1. Nutraceuticals - Going Beyond Contemporary Therapeutics

    Nutraceuticals are isolated from foods and sold in medicinal form. They provide physiological benefits and protection against chronic diseases. With the rise in health awareness and focus on fitness, concepts like nutraceuticals are gaining prominence. more

  2. How Big Data Analytics Will Facilitate Procurement 4.0

    Procurement activities generate considerable amounts of data from systems, operations, and geographies. In the era of digitalization and Industry 4.0, big data analytics would be a boon to procurement professionals, helping derive insights across stages. With more

  3. The Rise of Vertical Farming and Hydroponics

    Increasing demand for food, coupled with decreasing farmlands and fertile soils, has led to the emergence of alternative forms of farming, such as vertical farming, to boost food production. Countries that have long struggled with more

  1. Latest Trends in Regenerative Medicine

    Healthcare and medicine are in a constant state of evolution. Innovative technologies such as regenerative medicine are bringing about a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. While the segment does raise some moral questions, it more

  2. Technologies to Detect Thyroid Disorder

    Hormonal imbalance due to thyroid dysfunction can lead to various health issues for both men and women. Quick and accurate diagnosis of this imbalance aids in early prognosis, treatment, and health management. There are many more

  1. 5 Reasons why CFOs Like (and Dislike) Goodwill

    Purchase price allocation (PPA) and goodwill assessment is a must-have for any acquirer following an M&A deal to report the correct value of the assets on its financials. Assessing goodwill has always been a more