Google India-BCG Report Forecasts Online Travel Market Trends For 2020

Published on 29 Jun, 2017

Prior to this, a 2014 report by research firm Aranca estimated the online travel market in India at $9.1 Bn which included – air travel ($5.1 Bn), rail travel ($3.1 Bn) and hotels (0.8 Bn). These numbers have now increased multifold.

Key Predictions: Indian Online Travel Market 2020

Air travel will reach $30 Bn by 2020 growing at 15%. It continues to be the dominating category. It will be closely followed by hotels ($13 Bn) and railways ($5 Bn).

With the increase in smartphone penetration and digital payments usage, India’s online hotel market will grow to $4 Bn with 31% penetration at a CAGR of 25%.

By 2020, one in three hotel rooms will be booked online – a clear indicator of the growing importance of digital in travel research, planning, and booking.

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