Dubai expecting13% annual growth in medical tourism by 2021

Published on 23 Sep, 2016

Dubai is all set to provide medical tourism to its global community. In coming years, this cosmopolitan city expects an annual growth of 13 million medical tourists surpassing previous records. As per the statistics released by Dubai Statistic Center or DSC, 26 hospitals in this modern city did 46 percent of its business last year via foreign tourists who majorly belonged from the Asian countries. Dubai medical facilities and different vendors are trying to maintain and develop its healthcare sector ever since February this year. Of late, UAE has gained immense popularity in medical tourism.

Namrata Gada, a senior manager at research firm Aranca mentioned four factors supporting Dubai’s healthcare efforts: strong fiscal spending, state-of-the-art treatment centers, a strong presence of international pharmaceutical brands and use of modern technology. In Dubai quality treatment can be availed at affordable costs compared to the US and Western Europe. Now Dubai’s officials are focusing on construction boom.


A one-of-a-kind medical tourism portal has been launched by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in 2016 which covers everything from visa to hospital booking and insurance. Plans for setting up 18 private hospitals across Dubai in the next five years are in the pipeline. The officials are aiming to provide outstanding medical facilities to both local and foreign visitors in Dubai.

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