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A well-crafted business document that lays out facts and ideas in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand language goes a long way to get buy-ins from all stakeholders. This is important, whether you are a research organization, an entrepreneur, or a business firm that needs to present important decision-making issues.

Our Editorial & Presentation services team comprises professionals with experience in domains as diverse as print media, e-learning, corporate communications, marketing, linguistics, economics, finance, medical research articles, academic editing, and intellectual property. No matter what the content, our language edits and presentation enhancements turn your business document into a sterling piece of communication.

Editorial & Presentation Solution Portfolio

A wide range of Language Editing, Proofreading, and Presentation Design capabilities that you can choose from:

  Editing Presentation Design
Annual Reports
Marketing Material
Business Plan
Training Material
Technical Manuals
Medical Articles & Journals
PDF Documents
Press Releases
Cheat Sheets
Flash Notes

What you can expect…

You can rest assured that we will take care of:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Lexical choice and vocabulary
  • Storyboarding (top-down approach, seamless blending of points, flow, etc.)
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Redundancy
  • Tone
  • Basic clean-up
  • Formatting
  • Template creation and conversion
  • Visual makeover

The Aranca Edge

We don't just have the experience; we have varied experience. Over the last 13 years, we have published nearly 100,000 reports
across domains and delivered them to over 1,500 clients all over the world.

Experienced & Qualified Team

We are a 30+ team of skilled and experienced editorial and presentation experts that delivers complex assignments such as infographics, pitch presentation slides, RFPs and proposals, reports, and company profiles for global clients.

Global Benchmarks

While our Editorial Support team is adept at using the Chicago Manual of Style for all editorials in American English, we are equally proficient in referencing the Oxford Style Guide for our clients in Europe, South Africa, and Asia.


Customized Output

Our Editorial Support team provides highly customizable editing services to meet specific client requirements, while our Presentation Support team is adept at customizing design styles to align with the client’s brand guidelines.

Experience That Counts

Our team comprises people with 10+ years of relevant experience in domains as diverse as print media, e-learning, linguistics, economics, finance and others.

Ability To Manage Volumes

We deliver 500+ edited and designed business documents delivered every month for global clients across industry verticals.

Quality Assurance

Every document goes through at least two rounds of edit and design iterations to fix errors and maintain consistency in format and font as well as ensure adherence to guidelines.

Have More Questions?

No, we do not use any software for editing. All reports are scrutinized manually as we believe technology delivers the best results only when effectively integrated with human capital. For presentations, we refer to our internal slide gallery for chart layouts, tables, timeline process slides, etc.

Yes. While we strictly conform to global conventions and standards, we will be equally comfortable in following your guidelines/specifications to ensure the final output is in line with your expectations.

We have very stringent confidentiality norms and clauses. Our processes are safeguarded by some of the highest protocols and firewalls that ensure no breach of data or information.

We work on a range of documents from one-page flash notes to newsletters, proposals, brochures, press releases, teasers, and reports that run into hundreds of pages.

The editor/design specialist working on your project will promptly notify you upon the completion of your assignment.

Aranca is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. We recognize that client documents are highly sensitive and, therefore, all written and spoken information is protected from access and use by unauthorized persons. We have stringent processes and protocols to ensure the document remains in safe hands at all times, and client confidentiality and privacy are respected.

Yes. We understand the concerns of our clients and we have no compunction in signing any such agreement.

We run every document/presentation through a software to detect plagiarized content. Instances of plagiarism are highlighted and the author is promptly notified to ensure the issue is addressed.

The Team

Kevin Menezes, Head – Presentation Design & Editorial Support - Aranca

Kevin Menezes

Head – Editorial & Presentation Design Support

Shruti Sinha, AVP – Editorial Support - Aranca

Shruti Sinha

AVP – Editorial Support

Anand Gurav, Manager – Presentation Design Support - Aranca

Anand Gurav

Manager – Presentation Design Support

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