation has become equal to the challenge that asset growth poses for hedge funds, according to a report by analyst house Aranca and financial services tech firm FIS.Half of the 258 hedge fund professionals polled ranked growing assets under management and keeping pace with legislation as top three concerns.In Europe and Asia Pacific keeping on top of the pace of regulation

  378. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Emerging Markets' Infrastructural Sector

    covered by Seeking Alpha

    The global infrastructure sector continues to bear the brunt of constrained public budgets and lack of effective government and private partnerships that have led to inadequate investment and disappointing growth.

  379. Aranca Client - Arabian Oil and Gas
    Report: Saudi Arabia approves economic reforms

    covered by Arabian Oil and Gas

    Saudi Arabia's Council of Economic and Development Affairs has reportedly approved the final draft of the National Transformation Plan, part of Saudi Vision 2030.

  380. Aranca Client - Arabian Oil and Gas
    News Analysis: Clear Vision

    covered by Arabian Oil and Gas

    The Saudi’s 2030 Vision was perhaps one of the most hotly discussed news in the past couple of months. And rightly so, it includes some quite radical economic reforms and promises to significantly open up the Kingdom for more foreign investment.

  381. Aranca Client - The Street
  382. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Saudi Arabia's 'Vision 2030' To Transform Its Economy

    covered by Seeking Alpha

    The oil-dependent Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a long-term blueprint to transform itself into a diversified economy, with non-oil government revenues projected to increase six-fold to SAR1tn by 2030. It’s an ambitious dream to transform an economy that relies on crude oil exports for more than 70% of government revenues.

  383. Aranca Client - The Street
  384. Aranca Client - The Street
    Everything You Need to Know About the Saudi Aramco IPO

    covered by TheStreet

    A bigger flow of foreign capital into Saudi Arabia could play a crucial role in diversifying the country's revenue sources outside oil and into other industries and sectors. Also, these measures could have valuable long-term impact on the country's employable population, 70% of which is below 30.

  385. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Saudi Aramco IPO - A Reality Of Mythical Proportions?

    covered by Seeking Alpha

    Saudi Aramco is one of the largest oil exploring and producing companies in the world. Aramco came out with an official announcement stating that it was considering options to allow public participation in its equity through an IPO.

  386. Aranca Client - The Street
  387. Aranca Client - Big News Network
    The 5 top presidential election years for stocks

    covered by Big News Network

    History suggests the stock market should be very good to investors this year. But history isn't always the best prognosticator. During an election year in which an incumbent president is not running for re-election, the Dow Jones industrial average, or DJIA, gains about 13% on average, according to Bloomberg data used in an unpublished research note from Aranca, a global research and analytics firm.

  388. Aranca Client - Bankrate
  389. Aranca Client - Reuters
    Investors slow to unearth hidden emerging equity gems

    covered by Reuters

    Indian airlines, Brazilian chemical producers and Turkish car makers and are just some of the emerging market firms thriving thanks to low commodity prices, and yet investors are often slow to catch on due to the asset class's dismal overall performance.

  390. Aranca Client - Financial Times
  391. The Street
  392. Aranca Client - MSN Money
  393. Aranca Client - Technology Networks
    How Edible Smart Tags Can Help Fight the Anti-Drug Counterfeiting War

    covered by Technology Networks

    Counterfeiting drugs continues to cost the world dearly—both in terms of health risks and revenue losses. Recent developments in anti-counterfeiting technologies promise to change the pharmaceutical industry’s war against counterfeiters for good. Edible smart microtag leads from the front.

  394. Aranca Client - Asia  Nikkei
    South Africa's naspers invests more in indian online travel venture

    covered by Asia-Nikkei

    South African media and e-commerce conglomerate Naspers will invest $250 million more in Indian online travel company Ibibo Group, in a sign of growing investor interest in the booming online travel and hospitality business in the south Asian nation.

  395. Aranca Client - Daily Mail
  396. Aranca Client - Reuters
    With oil at $30-$40, SWFs may pull $404 bln from stocks in 2016 -report

    covered by Reuters - UK

    Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) might take a further $404 billion out of global listed equities in 2016 if oil prices stay between $30 and $40 a barrel, after pulling out about half that amount last year, a research organisation said on Monday.

