1. Green Hydrogen in Circular Economy

    The urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has prompted countries worldwide to commit to net-zero targets, driving the rapid adoption of low-carbon and renewable energy sources. Green hydrogen, generated from solar and wind power, more

  2. Sustainability Trends in Agrochemicals

    The global population surpassing eight billion has created a pressing need to enhance food production on existing arable land. This has resulted in increased use of agrochemicals to reduce crop loss and improve yields. However, more

  1. Carbon Capture – Moving Toward Net-Zero Emissions

    To save the planet from climate change, countries and organizations are working toward achieving net-zero emissions. Capture, utilization, and storage of carbon emerged as a leading strategy for limiting the global temperature rise. However, these more

  2. Can ChatGPT Support Industry 4.0?

    The new phenomenon ChatGPT unveiled by OpenAI is set to revolutionize processes and operation across industries. Although it is still in the testing phase, it has gained widespread popularity given its potential application fields. One more

  3. The Rise of High-Pressure Processing

    High pressure processing (HPP) technology is witnessing rapid growth in the food and beverage industry. Consumer demand for fresh, minimally processed foods with longer shelf life; the need for safer and healthier food products; and more

  1. Fertilizer Sector on Fertile Ground in 2022

    Fertilizer prices have considerably increased over the last year. Growth was driven by higher demand on account of economic recovery in 2021 after the pandemic, jump in raw material prices (especially for natural gas), ban on more

  2. Metaverse – The Future of Internet

    Currently, metaverse is the one of the most exciting technologies in the tech space. Giants such as Meta and Microsoft have already started developing their own version of it. To a large extent, ‘the metaverse’ is more

  3. Energy Crisis Unfolding in Europe

    These are unprecedented times for the energy market in Europe. While the energy sector is taking steps to decarbonize, renewable resources are increasingly contributing to the generation mix as the demand for electricity grows. The more

  4. Impact Investing in Real Estate

    Amid the requirement for a robust social infrastructure in the wake of the pandemic, social impact investing is increasingly attracting attention. While issues such as climate change continue to pique the interest of investors, social more

  1. 5 Reasons why CFOs Like (and Dislike) Goodwill

    Purchase price allocation (PPA) and goodwill assessment is a must-have for any acquirer following an M&A deal to report the correct value of the assets on its financials. Assessing goodwill has always been a more