1. Latest Trends in Pet Food

    The last couple of decades have seen an evolution in the pet food market. Scientific advancements have enabled the development of better pet food products with healthy ingredients. Manufacturers are now focusing on meeting the more

  2. AI in Procurement – Industry Applications

    Industries across the globe are adopting emerging technologies to streamline complex processes such as procurement. However, the nature of business determines the level of adoption. For instance, the automobile and logistics sectors have widely implemented more

  1. Retail in the Metaverse – Present and Future

    The retail industry was the earliest adopter of the metaverse. The industry’s substantial investments in the AR/VR ecosystem helped attract a large number of users to virtual spaces. Strategies built around the metaverse w more

  2. Curbing Malnutrition through Emerging Technologies

    Malnutrition is a serious global issue, especially in emerging countries, with India being no exception. The number of malnourished children in the country is rising at an alarming rate, leading to high mortality among children more

  1. India as a Green Economy

    Green economy has recently emerged as a key concept on the global sustainable development agenda. Over the last decade, India’s rapid growth has created job opportunities and helped improved the standard of living. However, i more

  1. Shift in Work Culture in Post-COVID–19 World

    The fear of COVID-19 has led to the need for social distancing and lockdowns across nations. Most corporates have introduced WFH policy to ensure business continuity. However, this policy can be sustainable only if it more

  2. COVID-19 Lockdown Plays Well for Gaming Industry

    Natural disasters, recessions, and other such devastating events tend to catalyze industry-wide trends and shift the power balance between sectors. COVID-19’s effect on various sectors, particularly gaming, will be in line with this notion. T more