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  1. Additive Manufacturing — The Next Industrial Revolution?

    Often heralded as ‘the next industrial revolution’, Additive Manufacturing’s  unique processes, techniques, and technologies open up new grounds for innovation, offering a range of logistical, economic, and technical advantages in the manufacturing space. more

  2. Microbial Fuel Cells Could Power the Future

    Technologies that utilize microbial metabolisms to break down organic/inorganic matter in order to produce an electrical current could be a promising solution for both power generation and waste management in the future. more

  3. Can Banking Shape Up in a Digital World?

    While we’re still trying to figure out the “Internet of Things” and how it could possibly change anything, you’ve probably missed a silent revolution that’s already well underway. more

  4. China Joins The FATCA Ride; Introduces Own Version

    The Chinese version of FATCA, targeted mainly at wealthy citizens who stash money away in Hong Kong and other tax havens, is expected to ruffle feathers worldwide. Some firms may discontinue providing services to Chinese more

  1. Are Smart Homes Still a Thing of the Future?

    Smart home technology is becoming a very serious business. We take a hard look at the market, which, like the others, is grappling with economic challenges and imbalances. Are entrepreneurs in the space seeing their more

  2. Does Section 3(d) Make India Bad for Business?

    Introduced as an amendment to the Indian Patents Act in 2005, paragraph 3d has been a hot topic of debate ever since the famous Novartis (Gleevec) case of 2005. This section has long been criticized by international more

  3. 3D Printed Drugs: A Gateway To Customized Medicine

    Ever since research into the field started producing appreciable results in the late 90’s, 3D printing has revolutionized design and customization everywhere from engineering prototypes to medical prosthetics. The recent approval of a 3D-printed pill b more

  4. Mechanism of Targeting Tumor Cells Using Nanoparticles

    With an ability to enter tissues at the molecular level, nanoparticles have promising applications in diagnostic and therapeutic systems for cancer. Over the past several decades, the development and application of engineered nanoparticles to more more

  5. Edible Smart Tags Could Beat Drug Counterfeiting

    The $200 billion counterfeit drugs market is a constantly shifting target. Pharmaceutical industry is expected to spend about $3.4 billion in 2015 on anti-counterfeiting technologies to intensify its battle. Edible smart tag technology is the industry’s newest w more

  1. Effect of Demonetization and GST on India’s Textile Sector

    Demonetization and GST affected the textile sector in different manners, and their timing had a significant impact as well. While demonetization primarily affected how business transpires between consumers, retailers, and wholesalers, the GST affected manufacturers, more

  2. Demonetization — And The Debate Goes On

    As Diwali festivities draw to a close, the first anniversary of the bold move to demonetize the Indian economy approaches fast. But, as it was then, the debate over it being a disruptive or innovative more

  3. Robots in the Global Education Industry

    With talented teachers in short supply and a growing demand for educational institutions that are geared for the future, the global educational robots market is expected to be worth USD 6.05 bn by 2020, boosted by more

  4. Streamlining the RFP Process for AUM Growth

    RFPs are as vital as they are time-intensive.While there’s a marked increase in the number of RFPs that an asset management company usually grapples with, the tediousness of assembly coupled with a shortage o more

  5. Would You Tango With Google? Perhaps Not

    Tango is being touted as an affordable Augmented Reality platform without having the clutter of the Cardboard or other headgears. However, Tango seems far from being a game changer for the way users may consume more

  6. Will the RBI Keep Interest Rates Steady?

    Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan presented its second bi-monthly policy review on the 7th of June, 2016. As market experts and analysts expected, the central bank maintained its benchmark repo rate at 6.5%, amid more

  7. Should the UK Leave the European Union?

    To be or not to be – that is the question. The United Kingdom will take a long overdue call on the 23rd of June 2016; a decision that could adversely affect its financial future. While there a more

  8. Pharmaceuticals – An Industry at Crossroads

    With patent cliffs, competition from generics to contend with, and mounting pressure from healthcare players, insurance companies and governments to provide vital products at affordable costs — the pharmaceutical industry may be in for some more

  9. The Grim Economic State of Ukraine Continues

    Nothing much seems to have changed since the Maidan protests at Ukraine. Even the new regime hasn’t been able to stem the economic and political crises that had fueled the revolutions earlier. Tensions within t more

  10. India Budget FY17 - Will Be Steady and Staid

    India’s annual budget is a tightrope walk for any finance minister, considering the underlying challenge of drafting a policy document that’s a steady mix of what is desirable and what is achievable. more

  11. Death Cross Alert: Time to Sell?

    A Death Cross occurs when a security’s short-term moving average falls below its long-term moving average. All eyes are on the 50-day and 200-day Moving Averages (MA) for this. more

  12. Japan’s Negative Rate Cut - Is It Enough?

    Bank of Japan has cut one of the interest rates on balances kept by banks with the central bank to negative 0.1 %, thus joining the league of European Central Bank and central banks of Switzerland, Sweden more

  13. China’s Yuan — In The Big League!

    In the past decade, China has taken unprecedented steps to open its capital markets and internationalize its currency. The recent announcement of the renminbi (RMB)’s inclusion into the IMF’s reserve currency basket is see more

  14. Weak Indian Rupee – Case of Win Some, Lose Some

    Since the end of the June quarter, Rupee has depreciated by c.1.9% against Dollar and c.5.0% vs. Euro. Several export-oriented sectors are gaining majorly from this weakness. Chief among them is the Indian IT Services more

  15. Click To Change Fashion!

    The fashion landscape has shifted. Window shopping and mannequins are passé. Notification bars, display pictures and status updates are in vogue. Spring and fall collections at London, Milan, Paris and New York are no more more

  16. Moody's Lowers India's 2015 GDP Growth Forecast

    Owing to concerns regarding weak monsoons and a slower than expected pace of reforms by the current Indian government, rating agency Moody’s has cut down India’s 2015 GDP growth forecast to 7% from an earlier sta more

  17. Chinese Checkers: Devaluing Yuan

    In a bid to support their stuttering economy, China has devalued its currency, leaving it 5% weaker than the US Dollar over the last three days. Being the world’s largest trading and export economy, this m more

  18. The Great Media Sale Is On!

    The onset of digitization at the end of the 20th century has led to a prominent shift in the publishing industry. With technological advancements and changing user patterns on how news is consumed, the traditional more

  19. Apple 3Q Results

    Euphoria built around the new iPhone’s sales and an expected push from the Apple Watch did little to bolster Apple’s share price, which saw a sharp decline in reaction to the results, despite a p more

  1. What Trump Presidency May Mean For Manufacturing?

    Following a protectionist policy alone will not help the US in the long run as the global shifts in manufacturing will always follow both demand dynamics and cost advantages. Intense lobbying is expected in early 2017 more