  397. Aranca Client - Reuters
    With oil at $30-$40, SWFs may pull $404 bln from stocks in 2016 -report

    covered by Reuters - US

    Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) might take a further $404 billion out of global listed equities in 2016 if oil prices stay between $30 and $40 a barrel, after pulling out about half that amount last year, a research organisation said on Monday.

  398. Aranca Client - Sina Finance
    With oil at $30-$40, SWFs may pull $404 bln from stocks in 2016 -report

    covered by Finance-Sina

    Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) might take a further $404 billion out of global listed equities in 2016 if oil prices stay between $30 and $40 a barrel, after pulling out about half that amount last year, a research organisation said on Monday.

  399. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
    With oil at $30-$40, SWFs may pull $404 bln from stocks in 2016 -report

    covered by ET

    Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) might take a further $404 billion out of global listed equities in 2016 if oil prices stay between $30 and $40 a barrel, after pulling out about half that amount last year, a research organisation said on Monday.

  400. Aranca Client - The  Financial  Express
    Private equity funds to tighten their purse strings

    covered by The Financial Express

    If 2015 was a good year for India’s e-commerce sector with more than a 110 deals and close to $5.7 billion in inflows — up 40% over 2014 — this year could turn out to be somewhat more subdued.

  401. Aranca Client - Rigzone
    Russia, Saudi Arabia Empty Gestures Won't Save Oil Prices

    covered by Rigzone

    It was fun while it lasted. During those heady days immediately after Russia announced it had agreed with Saudi Arabia to freeze oil production, some markets rallied and oil prices climbed back into the $30s.

  402. Aranca Client - Money Morning
  403. Aranca Client - Business Insider
    These four points unlock the secret to cracking China's luxury market

    covered by Business Insider

    The huge anti-corruption and anti-extravagance campaign led by president Xi Jinping, has transformed China’s burgeoning luxury goods sector forever. Luxury goods have become less accessible to the growing Chinese middle class, and less acceptable for members of China’s elite.

  404. Aranca Client - The Street
    Companies Come Under More Pressure to Cut Costs and Boost Share Buybacks

    covered by TheStreet- RealMoney

    Will Share Buybacks Save the Day?Share buybacks have been another way in which companies have kept their shareholders happy in an environment of otherwise low growth in the real economy. They are partly to blame for the elevated valuations before the market selloff, but have also served as tremendous fuel for the bull market.

  405. Aranca Client - News Markets
  406. Aranca Client - Plastics Technology
    Engineering Plastics Growth Led by Nylon and ABS

    covered by Plastic Technology

    New Aranca market study projects significant growth for engineering plastics, generated by metal replacement, 3D printing and photovoltaics.

  407. Aranca Client - Omnexus
    Weight Reduction Technologies in the Automotive

    covered by OmnexusSpecialChem

    Increasing pollution from the transportation sector has led to strict regulations on automobile manufacturers to curb harmful emissions. 

  408. Aranca Client - Bezinga
  409. Aranca Client - USA Today
    In search of stability, Wall Street eyes return of stock buybacks

    covered by USA Today

    Given the rocky start to 2016, Wall Street is hoping Corporate America – a big buyer of U.S. stocks in recent years – will resume purchasing their own stock as the quarterly earnings season winds down and the regulatory-driven share-repurchase “blackout” is lifted.

  410. Aranca Client - Marketwatch
  411. Aranca Client - The Street
    Why Japan’s Negative Interest Rates Shouldn't Have Surprised Anyone

    covered by The Street

    The Bank of Japan's announcement of negative interest rate policy last week surprised global financial markets, but it really shouldn't have come as a shocker if you look at recent Japanese economic data and the central bank's past aggressive actions.

  412. The Street
    Apple's First-Quarter Results Are a Lucrative Opportunity for Long-Term Investors

    covered by TheStreet

    However, if history of Apple has taught us anything, the company will continue to innovate and promote its Apple Watch whose performance is dependent on the iPhone user base and should pick up with some lag. In the interim, headlines from China would play a role in shaping the company's performances in the coming quarters. 

  413. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Abolishing subsidies - Saudi Arabia's Mantra to curb deficit

    covered by Seeking Alpha

    Government Expenditure - Focus on Spending to Continue. The 2016 Saudi Ministry of Finance budget suggests that government spending continued to grow in 2015, despite lower revenues from crude oil.

