Aranca has executed over 300 IP research projects in the packaging sector, covering over 50 varied packaging applications and technologies such as packaging seals and closures, packaging materials, packaging fillings and converting technologies. Our team of packaging sector experts and patent analysts have helped over 30 clients including food and beverages manufacturers and packaging companies by providing valuable research data and insights across the complete patent lifecycle.

Our track record in successfully delivering these projects has made us a valued IP research partner for decision makers in global packaging companies. Some of the projects that we have conducted in the space include White space analysis for technologies related to packages for packaging short shelf life products, identifying R&D strategy roadmaps, tech landscaping, tech scouting and acquisition, and IP monetization. 

Track Record

300+ Packaging Projects conducted


Projects conducted.

50+  Packaging applications covered


Packaging applications covered by our consultants.

30+ Packaging Clients


Clients including F&B manufacturers and packaging companies.

100,000+ Man hours of Packaging IP research experience


Man hours of research experience.

Domain Expertise

Significant breadth and depth of experience across the Packaging domain.

Packaging Content

  • Food/Beverage Packaging
  • Personal Care Packaging
  • Drugs/Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Aerosol Packaging
  • Semiconductor Packaging

Packaging Method

  • Aseptic Packaging
  • Vacuum/Mod-Atmosphere Packaging
  • Retortable Packaging
  • Canning
  • Thermal Processing

Packaging Material

  • Paper/Paperboard
  • Natural/Synthetic Polymers
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Inorganic Compounds


  • Cap/Closures
  • Adhesives
  • Zippers
  • Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Sealing

Filling Machines

  • Auger/Agitators
  • Flow Filling Machines
  • Tablet Fillers
  • Positive Displacement Pump Fillers
  • Vertical form fill sealing machine

Converting Technologies

  • Extrusion
  • Injection/Blow Moulding
  • Calendering
  • Thermoforming/Deep Drawing
  • Laminating

Examples of Our Work in Packaging

Technology Intelligence

R&D Strategy Roadmaps

  • Identification of alternative technologies for separation of plastic and paper from multi-layered packages
  • Technology roadmap for manufacturing packages from plant-based materials
  • Future applications of polymer nano-composites in packaging

White Space Analysis

  • White space analysis for technologies related to packages for packaging short shelf life products
  • Problem-solution matrix for technologies pertaining to spouts used for sealing pouches
  • Identification of unmet needs pertaining to existing plastic bottles for packaging beverages

Technology Landscape | Innovation Focus

  • Trends related to recent developments in packaging materials for pouches
  • Classification of technologies pertaining to tablet filling machines
  • Technology identification pertaining to manufacturing of biodegradable plastics

Monetizing Existing Technical Know-how

  • Valuation of a patent related to multi-package applicator device
  • Royalty rate estimation for in-licensing a patent related to welding wire coil packaging system
  • Potential partner identification for technology pertaining to a method of partially annealing a container

Technology Scouting and Acquisition

  • Scouting for different coating processes for plastic bottles for making them impervious
  • Scouting for packaging technologies pertaining to packaging of fruits and vegetables with key focus on shelf life enhancement
  • Solution identification for problems related traditional filling machines for beverage pouches

Product Design for Emerging Technologies/ Markets

  • Feasibility check of emerging plastic waste recycling technologies in the existing recycling facilities
  • Scouting for technologies that disclose use of paper for packaging milk with key focus on shelf life
  • Technology assessment pertaining to image recognition technologies in packaging

IP Strategy

Prosecution Support

  • Patent drafting for technology related to shrink wrap packaging of bottles
  • Novelty search related to method for identifying various gases released from the package and indicate food freshness
  • Patentability study for technology pertaining to tamper evident pouches

Prior Art Searches

  • State of art search for sustainable packaging solutions
  • Invalidity search related to a method of aseptic packaging of medical devices
  • FTO search to identify a specific sequence of multi-layered material for beverage packaging, in EP jurisdiction

Portfolio Analysis

  • Identification of key patents for licensing purpose from portfolio related to metal can manufacturing processes
  • Patent portfolio analysis of companies dealing in technologies pertaining to vertical form fill sealing machines
  • Patent quality assessment for a patent portfolio related to pressure sensitive adhesive compositions for sealing packages

Technology/ Patent Landscape

  • Benchmarking of patent portfolio for technology related to different polymer materials for drug packaging
  • Patent landscape to identify various cost-effective sealing mechanisms for cosmetic pouches
  • Competitive landscape for technology pertaining to blow-fill-seal for packages

Licensing Program Support

  • Out licensing support for portfolio related to packaging assemblies for drug delivery devices
  • Royalty rate estimation for out-licensing a patent related to polypropylene multi-layer sealant films for retort packaging
  • Partner identification for active packaging technology for food, medicine and other perishable items

M&A Support

  • Due-diligence of IP portfolio for technology related to self heating/cooling packages
  • Potential partner identification for technology pertaining to recyclable paper cups
  • Valuation of patent portfolio related to a cardboard cans for storing carbonated beverages

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