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5 Reasons Why You Should Track Technology Domains

You have to continuously monitor developments of the fast-paced technology world to stay relevant. An effective Technology Watch program helps you to constantly track innovations and technical advancements of the chosen technology space. You must track the following areas to develop a comprehensive understanding of your domain:

Identify domain-specific emerging and disruptive technologies

Keep track on competitor's R&D strategy

Identify foray of a new company in the technology domain

Identify potential risks of launching a product

Track innovative products in the domain and their business impact

How Can Aranca Technology Watch Help You?

Aranca’s Technology Watch reports are delivered on a set frequency of either monthly or quarterly to suit your needs. Once you sign up, our solutions team reaches out to you to understand your requirements and discuss the delivery of reports. The content of these reports are broadly classified into the following categories:

Latest technology developments

R&D strategies of the competitors

Recently published key patents

New entrants in the tech-domain

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How Do We Conduct A Technology Watch Exercise?

Comprehensive Search

Create robust search strategies covering patents, scientific literature, news , product databases and other industry specific sources to identify relevant information

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Critical review of information to capture high impact changes in a technology area, competitor activity and emerging players in the ecosystem

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Synthesis of the key developments in technology trends and assess its impact in the near term/longer term

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Intuitive reporting enabling various stakeholders in R&D, technology and marketing functions to review and assimilate the key developments

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Why Aranca?

Proven Track Record


On-going monitoring projects


Technology domains covered


Staff with advanced degrees


Fortune 1000 companies

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