  414. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Value Stock at the cusp of re-rating

    covered by Seeking Alpha

    Value Investing, a Bottom-up Approach In December 2015, the US Federal Reserve decided to normalize interest rates with an increase in the federal funds rate for the first time since 2006. This reversal in interest rates is compelling investment managers to revisit their strategies.

  415. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    2015: The Year Of Divergent Monetary Policies And Falling Commodity Prices

    covered by Seeking Alpha

    Global markets commenced 2015 with a strong positive momentum. The markets were optimistic due to the larger-than-expected stimulus announced by ECB President Mario Draghi to lift the sagging Eurozone economy and the likelihood of a delay in the US interest rate hike.

  416. Aranca Client - Venture Beat
  417. Aranca Client - Inc
  418. Aranca Client - Tech Crunch

    covered by TechCrunch

    In late November, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin managed to do what most refer to as the ‘Holy Grail of Rocketry’ — successfully send a rocket 62 miles into space and then, in a carefully controlled descent, land it upright just four-and-a-half feet from the center of its Launchpad.

  419. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
  420. Aranca Client - Investorideas
    New Research Reveals Investors Flocking to Listed Infrastructure

    covered by InvestorIndeas

    Anticipating the likely interest rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve later this year, the Investment Research & Analytics division at Aranca, a global customized research and analytics company, released its new report: Listed Infrastructure – An Attractive Alternative showing that listed infrastructure is attracting investors in a big way.

  421. Aranca Client - MediaFN
    New Research Reveals Investors Flocking to Listed Infrastructure

    covered by Menafn

    Anticipating the likely interest rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve later this year, the Investment Research & Analytics division at Aranca, a global customized research and analytics company, released its new report: Listed Infrastructure – An Attractive Alternative showing that listed infrastructure is attracting investors in a big way.

  422. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Asia Pacific: An Evolving VC Market

    covered by SeekingAlpha

    Asia-Pacific has emerged as a sweet spot for venture capital investors attracted by the region’s growth prospects.

  423. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Could Changing Demographics Be A Boon To Saudi Arab…

    covered by SeekingAlpha

    Although the economic performance of Saudi Arabia is highly correlated with oil fundamentals, we tried to analyze the socioeconomic demand drivers that are likely to change Saudi Arabia’s economic landscape.

  424. Aranca Client - Quartz
  425. Aranca Client - Scroll In
  426. Aranca Client - Trade Arabia
    Urbanization to step up Saudi economic growth

    covered by TradeArabia

    Rapid urbanization, expected to add about seven million to Saudi Arabia’s urban population by 2025, is likely to create immediate growth opportunities in the Kingdom with regard to sustainable housing and utilities infrastructure, a report said

  427. Aranca Client - Deal Street Asia
  428. Aranca Client - Business Insider
    Exclusive: Indian startups will survive the tech bubble, says Aranca's AVP

    covered by Business Insider India

    The Indian market is very attractive for foreign investors but one thing to watch out for is how the mood of the venture capital industry in the US turns out. If the much talked about tech bubble doesn't happen, India is not going to slow down anytime soon, says Bharat Ramnani, Associate Vice President of valuation services at Aranca.

  429. Aranca Client - Iamwire
    Asia-Pacific Emerging as a Hotbed of Startups for VC Investors

    covered by Iamwire

    The startup ecosystem in the emerging economies of Asia-Pacific is still at a nascent stage, but is rapidly evolving. Asia-Pacific region has overtaken Europe in terms of deal value and has emerged as hotbed for venture capital (VC) investors, who are attracted by the region’s growth prospects.

  430. Aranca Client - The Times of India Business
  431. The Street
  432. Aranca Client - Tech 2
    Tech start-ups are booming, but is this the next bubble?

    covered by FirstPost-Tech

    Way back in 2008, we experienced, researched and tried to understand the subprime mortgage crisis. Probably not every one of us had any interest in the real estate business of the US.

