Travel & Tourism
(Consumer Services)

Travel & Tourism Experience

Over 150 projects delivered, covering 10+ segments of the travel & tourism sector in 40+ countries


  • Convention centers
  • Event management
  • Conference centers

Amusement Facilities

  • Theme parks
  • Gaming & Casinos
  • Multiplexes & Performing art centers

Travel Assistance

  • Tour operators
  • Travel agencies
  • Online travel services

Support Services

  • Financial remittances
  • Travel insurance services
  • Foreign exchange trading
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the travel & tourism sector across the world

    • Opportunity assessment for health & wellness tourism in Thailand
    • Detailed analysis of leading travel operators in the ASEAN region
    • Partner identification in the taxi service space in New Zealand
    • MICE sector overview in Indonesia
    • Business plan for setting up a water park in inner Queensland, Australia
    • Estimating the demand for key car rental corridors in China
    • Benchmarking APAC's cruise tourism operating margins against global players
    • Estimating the potential to set up holiday homes in Goa, India

    • Market potential of the wellness tourism market in Jordan
    • Analysis of the key tourist destinations, policies & services in Egypt
    • Opportunity assessment of car rental services in GCC
    • Analysis of travel services market in KSA
    • Business plan for setting up a golf course hotel property in UAE
    • Business plan and feasibility study for a conference center in Jeddah, KSA
    • Market study on tourism sector potential in Bahrain
    • Monthly newsletters to map the tourism sector activity in GCC

    • Feasibility study of luxury resort and spa in Seychelles
    • Estimating market demand for Hajj tourism in Nigeria
    • Overview of the adventure tourism market in South Africa
    • Demand estimation of travel insurance services in Ethiopia
    • Analysis of the online travel services in South Africa
    • Opportunity assessment of tent market in Tanzania
    • Benchmarking of policies related to tourism across East and North Africa
    • Feasibility study of setting up a tour operator service in Kenya

    • Opportunity identification within the French tourism sector
    • Analysis of the travel services market in Eastern Europe
    • Analysis of the medical tourism industry in Germany
    • Identifying 'unique concepts' for attracting visitors to Austria
    • Financial model and feasibility study for setting up a travel agency in Poland
    • Market study on community based tourism in Czech Republic
    • Winter tourism market study in Russia: lessons for North Asian countries
    • Impact assessment of migrant crisis on Hungary's tourism sector

    • Feasibility study for an online travel portal in the US
    • Overview of the performing art centers market in the US
    • Competitive intelligence on the financial remittance players in the US
    • Deep dive analysis on Canada's hiking tourism segment
    • Strategic study to for a theme park operator in the US
    • Analysis of car rental services for tourists in the US
    • Assessment of international spa operator in Canada
    • Opportunity assessment for beach theme park in Mexico

    • Market study on ecotourism and medical tourism in Costa Rica
    • Analysis of key trends within the tourism industry in Brazil
    • Business plan development for an integrated travel operator in Chile
    • Identifying attractive areas for setting up a casino chain across Argentina
    • Cost benefit analysis of investing in Uruguay's cruise tourism segment
    • Analysis of the rural tourism potential in Peru
    • Demand estimation for online travel market in Brazil
    • Opportunity assessment for taxi services in Jamaica

Case Studies

Information Memorandum for a Marina Resort in Central America

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Analysis of the potential for Bodrum in Turkey as a tourist destination

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