1. Construction Technology Trend – Prefabrication

    The construction industry is in the throes of a massive shift as it embraces innovative technologies to improve productivity, reduce lead times, and ensure the safety of its workforce. One such new trend – prefabrication – is rap more

  2. Growth of Organic Skincare Products

    Organic skincare has caught the fancy of new-age consumers exploring natural and sustainable products in all categories. Its steady growth across the globe took a moderate hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the market more

  3. Challenges from Changing Biocides Regulatory Environment

    Biocides, often used as disinfectants and preservatives in paints and coatings, water treatment, personal care and home care products, have increasingly been subjected to a stringent regulatory environment. This has resulted in significant cost increases more

  1. Nanoparticles: Revolutionizing Drug Delivery

    Drug delivery entails administering a drug molecule to the desired location. The objective is to minimize side effects while improving therapeutic efficacy. Nanoparticles have proven to be promising drug delivery platform, and a lot of more

  2. Achieving Net Zero Emissions

    As the negative impact of climate change rose, countries across the world decided to take decisive actions to stop further environmental degradation. In 2015, the Paris Agreement was signed wherein every country pledged to constrain its more

  3. Can AI Help Save Birds?

    Climate change and increasing pollution are some of the factors threatening the planet. Animals and birds suffer the most from environmental degradation as they grapple with loss of habitat, scarcity of food, and meteoric rise more

  4. Can AI Save Our Forests?

    Wildfires are one of the most destructive effects of climate change. They have ravaged acres of forest, even in the lush Amazon; killed animal, birds, and trees; and are becoming a bigger menace with increasing more

  1. Data sourcing: Key to decision-making

    Data sourcing is an essential step in developing robust data-backed strategies. Gleaning relevant and accurate information entails verifying the authenticity of data and its source. Skipping this could lead to inaccuracy in data compilation, which more

  2. Gap in demand–supply of masks: Is there a solution?

    As countries fight the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for protective gears is soaring. Masks, especially, have seen unprecedented growth in demand. As the number of cases rises and the acute supply shortage continues, companies and governments more

  1. Shift in Work Culture in Post-COVID–19 World

    The fear of COVID-19 has led to the need for social distancing and lockdowns across nations. Most corporates have introduced WFH policy to ensure business continuity. However, this policy can be sustainable only if it more

  2. COVID-19 Lockdown Plays Well for Gaming Industry

    Natural disasters, recessions, and other such devastating events tend to catalyze industry-wide trends and shift the power balance between sectors. COVID-19’s effect on various sectors, particularly gaming, will be in line with this notion. T more