  433. Aranca Client - Travel Biz Monitor
  434. Aranca Client - The Times of India
  435. Aranca Client - ET Brand Equity
  436. Aranca Client - ET Travel
    Tech access, low airfares boost online tourism; 41% of gross travel bookings take place online

    covered by Economic Times Travel

    Greater access to technology and a booming middle-class are expected to bolster the already rapid growth of online tourism in India, helping it to outperform the overall travel market by a good 6 percentage points to 17.8 per cent in the three years to 2016, according to global research and analytics company Aranca.

  437. Aranca Client - India  Infoline
    The Indian Online travel Industry - Potential for rapid growth

    covered by Indiainfoline

    With greater access to technology and connectivity than ever before, a booming middle class and several other tailwinds are expected to bolster the already rapid growth of online tourism in India

  438. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Commodities Outlook: What Are The Big Boys Saying?

    covered by Seeking Alpha

    Over the past year, commodity prices have been under pressure. In fact in some cases, it has fallen to levels not seen since the global financial crisis of 2008-09. 

  439. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Pharma Deal-Making: In The Pink Of Health

    covered by SeekingAlpha

    With deals likely to be at their highest since 2005, the pharmaceuticals sector can look forward to a thriving 2015.

  440. Aranca Client - CNBC
    A stock ploy undermining the US economy

    covered by CNBC

    Paper profits on repurchased stock prices has fooled the market. Productivity lags. Corporate investment in fixed assets is at its lowest level in 60 years.

  441. Aranca Client - huffpost
  442. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Make In India: Why Hope Isn't Lost For The Indian

    covered by Seeking Alpha

    India has been well marketed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his “Make in India” campaign as a great investment destination over the past year.

  443. Aranca Client - Business Insider
  444. Aranca Client - Profit Confidential
  445. Aranca Client - Value Walk
    Buybacks & Dividends – A Trillion Dollar Offer: Aranca

    covered by Value Walk

    Among the sectors, Information Technology with Apple continued to lead in Q1 15. Since 1995, the S&P 500 buyback index has provided better returns than the benchmark S&P 500 index.

  446. Aranca Client - Smarter Analyst
    Ms. Yellen Is Reluctant To Raise Rates

    covered by Smarter Analyst

    The Janet Yellen Fed will not raise interest rates in any meaningful way anytime soon. Instead, she will announce new QE programs. On Wednesday, red was showing up just about everywhere – U.S. stocks, European stocks, Asian stocks, emerging markets stocks, crude oil, but it could have been worse.

  447. Aranca Client - Daily Reckoning
  448. Aranca Client - Livemint
  449. The Street
    Moody’s Lowers India’s 2015 GDP Growth Forecast on Monsoon Fears

    covered by The Street

    Owing to concerns regarding weak monsoons and a slower than expected pace of reforms by the current Indian government, rating agency Moody's has cut down India's 2015 GDP growth forecast to 7% from an earlier stated 7.5%. The rating agency has however, maintained its 2016 forecast of 7.5%.

  450. Aranca Client - The Wall Street Journal
    S&P 500 May Hit Another Record for Buybacks This Year

    covered by Wall Street Journal

    The companies in the S&P 500 are poised to spend more than $1 trillion on buybacks and dividends in 2015, shattering the record set last year, according to a new report.

  451. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
  452. The Street
    Why Bailing Out Greece Helps the Entire Eurozone

    covered by TheStreet

    Greece had hoped to conclude negotiations with its international creditors by early Tuesday at the latest, as talks continued in Athens on a new multi-billion euro bailout designed to keep the country from financial ruin.

  453. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Will Stimulus Save The Chinese Economy?

    covered by SeekingAlpha

    As China grapples with growth slowing toward the second half of 2015, the government has been swift in introducing monetary and fiscal measures to support economic expansion.

  454. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    Egypt's Fate Rides High On The New Suez Canal

    covered by SeekingAlpha

    Symbol for rebirth of Egypt, the new dual Suez Canal has opened. An engineering feat indeed, the Canal is expected to generate $13.2 billion each year by 2023.

  455. Aranca Client - Market Pulse
    NFP Could Drive Gold Under $1,000

    covered by Market Pulse

    Gold prices were marching lower ahead of a key employment report that is expected to set the tone for the battered precious metal.

