Retail Sector
(Consumer Services)

Retail Sector Experience

Over 300 projects delivered, covering 15+ segments of the retail sector in 30+ countries


  • Specialty stores
  • Groceries & department stores
  • Discount stores
  • E-retailers
  • Supermarkets & hypermarkets

End User Type

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Health and beauty specialist
  • Apparel and footwear specialist
  • Electronics and appliance specialist

Retail Management

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Merchandizing
  • Supply chain
Assignment Examples

Explore our work in the retail sector across the world

    • Retail market assessment in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam
    • Market assessment of e-grocery retailing in India
    • Competitor benchmarking of the hyperlocal marketplaces in China
    • Study on apparel and footwear specialist retailers in South Korea
    • Opportunity assessment of direct selling in the Philippines
    • Market assessment of clothing e-retailers in Australia
    • Study to optimize supply chain for a major food retailer in Singapore
    • Identify growth opportunities for apparel retailer in Asian emerging countries

    • Market study on coffee chains in GCC
    • Competition mapping of B2C ecommerce players in Egypt
    • Assessment of sports apparel and equipments retail chains in KSA
    • Location assessment for setting up jewellery retail stores in UAE
    • Feasibility study for home appliances retail stores in Bahrain
    • Market assessment of grocery retail chains in KSA
    • Market study to renew store formats for a leading luxury retailer in UAE
    • Study on leisure and personal goods specialist retailing in KSA

    • Market entry plan for a global apparel retailer in South Africa
    • Study on growth of supermarket and hypermarket retailing in Morocco
    • Competition assessment of branded furniture retail stores in South Africa
    • Study to optimize supply chain for a international nonfood retailer in Nigeria
    • Study to reduce in-store waste for a grocery retail chain in South Africa
    • Study on apparel and footwear specialist retailers in East Africa
    • Market study on organized retail industry in Nigeria
    • Digital marketing strategy study for grocery retail company in South Africa

    • Market study on the online jewellery market in Western Europe
    • Market study on home wares retailing in Switzerland
    • Strategy development for luxury retailer to optimize efficiency in Nordic
    • Competitor benchmarking of ecommerce players in Spain
    • Market assessment of online books retail in the UK
    • Strategy to optimize process efficiency for a luxury retailer in EU
    • Competition assessment of health and beauty specialist retailers in Sweden
    • Expansion strategy for Croatian food retail company in neighboring countries

    • Trend analysis of RTD beverages retailers in US
    • Market assessment of furniture retailing in Mexico
    • Study on electronics and appliance specialist retailing in Caribbean Islands
    • Competition assessment of leading online retailers in USA
    • Market study on internet retailing in Mexico
    • Market assessment of multi-brand retailing in Canada
    • Study to reduce waste in in-store processes for a grocery retail chain in USA
    • Operation improvement study for fresh-food retailer in North America

    • Study to identify growth opportunities for a global grocery retailer in Peru
    • Market assessment for home furnishing retail in Brazil
    • Competitive analysis of organized retail market in Argentina
    • Study on the B2C ecommerce market in Chile
    • Market entry study for fast food retail chain in Brazil
    • Route to market study for online clothing retailer in Colombia
    • Market assessment of beauty product retailers in Argentina
    • Location assessment for setting up shopping malls in Brazil

Case Studies

Competitive analysis of Online Grocery Market in UK

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Distribution assessment of the fresh-food retail industry in Mexico

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