Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is among the most active sectors, with companies working on various innovations. This also has created a greater need to protect patents, know what the competition is doing and also find more impactful ways of monetizing IPs. This is where Aranca comes in to support clients with research and analytics services across the complete IP lifecycle.

We have executed nearly five hundred prior art searches and landscape studies in the renewable energy sector across different technology segments like power plant equipment, energy transmission & distribution, and other alternate energy segments.

Some of our clients in the renewable energy domain include equipment suppliers for renewable energy, manufacturers of alternate energy equipment, utilities, component suppliers, universities and law firms who leverage the extensive experience of our qualified team of electrical engineers with specialization in domains like power plants, alternate energy machinery and control systems among other areas.

Track Record

250+  Projects conducted


Projects conducted.

500+  Expert interviews conducted


Expert interviews conducted.

50+  Renewable sector technologies covered


Renewable sector technologies covered.

30+  Clients across various verticals


Clients across Green Technology & electrical product companies, Universities, and Law Firms.

Domain Expertise

Significant breadth and depth of experience across the renewable energy domain.


  • Wind Blade
  • Turbine-generator system
  • Flow Monitoring System
  • Cooling System
  • Braking System


  • Hydro Turbine
  • Turbine Blade Protection
  • Anti-corrosion Techniques
  • Surge Chamber
  • Penstock


  • Panel Structure
  • Grid/Farm
  • Power Switching System / Breaker Box
  • Concentrator
  • Solar Cell

Fuel Cell

  • Stack Structures
  • Membrane
  • Balance of Plant
  • Hydrogen Reformer
  • Regenerative Fuel Cell

System Components

  • Lithium / Advanced Lead Acid Battery
  • Ultracapacitor / Supercapacitor
  • Power Converters
  • Gearbox
  • Energy Converter / Stabilizer


  • Computation Fluid Dynamics Simulation
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Energy Management / Protection System
  • Waste Management
  • Bio-energy / Geothermal

Examples of Our Work in Renewable Energy

Technology Intelligence

Technology Scouting and Acquisition

  • Identify acquisition target in fuel cell technologies suitable for wastewater treatment
  • Patent portfolio due-diligence related to PEMFC for the acquisition by a leading automotive player
  • Identify technologies related to hybrid energy systems based on solar and wind

White Space Analysis

  • Understand the key challenges leading to heat loss in geothermal systems
  • Ascertain the key problems associated with biomass collection and processing
  • Identify problems associated with regenerative braking in the fuel cell driven vehicles

Technology Landscape | Innovation Focus

  • Technology landscape in the domain of solar concentrators
  • Ascertain the development status of the technology related to microbial fuel cell
  • Competitive benchmarking related to the design of the wind blades

Monetizing Existing Technical Know-how

  • Patent portfolio valuation of advanced lead acid batteries with carbon coated electrodes
  • Valuation of patent portfolio related to advanced breaker box to switch automatically between solar and utility power
  • Assess and identify go-to-market strategy for a polymer supplier in the fuel cell market

R&D Strategy Roadmaps

  • Understand the relation between wind turbine blade size and energy output
  • Technology support for development of solar tracking systems
  • Understand the development of advanced lead acid batteries

Product Design for Emerging Technologies and Markets

  • Development of advanced breaker box for implementation in the solar ready home
  • Develop algorithms used for grid frequency matching & control for used in solar farms
  • Design support for products that can help in optimizing the output of wind farm using IoT

IP Strategy

Prosecution Support

  • Novelty search for invention related to drives used in sun tracking photovoltaic system
  • Patentability study related to a transformerless inverter with PWM topologies
  • Draft patent application and prosecution support for an invention in hydrogen fuel cell

Prior Art Searches

  • Invalidation study of a patent related to method of ash removal from biomass
  • Clearance search related to excitation system for synchronous generator used in hydro power plant
  • FTO study related to a wind turbine blade, in US, Europe, Brazil, and Canada jurisdictions

Portfolio Analysis

  • Patent quality assessment for a portfolio related to wind turbine installation vessel
  • Patent portfolio analysis of companies manufacturing geothermal exchange systems
  • Identify the standard essential patents related to solar energy generation

Technology or Patent Landscape

  • Patent landscape study related to techniques for preventing corrosion of turbines
  • Competitive landscape study related to hydrogen fuel cell
  • Competitive benchmark for a portfolio related to the aerodynamic braking of wind turbine

Licensing Program Support

  • In-licensing support for an environmental parameter monitoring systems portfolio
  • Target identification for out-licensing of patent portfolio related to decommissioning of an offshore windmill
  • Identify patent licensing targets for material used in thin film coating of solar panel on windows

M&A Support

  • Enabled strategic alliance for an industrial automation player and a solar farm installer
  • Identified company providing system simulation technology for electric power plant
  • Identification of SMEs working on biomass waste management

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