  456. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
  457. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
  458. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
  459. Aranca Client - Harpers
  460. Aranca Client - The Street
    3 Reasons to Keep Buying Apple Despite Recent Swoon

    covered by TheStreet

    Euphoria built around the new iPhone's sales and the Apple Watch did little to bolster Apple's (AAPL) share price after third-quarter results sent the stock down high single digits.

  461. Aranca Client - VIN X
  462. Aranca Client - Harpers
  463. Aranca Client - Crains Wealth
  464. Aranca Client - Wealth Management
    People Are The Weakest Link

    covered by WealthManagement

    There’s so much chatter about the flood of cybersecurity threats around financial services firms, and the technology that can hold it at bay, it’s easy to forget most lapses are the result of personal negligence - even among people who should know better

  465. Aranca Client - Investment  News
    Despite strong performance, advisers keep the cork in wine investments

    covered by InvestmentNews

    If your clients have patience, money and some more money, investing in wine might be an ideal portfolio diversification strategy.Beyond the steep transaction costs, insurance and storage fees; illiquidity and general lack of regulatory oversight, wine can be a fine investment for the right person, according to Avinash Singh, Associate Vice President - Investment Research & Analytics at Aranca.

  466. Aranca Client - The Street
    Everything You Need to Know About Greece Right Now

    covered by TheStreet

    Greece has reached a tipping point. Talks between the country and its creditors failed Friday, leading the country to effectively default on 1.5 billion euros it owed the International Monetary Fund.

  467. Aranca Client - Seeking Alpha
    High-Yield Bonds Remain Attractive Despite Risks And Concerns

    covered by SeekingAlpha

    The global high-yield bond markets have witnessed significant growth and diversification over the last few years aided by the extraordinary monetary policy accommodation provided by central banks.

  468. Aranca Client - Tech Crunch
    Who Will Be Hurt Most When The Tech Bubble Bursts? Not VCs.

    covered by TechCrunch

    Do we have a ticking time bomb on hand? The debate over whether Silicon Valley is sitting on another tech bubble rages on. It is being fueled by many celebrated “unicorns” that have attracted billions of investor dollars at sky-high valuations without demonstrating the returns.

  469. Aranca Client -  San Francisco Chronicle
    Are unicorn valuations part fantasy?

    covered by San Francisco Chronicle

    Unicorn is a term bestowed on privately held companies valued at more than $1 billion because they were once so rare. Now they are more like a herd — numbering 103 worldwide, including 65 in the United States, according to CB Insights. But the term is still fitting because their valuations involve an element of make-believe.

  470. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
    European economic crisis deepens, mutual funds take the heat

    covered by The Economic Times

    MUMBAI: When domestic mutual funds launched schemes that invest in Euopean companies early this year, their sales pitch was that the region's shares would outperform emerging markets driven by a recovery in the economies. But, with Europe's economic crisis becoming more acute by the day, investors may be left high and dry.

  471. Aranca Client - Doc N Doc
    Generic drugs: Striking the Right Chord

    covered by DOC N DOC

    DOC N DOC, a monthly knowledge and lifestyle magazine by Media Transasia, in its October 2014 issue carried an article titled 'Generic drugs: Striking the right cord' featuring expert opinions on the generic medicine market in India, its scope of growth and limiting factors. Prakash Kailasam, AVP of our Intellectual Property Practice, threw light on the challenges that the generic drugs industry in India faces.

  472. Aranca Client - Silicon India Magazines
    Aranca: Unlocking New Business Possibilities with IP & Business Valuation

    covered by

    Dealing with intangible and intellectual assets is way more tortuous than dealing with tangible assets. Gone are the days when IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) were solely seen as legal agendas. IPRs today play a significant role in corporate strategy andthe accurate valuation of IP remains a major impediment to their emergence as a tradable asset. According to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Patent filings grew by 9.2 percent in 2012 which is the fastest growth recorded in

  473. Aranca Client - The Media Network
    Hotel News Middle East Magazine Launches

    covered by

    BNC Publishing has debuted Hotel News Middle East magazine across the UAE. Launched this week alongside the Hotel Show in Dubai, the publication is geared towards discerning hoteliers and will act as a vital resource for industry professionals seeking reliable, current information about the region’s burgeoning hospitality space. Covering the latest industry news and analysis, information about new products, trends and services, 6,850 copies of Hotel News Middle East will be circulated across the GCC m

  474. Aranca Client - Pharma Bio World
    Evolving Time in Indian IPR Regime

    covered by

    In this article, Prakash Kailasam, AVP, Intellectual Research Practice, Aranca, elucidates the IPR development in India over the past years.

