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  • Should the UK Leave the European Union?

    To be or not to be – that is the question.

    The United Kingdom will take a long overdue call on the 23rd of June 2016; a decision that could adversely affect its financial future.

    While there are several social, political, and economic undertones that will determine the ultimate consensus, the bottom line is that a Brexit could affect big business.

  • Will the RBI Keep Interest Rates Steady?

    Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan presented its second bi-monthly policy review on the 7th of June, 2016.

    As market experts and analysts expected, the central bank maintained its benchmark repo rate at 6.5%, amid inflationary pressure.

    Other key policy rates such as cash reserve ratio and statutory liquidity reserve have also remained unchanged.

    Nonetheless, the RBI remained accommodative in its monetary policy, and will continue to monitor macroeconomic and financial developments in order to identify further scope for policy action - if any.

  • The Brexit Won’t Really Affect Britain’s Trade

    While the markets are rife with speculation about an exit’s aftermath for both the UK and the EU, Britain’s trade turnovers ought to bounce back with gusto after an initial lull.

  • MiFID-II Compliance — Key Questions the Global Securities Industry Needs to Answer

    With the MiFID-II compliance deadline looming large, certain key concerns not only continue to plague the European securities and investment community, but may impact American firms as well. Here’s our view on the developments.

  • IoT Could Save Billions in Healthcare Costs Across the US and Europe

    Despite its nascent stage of development and deployment, the global healthcare industry could leverage IoT to develop an affordable, accessible, and quality care ecosystem.

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  • Can China’s Steel Industry Survive Increased Global Protectionism?

    As China’s biggest customers stem the flood of cheaper Chinese steel to safeguard their domestic markets, her overstocked steel industry will have to shape up to compete on a level playing field.


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  • European Fresh Food Packaging Market

    European fresh food packaging market is expected to reach USD10.7 billion by 2020 led by increasing demand for convenience food.

  • US B2B e-Commerce Sales

    Increasing emphasis on reducing the operational cost, and rising demand from customer side to procure products online is expected to drive the demand for US B2B e-commerce sales