Fund Marketing Services

Providing real-time update to investors on their investments is a challenge. Along with complex number crunching, it also requires quick turnaround. Now you can achieve operational efficiency and gain investors’ trust by leveraging Aranca’s enhanced fund marketing solutions.

How Can We Help

Improve operational efficiency with Aranca

Onshore Operational Challenges

  • Information silos in various departments; need to collate data each time.
  • Managing talent and staffing for routine, operational deliverables.

  • Need to manage tight deadlines and regulatory commitments.

  • Limited time for research and development, or innovations.

The Solution

  • Dedicated team, to liaise across departments or data vendors, and organize information in quick retrievable databases.
  • Improve operational efficiency through process re-engineering and use of technology.
  • Access to business automation teams to enable innovative automation ideas.
  • Strong quantitative research capabilities to support model development on performance analytics as well as bespoke statistical and mathematical models.

Fund Marketing Solution Portfolio

  • Marketing Material
  • Peer Analysis
  • Consultant database updates
  • Market Research
  • Factsheets
  • Client reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • NAV Reconciliation
  • AUM Reporting
  • Investment Commentary
Digital Marketing
  • Web content management
  • Web and campaign analytics
  • Distribution of content and reports over multiple mediums
  • Support for Marketing Materials
Data Management
  • Collation and Validation of Data from Custodians and Data Vendors, among others
  • Database Creation and Management
  • Integration of Various Internal and External Databases and Sources

Fund Marketing Service Enablers

Our Solutions are enhanced by effective use of technology

Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms

Expertise in languages and technology platforms including:
  • R, Python, MatLab, SAS, VBA, etc.
  • C, C++, C#, .Net, etc.
  • SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Tableau, QlikView, etc.


Well versed with databases like:
  • Bloomberg
  • FactSet
  • Thomson-Reuters
  • CapIQ, etc.
Analytics Platform

Analytics Platform

Experience and Expertise with tools like:
  • Barra Aegis, Barra One, Risk Metrics
  • FactSet PA – Equity and Fixed Income
  • Axioma, Point, etc.
  • RFP Tools - PMAPS and Qvidian
  • CDB - eVestment, Mercer
Talent Pool

Talent Pool

Qualified and experienced team of:
  • Post-Graduates in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Economics
  • MBA in Finance
  • Engineering Graduates

Why Aranca?


Engage with Experts

Access to analysts with deep understanding of key business drivers, industry dynamics and valuation trends across business cycles and geographies.


Power of Knowledge

Knowledge base from studies conducted in 90+ countries covering 100+ sectors, 7,500+ patent research assignments for over 250 technology domains and 4000+ valuation opinions for 20+ sectors.


Robust Processes

Proprietary methods & frameworks deployed across the client engagement lifecycle; from discovery, onboarding, transition to service quality management.


Global Experience

Analysts with understanding of market dynamics impacting sectoral performance across global markets, having prepared 10,000+ models, researched 2,500+ stocks across 80+ sectors and assisted 5,000+ transactions.


Multilingual Capabilities

Experience in conducting research in 30+ foreign languages; access to a network of 100+ language interpreters; and alliance partners in 20 countries to conduct B2B or B2C interviews.

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