  475. Aranca Client - F Business
    Xiaomi to bullet trains: Modi needs to drive a hard bargain with China’s Xi Jinping

    covered by FirstBiz

    The government is seized with the issue of lopsided bilateral trade with China. As against the general perception that imports are of cheap consumer items, the figures show that the largest imports from China are that of engineering goods, electronics and electrical equipment. Over the last three years, China has sold almost $30 billion of engineering goods to India, almost $10 billion a year.

  476. Aranca Client - Business Standard
    CEOs rode market boom in second innings

    covered by

    Under second-term chiefs, market capitalisation grew faster, companies beat benchmark Nifty Riding on a stock market boom since 2009, India Inc’s chief executives have been able to salvage a lot of lost pride in their second innings.

  477. Aranca Client - Citywire
    China’s shadow banking: five numbers investors need to know

    covered by

    Many investors remain concerned about China's shadow banking, estimates of which vary widely. Casting a dark shadow Over the last few years, debt levels have risen significantly in China. Concurrently, shadow banking – lending by non-bank intermediaries – has also grown significantly. ‘Around 40% of new lending last year came from sources that are collectively referred to as the ‘shadow banking system’, a broad term that encompasses all forms of credit creation by non-bank intermediaries,’ State Street Global Advisors no

  478. Aranca Client - Business Standard
    Business Standard poll: India Inc's big vote of confidence for Modi

    covered by

    It’s a big thumbs-up from India Inc for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who completes 100 days in office a week from now. Leaders at Indian companies say the new government’s biggest achievement has been a perceptive improvement in business sentiment,

  479. Aranca Client - ET Markets
    Here's how you can invest in shares of Google

    covered by

    MUMBAI: Owning shares of Google is probably one of the best bets on the buzzing e-commerce and new-age business space.

  480. Aranca Client - Telangana Talkies
  481. Aranca Client - TSD
    Industrial Policy To Cement MSME In T: Experts

    covered by

    CII, in partnership with Government of Telangana, organized a conference on Manufacturing Excellence called ‘Man’Exe 2014, here today. This is the eleventh edition of the leadership series on Manufacturing Excellence, which is focusing on Innovation and Sustainable Growth.

  482. Aranca Client - F Business
  483. Aranca Client - Doc N Doc
    Biopharma: Roadmap to Success

    covered by DOC N DOC Magazine

    Ranked among the 12 major biotech destinations across APAC region, Indian biotechnology market largely banks on biopharmaceuticals,

  484. Aranca Client - SME Stepup
  485. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
  486. Aranca Client - Business Line
    Global patent filings on the rise

    covered by

    Hyderabad: Filing of patents by researchers across the global has increased.

  487. Aranca Client - The Indian Express
  488. Aranca Client - The Times of India Business
  489. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
  490. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
  491. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
  492. Aranca Client - The Economic Times
  493. Aranca Client - Decanter
    Nigeria wine boom could be stifled by tax, red tape

    covered by

    Nigeria's wine market is burgeoning, but crippling import duties and complex bureaucracy could dampen the boom before it gets started, wine professionals say.

  494. Aranca Client - Ditton Wine Traders
  495. Aranca Client - How we made it in Africa
    Nigeria develops thirst for wine

    covered by

    The value of Nigeria’s wine industry is expected to reach US$370 million by 2015, as Nigerians develop a thirst for high end wine and spirits.

  496. Aranca Client - How we made it in Africa
  497. Aranca Client - The Africa Report
  498. Aranca Client - Business Day
    Nigerians grow nose for SA wine exports

    covered by

    Nontraditional markets for South Africa’s wines - such as East Africa, Russia, and Japan - are growing

  499. Aranca Client - Bloomberg
  500. Aranca Client - VCR
  501. Aranca Client - Business Standard
    Powerful show

    covered by Business Standard

    Power utility stocks have seen good gains in recent months, further upside depends on their ability to deliver on promises.

  502. Aranca Client - PTI

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