1. Agile Procurement – Need of the Hour

    With intensifying competitive dynamics, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing customer demands, technological advancements, and environmental and geopolitical factors. Traditional procurement methods, which are often rigid, bureaucratic, and slow, more

  2. Canned Cocktails: A Rising Trend

    The traditional practice of enjoying cocktails at bars or lounges limited their accessibility to special occasions and exclusive venues. The art of mixing cocktails required expertise and practice, making them less readily available everywhere. However, more

  1. Evolution of AI in Modern Military Warfare

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently been making significant strides in various fields including military operations. The integration of this emerging technology with modern warfare could revolutionize how armed forces operate, enhance decision-making processes, and provide more

  2. Opportunities for Improved CAR T Cell Therapy

    Research and technological advancements are targeting the limitations of chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR T) cell therapy to improve its efficiency, minimize side effects, and reduce manufacturing costs. Most of these technologies are under development more

  1. US Pet Food Industry on the Rise

    Pet ownership increased during lockdown when people were confined to their homes. Pet humanization has led to owners treating pets as part of their family. Owners are increasingly concerned about their pets’ health and nutrition a more

  2. The Other Side of ESG Investing

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors play a critical role in investment analysis, actions, and recommendations. Globally, investors are looking at different methods such as positive or negative screening, green finance, thematic investing, shareholder engagement, more

  3. Thematic Investing on the Rise

    Disruptive technology is constantly reshaping the world. Despite the pandemic-induced lockdown, seamless internet connectivity enabled access to a virtual world where we could work, shop, and even meet people. Due to mobility restriction, labor shortage, more

  1. Shift in Work Culture in Post-COVID–19 World

    The fear of COVID-19 has led to the need for social distancing and lockdowns across nations. Most corporates have introduced WFH policy to ensure business continuity. However, this policy can be sustainable only if it more

  2. COVID-19 Lockdown Plays Well for Gaming Industry

    Natural disasters, recessions, and other such devastating events tend to catalyze industry-wide trends and shift the power balance between sectors. COVID-19’s effect on various sectors, particularly gaming, will be in line with this notion. T more