Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry Experience

Projects executed covering 10+ segments of the Animal Husbandry Sector in 10+ countries


  • Dairy farming
  • Cattle breeding
  • Beef production
  • Cattle feed
  • Leather


  • Swine breeding
  • Pig meat production
  • Swine feed
  • Gelatin production


  • Poultry breeding
  • Poultry meat production
  • Egg production
  • Poultry feed
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the Animal Husbandry Sector across the world

    • Opportunity assessment on dairy farming in India
    • Market study on wool production in New Zealand
    • Opportunity analysis for packaged egg industry in India
    • Market study of swine feed industry in China

    • Market study for poultry industry in Saudi Arabia
    • Market study of the beef production industry in GCC
    • Market study of dairy cheese industry in UAE
    • Opportunity analysis of meat processing industry in GCC

    • Market study on ostrich farming industry in South Africa
    • Valuation of a dairy farm operating in Kenya
    • Market study on the poultry market in East Africa
    • Opportunity assessment for poultry egg segment in Morocco

    • Market study of beef, poultry and pork Industry in Europe
    • Opportunity assessment for cattle feed industry in Spain
    • Market study for dairy processing industry in Denmark
    • Market study for pig and poultry feed in United Kingdom

    • Market analysis of Australian lamb meat in the United States
    • Market study of imported beef products in the United States
    • Market study for veal industry in Canada
    • Market study on dairy farming industry in Mexico

    • Market study for cattle farming industry in Argentina
    • Market study of swine breeding industry in Brazil
    • Market study on milk production in Chile
    • Opportunity analysis for poultry feed market in Brazil

Case Studies

Market study and techno-economic feasibility report for poultry project in Senegal

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Study on the Global Ruminant Feed Additives Market

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