1. Megatrends in 3D Printing - Sustainable Materials

    The 3D printing industry is embracing several strategies to make itself more sustainable. Manufacturers are providing plant-based materials, biodegradable materials, recycled materials, and innovative formulas. Adopting a circular economy model, choosing environmentally friendly materials, and more

  1. Climate Change – A Threat to Human Health

    Climate change is causing various adverse effects on human health, including the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events, degradation of air quality, and spread of insect-borne diseases. Adaptation measures such as improving infrastructure more

  2. CRISPR Therapeutics – Transforming Healthcare

    CRISPR technology has been gaining prominence as a realistic treatment option for genetic diseases. Major recent licensing activity is seen from pharmaceutical companies that are also investing in startups in this domain. While technology could more

  1. Energy Crisis Unfolding in Europe

    These are unprecedented times for the energy market in Europe. While the energy sector is taking steps to decarbonize, renewable resources are increasingly contributing to the generation mix as the demand for electricity grows. The more

  2. Impact Investing in Real Estate

    Amid the requirement for a robust social infrastructure in the wake of the pandemic, social impact investing is increasingly attracting attention. While issues such as climate change continue to pique the interest of investors, social more

  3. Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage – Extending to 2022

    Semiconductors are the foundation of everything digital in today’s world – from transportation and AI to 5G, quantum computing, and beyond. The worldwide shortage of semiconductors that began in late 2020 emphasized the criticality of these spe more

  4. Will Mining Industry Retain its Shine in 2022?

    A sharp surge in commodity prices in 1H21 led to miners registering a substantial profit. Global economic recovery and strong end market demand supported the rise in commodity prices. Although prices have started to ease more

  1. 5 Reasons why CFOs Like (and Dislike) Goodwill

    Purchase price allocation (PPA) and goodwill assessment is a must-have for any acquirer following an M&A deal to report the correct value of the assets on its financials. Assessing goodwill has always been a more