Litigation Support

Aranca’s team of patent research professionals and technology consultants assist lawyers, expert witnesses and IP attorneys at every stage of a patent litigation life cycle – across multiple technologies. Our IP experts ensure every piece of relevant information is unearthed through all possible avenues – public information, source code, and product testing. Our patent litigation support services also includes evidence analysis along with evidence mining and a whole range of other related IP research services across the complete patent life cycle. We help you unearth case-clinching evidence at every stage of your patent litigation process.

Why Aranca?

50+  Patent litigations supported.

Patent litigations supported.

100+  Portfolio monetizations assisted

Portfolio monetizations assisted.

15 Million+  Lines of source code reviewed
15 Million+

Lines of source code reviewed.

50+  Product testing assignments undertaken

Product testing & reverse-engineering assignments undertaken.

Engage With Litigation Support Experts
Engage With Experts

Leverage analysts with advanced degrees and deep knowledge of the technology domain being studied.

External Collaborations
External Collaborations

Our relationships with universities and research labs enable to bridge any technology knowledge gaps.

Best Practice Litigation Support
Best Practices, Always

Actionable insights derived by robust processes, in-house tools & technical expertise.

Solution Portfolio

Unearthing critical case-clinching evidence at every stage.

Patent Monetization Support

Patent Monetization

  • IP Strategy
  • Licensing Support Services
Pre Litigation Support

Pre Litigation

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Target Scouting
  • EoU charts
  • Validity Analysis
  • Internal Damage Estimations
Pre Discovery Support

Pre Discovery

  • Product Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Infringement Analysis
  • Non-infringement Analysis
  • Invalidity/IPR Analysis
  • Rule 11 PICs
Fact Discovery Support

Fact Discovery

  • Source Code Review
  • Production Evidence Mining
  • Product Testing
  • Claim Construction
  • Claim Charts
  • Expert Witness Support
  • IPR/Invalidity Rebuttals
  • Damage Model Adjustments
Technology Capabilities & Assignment Examples

      Our experience reflects in our understanding and prowess over multiple standards like 802.11, 3GPP, 4G-LTE, NFC standards and much more.

    • GPS – Portfolio Enforcement
    • Assisted a client looking to monetize their patent portfolio by identifying infringers on their GPS portfolio. Our analysis enabled the client to file multiple patent infringement law suits against top navigation service providers.

    • VoIP – Licensing as Sustainable Source of Revenues
    • Helped a leading telecom player to monetize their patent portfolio as an alternate form of revenue. Our telecom experts worked with their teams, to identify multiple potential licensing opportunities and also strategized the licensing campaign so that it serves as a sustainable alternate revenue channel.

      Our experience in Source Code Reviews complemented with our experience in almost all kinds of software enables us to advise our clients in the most comprehensive and detailed ways; Open Source or Proprietary codes! With the recent Alice ruling, it is imperative that your monetization strategy be fool-proof.

    • Digital Rights Management (DRM) – Proprietary Technologies
    • Helped a leading IP law firm, to review source code of multiple defendants in cases involving DRM technologies and methods. Our team of technology consultants unearthed critical case clinching lines of source code that infringed on the client’s patents.

    • Image Processing – Inside the Black Box
    • Assisted a client in multiple patent infringement cases in H264 encoding technology. Through detailed product analysis, software testing and infringement analysis we continue to assist the law firm in these cases.

      Advances in semiconductor technologies have eased the implementation of complex technologies on a chip. In order to understand them at the most detailed levels, not only would you need to be aware of recent developments but also understand the fundamentals.

    • Microprocessors – Tightly Bound Hardware & Controller Codes
    • Our technology consultants assisted a leading innovator in microprocessor architectures, to monetize their patent portfolio by identifying several key patents and multiple infringers which lead to an extremely favorable litigation campaign for the client.

    • Audio Processing – Will Product Teardowns Suffice?
    • Deployed our product Testing & Reverse Engineering capabilities to test over 200 products, including review of controller code when available. This helped the law firm client to strengthen their infringement assertions prior to discovery.

      Billions of mobile devices and countless technologies embedded within each. The high returns on mobile technologies related IP monetization requires attention to every last bit of detail.

    • Operating Systems – Tracing Functionalities
    • Our experts assisted a client with a portfolio that catered to multiple functionalities for a mobile based operating system in multiple cases against current mobile operating systems - open source and closed. We were able to establish co-relations by reviewing the open source code and inferring their equivalents in the proprietary operating systems.

    • Digital Rights Management (DRM) – Highly Proprietary Technologies
    • A leading IP law firm engaged us to review source code of multiple defendants in cases involving DRM technologies and methods. Aranca’s team of technology consultants unearthed a critical case-clinching line of source code that infringed on the client’s patents.

      A highly connected world requires sophisticated web technologies that enable the desired levels of user interactions. Our expertise in telecom, software & mobile technologies gives us the competitive edge in advising clients from this space.

    • Online Gaming – High Security and Inter-player Coordination
    • Our experts reviewed the source code of some of the most popular online games and identified “Damages Relevant” production from the defendant’s production.

    • Financial Transactions – Secure, Encrypted & Complex
    • Our experts assisted multiple clients in their IP Monetization campaign against financial houses, tech organizations & banks who infringed on their portfolios. The sophisticated encryption techniques required extensive understanding & knowledge of encryption techniques.

Our Frameworks & Approach

Structured approach in answering complicated unstructured questions

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