Identifying attractive end-use segments & countries within the metal cans market in South America


US-based packaging firm keen to analyze the market for metal cans in South America with an intent to expand their operations in the region

Aranca Approach

Quick market scan to shortlist attractive countries, followed by in-depth market, end-use and competition analysis on shortlisted countries


The study helped the client in identifying attractive markets as well as short-list potential acquisition opportunities


Develop an attractiveness matrix to shortlist countries for further deep-dive

Create an analysis framework to gauge the level of product need versus existing supply for the shortlisted countries

Desk Research

Research to shortlist countries in initial scan

Detailed analysis of select countries covering customer groups, industry drivers, future growth trends, key suppliers and their capabilities

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 90 industry players across study countries

In-depth interviews to develop hypothesis / thumb rules for market sizing, competitor strategies, and identify potential acquisition targets


Analyze market demand and supply for metal cans in study countries

Estimate projected demand-supply gap and identify opportunities in the market