1. Inside of the Rare Disease - Tyrosinemia

    Historically, rare diseases are neglected primarily because of lack of disease awareness and diagnosis, limited patient population, and sparse epidemiological data. However, in recent past, rare diseases are witnessing intense R&D activity as companies more

  2. Solutions in Medical Devices – A Rising Trend

    Technological transformations in the field of healthcare have brought forth several brilliant lifesaving innovations in medical devices. From helping individuals monitor their health regularly to acting as life support, these devices are present across the more

  1. Tech Solutions to Promote Mobility Among Elderly

    Several aged people suffer from restricted mobility due to various health issues. They are forced to use mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers to continue with their daily activities. Moreover, age-related problems such as weakening more

  2. Alternative Meat – An Emerging Sector

    The increasing popularity of veganism has led to the emergence of a new domain in the food sector, i.e., alternative animal products, which includes egg, dairy products, and meat. The global pandemic gave a more