1. Millets – The New Super Crop

    Millets, often referred to as "food grains of the poor," are grown and consumed worldwide. Currently, there is a renewed interest in millets due to their numerous health benefits, low environmental impact, and adaptability to more

  2. Can ChatGPT Disrupt Financial Services?

    Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including ChatGPT, have led to increased adoption of AI in financial advisory and risk management. These tools have the potential to address issues related to operational inefficiencies, fraudulent activities, and more

  3. Exploring the Factors Behind Volatility in the Silicon Market

    The high volatility of silicon metal prices impacted multiple end-use industries over 2021–22. Prices spiked multi-fold in 2021 compared with 2020, but declined by 60–70% in 4Q22, primarily driven by supply-demand dynamics and varying cost of production. Prices of more

  1. Business Innovations – Winning Strategies

    Today, the new brands entering the market are not only designing innovative products but also devising enticing ways to market them. Business innovation involves implementing new ideas and thoughts to help a company achieve its more

  2. Exploring Web3: Applications and Use-Cases

    In this technology-driven world, centralization has enabled billions of people to become familiar with the world wide web or the internet, making way for the advent of many emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and more

  3. Retail in the Metaverse – Present and Future

    The retail industry was the earliest adopter of the metaverse. The industry’s substantial investments in the AR/VR ecosystem helped attract a large number of users to virtual spaces. Strategies built around the metaverse w more

  1. 5 Reasons why CFOs Like (and Dislike) Goodwill

    Purchase price allocation (PPA) and goodwill assessment is a must-have for any acquirer following an M&A deal to report the correct value of the assets on its financials. Assessing goodwill has always been a more