Metallic & Non-Metallic Ores
(Metals & Mining)

Metallic and Non-metallic Ores Sector Experience

Over 100 projects delivered, covering 10+ segments of the metallic ores sector in 20+ countries

Bulk commodities (Metals)

  • Aluminium (bauxite)
  • Chromite group
  • Iron ore
  • Manganese

Bulk commodities (Non-metals)

  • Coal
  • Phosphate
  • Potash

Base metals

  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Nickel/Tin/Zinc/Lead
  • Molybdenum

Precious metals

  • Gold
  • Platinum group metals
  • Silver

Specialty commodities

  • Alloying metals
  • Diamonds/Gemstones/Graphite
  • Rare earth metals
  • Lithium/Tungsten


  • Heavy mineral sands
  • Gypsum
  • Limestone/Dolomite
  • Rock deposits
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the metallic and non-metallic ores sector across the world

    • Market overview and competitive assessment for bauxite mining in Indonesia
    • Technology and recent process trends for rare earth metal mining in China
    • Market Study for temporary power generation in mines in South East Asia
    • Market Study for supplying drilling equipment for bauxite mining in Australia
    • Opportunity assessment of dust suppressants for surface coal mines in Australia

    • Market study on power tools supply for Iranian mining industry
    • Market study for supplying hammer drills for iron ore mining in KSA
    • Market study for mining equipment and tools for potash mining in Jordan
    • Diversification strategy for a phosphate mining company in the Middle East
    • Techno-feasibility study for gemstone mining and supply in Iran

    • Market study for dredging equipment for gold mining in South Africa
    • Market study on lubricant supply to Moroccan mining industry
    • Export potential for supplying grinding media equipment in Sudan
    • Techno economic feasibility of gold mining from alluvial deposits in Egypt
    • Market study for supplying conveyor belts for phosphate mining in Senegal

    • Impact assessment of recent regulatory norms on European mining industry
    • Competitive benchmarking of mining players in Europe
    • Supply chain assessment of nickel and copper mining in Europe
    • Opportunity shortlisting for exporting dust suppressants for mining in Europe
    • Market overview and future outlook for coal mining in Poland

    • Market report on Molybdenum Mining in the US
    • Market overview of metallic ore mining industry in Canada
    • Market report on future usage of Niobium and supply sustainability in US
    • Shared services study for a major mining firm in US and Mexico
    • Market study for spare parts supply for coal grinding equipment in Canada

    • Market assessment and future forecast for Nickel mining industry in Colombia
    • Sectorial overview of Lithium mining and acquisition target selection in Chile
    • Competitive benchmarking of Tin mining industry in Brazil
    • Market report on future of metal mining industry in Venezuela
    • Monopoly analysis of Brazilian Niobium supply in future

Case Studies

Opportunity assessment of dust suppressants for surface coal mines in Australia

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Techno Economic Feasibility Report – Gold Mining from River Silt alluvial deposits in Egypt

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