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  • What Does Demonetization Mean for the Indian Banking Sector?

    The Indian Government's move to ban the circulation of two of its highest currency denominations is a positive step toward fighting black money and fake currency. It also has the undertones of a transformation, pushing India to embrace the notion of a cashless economy in 2017.

    Of the all sectors that stand to benefit from sweeping change, banking will likely emerge as the biggest beneficiary.

  • IoT Experiences Mixed Reactions in India — Enterprise IoT to Grow, but Home Automation Remains a Pipedream

    Proposed smart cities will play significant role in boosting India’s plan to establish $15 billion IoT industry by 2020. However, lack of the enabling infrastructure and restriction of high-speed internetworking to certain urban areas are IoT’s biggest bottlenecks in India. While enterprise IoT is finding its roots in the country, home automation is several decades away.

  • The Global Smart Lighting Market is Poised for Growth

    Factors such as government subsidies, growing demand for energy-efficiency, as well as next generation intelligent utility and facilities management solutions will drive the smart lighting market.


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  • Global Mobile Wallet Market

    The global mobile wallet market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 130.5% from 35BN USD in 2014 to 5250BN USD in 2020.

  • Future of Global Telecom Industry

    With a growing number of people coming online and popularity of high-bandwidth services like Video OTT on the rise, the telecom industry will need to scale up to cope with demand.

  • US B2B e-Commerce Sales

    Increasing emphasis on reducing the operational cost, and rising demand from customer side to procure products online is expected to drive the demand for US B2B e-commerce sales

  • Global Video Over-the-Top (OTT) Services Market

    The global video OTT market could be worth USD 51 Bn by 2020, presenting opportunities to key industry participants such as content creators, distributors, and OTT service providers.

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  • Is the Center of Steel Production Shifting Again?

    A combination of several factors has resulted in developing countries like China and India replacing traditional steel-producing countries such as the US, Japan, and Germany over the past few years.  There's another shift afoot, however, and new global centers of steel production are likely to emerge before long.