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Education Sector Experience

Over 75 projects delivered in 30+ countries across 10+ segments in the education sector

K12 and Pre-School

  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary School (Grade 1-4)
  • Secondary School (Grades 5-8)
  • High School (Grades 9-12)
  • Special Needs Schools

Higher and Technical

  • Engineering colleges
  • MBA Institutes
  • Medical Colleges
  • Law Schools
  • Private Universities

Vocational & Professional

  • Technical Education
  • Vocational Courses
  • Child Skill Enhancement
  • Teacher Training
  • Industry Partnerships

Coaching and Test Prep

  • Test Preparation
  • Foreign Language Studies
  • English Language Learning
  • K12 Coaching / Tutoring
  • Professional Education Coaching

Content Delivery

Other Services

  • Corporate Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • School Management Software
  • Content Localization
  • Student Loan Programs
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the education sector across the world.

    • Analysis of opportunities in the Indian tertiary education market
    • Business case for international schools in Japan and South Korea
    • Trends in English language learning in South East Asia
    • Benchmarking of B-Schools Singapore and Australia
    • Analysis of PPP models used in the K-12 education system
    • Market trends and overview on e-Learning in India
    • Overview of secondary & higher education trends in select countries
    • ELL opportunities for foreign students in Australia and New Zealand

    • Analysis of PPP models used in the K-12 education system in Africa
    • Opportunity analysis for international schools in South Africa
    • Analysis of vocational skills development in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Benchmarking of agricultural training institutes in Africa
    • Digitalization of education trends in South Africa
    • Benchmarking of top business schools in South Africa and Egypt
    • Opportunity analysis for private universities in Nigeria
    • Market study on foreign language institutes in Morocco

    • Market study of the tertiary education sector in the GCC
    • Benchmarking of top universities in Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia
    • Due diligence support for acquiring an international school in Oman
    • Satisfaction survey with parents with school-going children in Saudi Arabia
    • Market feasibility & business plan for a boarding school in Bahrain
    • Feasibility study for setting-up a special needs center in Saudi Arabia
    • Private sector investment trends in the education sector in Dubai and Riyadh
    • Market study on teacher training institutes in Saudi Arabia

    • Market study on tertiary education in the European Union
    • Opportunity assessment in the Test Prep market in the UK
    • Market study of accounting & finance courses in France and Germany
    • Study of special needs education centers in the UK
    • Overview of PPPs in the K-12 education sector in Europe
    • Landscape for K-12 Ed-Tech start-ups in the UK
    • Market overview of the non-English language training in Europe
    • Private equity & venture capital investments in the education sector

    • Benchmarking of university-run special needs centres in the United States
    • M&A target identification: Adaptive e-Learning in North America
    • Landscape for K-12 Ed-Tech start-ups in the United States
    • Trends analysis for student loans in the United States
    • Opportunity assessment for international schools on Mexico
    • International student trends and ELL opportunities in Canada
    • Analysis of private equity & venture capital investments in education sector
    • 3 FTE dedicated for a US-based education technology and software firm

    • Analysis of K-12 schooling systems (public and private) in Brazil
    • Market study on investments in Colombian education sector
    • Opportunity analysis for agricultural training institutes in Brazil
    • K-12 education in Chile: competitor landscape and regulations
    • Overview of e-Learning trends across South America
    • Market study on investments in Brazilian education sector
    • Analysis of vocational skills development in Venezuela
    • Benchmarking of engineering institutes in South America

Case Studies

Developing a business case for setting-up international schools in South Korea and Japan

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Market & financial feasibility and B-plan for setting-up a special needs centre in Saudi Arabia

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Analysis of trends in the English Language Learning market in select high potential countries

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Assessment of secondary and higher education trends in select Asian countries

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Opportunity identification and recommendations for setting-up a boarding school in Bahrain

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