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Revenue Growth Benchmarks

Aranca's Growth Advisory practice specializes in helping companies increase revenues, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. Our expertise lies in deciphering the intricacies of the external ecosystem: delving into end-markets, demand-supply dynamics, competitors, customers, supply chains, technologies, and industry disruptions. We track the top-line metrics and growth drivers of thousands of companies around the world, cutting across industries. This data repository of global revenue growth benchmarks is designed to help business and investment managers quickly garner insights on market trends and individual company performance.

We analyzed 500 prominent companies across five major Asian economies, collectively representing $13.8 Tn in revenues. Chinese companies contributed 41% of these revenues, followed by Japan (28%), Korea (14%), and India (10%). These economies are predominantly influenced by industrial companies, constituting approximately 23% of total revenues, followed by consumer cyclical (15%), financial services (14%), and energy companies (13%). Among these, the financial services sector exhibited the highest growth, with LTM sales increasing by 17%, while revenues of energy companies declined by 4%. On an annualized basis, the energy sector showed the fastest growth at 25% and 13% over the past 3-year and 5-year periods, respectively, while both financial services and healthcare reported single-digit growth over the same periods.

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Harness the Power of B2B Micro Markets

Dive deep into specific homogeneous customer segments within your addressable market by application and geography. Understand their unique product-price-value requirements to tailor strategies that guarantee revenue growth.

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Unlock Growth through Adjacencies

Elevate your business by identifying untapped opportunities to sell more products/services to your existing customers. Our solution paves the way for small-ticket acquisitions, providing a roadmap to capitalize on adjacent businesses.

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Bridging B2B Blind Spots

Selling through distributors is a strategic move, but often leaves companies in the dark about crucial market insights. Break free from the 'information wall' and gain clarity on customers, their needs, and market dynamics.

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Transform the ‘Voice of Customers’ into a strategic asset

Uncover the true potential of your products, services, and market standing through customer perspectives. Commissioned as due diligence for acquisitions or insights for CXO-level decision making, we will ensure that your investments deliver unparalleled ROI.

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