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Aluminium Sector Experience

Over 80 projects delivered, covering 30+ segments of aluminium sector in 20+ countries


  • Cylinder block
  • Cylinder heads
  • Piston
  • Clutch cover
  • Crank case
  • Rear brake drums

Flat Products

  • Plain sheets
  • Color sheets
  • Chequered/Corrugated sheets
  • Foils
  • Flooring and paneling
  • Cladding / Insulation Sheets

Long Products

  • Merchant bars
  • Billets/Rods
  • Tubes and hollow/pipes
  • Overhead conductors
  • Sections and angles
  • Fittings/Beams


  • Heat sink
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Fencing section
  • AHU sections
  • Motor body
  • Round/ Rectangular/ Square


  • Wheels
  • Pistons
  • Wishbone
  • Handle bar
  • Rotor
  • Transmission parts


  • Bar
  • Tube
  • Wires and cables
  • Precision products
  • Furniture parts
  • Lighting products
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the aluminium sector across the world

    • Feasibility study for setting up an aluminium packaging materials plant in India
    • Current and future outlook for aluminium usage in automotive industry in China
    • Demand assessment for Aluminium Panels in the Indian construction industry
    • Competitive study and benchmarking of aluminum extrusion companies in Australia
    • Opportunity assessment for establishing aluminum recycling unit in Japan
    • Supplier assessment for aluminium die-casted products in India
    • Competitive analysis of aluminium mill products suppliers in Japan
    • Market opportunity assessment for supplying beverage cans in India

    • Market study on die casted aluminium products in South Africa
    • Growth strategy for aluminium casting plant in South Africa
    • Feasibility study for exporting window frames and panels to Nigeria
    • Opportunity assessment for Aluminium fabrication in Mozambique
    • Market study for supplying aluminium bars and rods in Egypt
    • Market report on Aluminium industry in Africa
    • Feasibility study for setting up aluminium rolling unit in South Africa
    • Competitive benchmarking of aluminium foundry industry in Nigeria

    • Assess the potential market for aluminum bronze alloy products in Bahrain
    • Opportunity assessment for aluminium in white goods industry in GCC
    • Market Overview of Aluminium service center in GCC
    • Market entry strategy for an aluminium kitchenware maker in UAE
    • Feasibility study for aluminium foil manufacturing in KSA
    • Feasibility study for aluminium packaging unit in KSA
    • Export opportunity for structural aluminium applications in UAE
    • New market opportunities for aluminium products in Bahrain

    • Market report for aluminium application in aerospace industry in Germany
    • Market study of structural aluminium alloys in E. Europe
    • Market overview of aluminium die casting industry in Poland
    • Impact assessment of Euro norms on aluminium consumption in automobiles in Europe
    • Opportunity assessment for aluminium die casting in non-automotive in E. Europe
    • Competitive benchmarking of aluminium smelters in Europe
    • Market report on aluminium application in consumer durables in Eastern Europe
    • Market overview of aluminium based auto-component industry in Hungary

    • Overview of hot and cold rolled aluminium market in US and Canada
    • Application assessment of aluminium usage in aerospace in US
    • Growth strategy for supplier of extruded aluminium parts in Canada
    • Market Study for aluminium extrusion products in Mexico
    • Opportunity assessment for aluminium foils in US and Canada
    • Competitive benchmarking of aluminium extruders in US
    • Market entry strategy for aluminium service centre in Mexico
    • Market overview of aluminium casting in US and Mexico

    • Demand-supply gap assessment of aluminium foils in Brazil
    • New product opportunity assessment for a casting company in Argentina
    • Competitive benchmarking of aluminium casting companies in Brazil
    • Market study of aluminium heat exchangers in Argentina
    • Opportunity assessment for fabricated aluminium exports to Venezuela
    • Market report on sustainability of South American aluminium industry
    • New technology assessment for aluminium production in Brazil
    • Market study for supplying aluminium cans to Venezuela

Case Studies

Opportunity assessment for establishing aluminum recycling unit in Japan

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Market study on aluminium auto-component market in Argentina

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