Semiconductors as a sector, is among the leading sectors from an innovation and R&D spend perspective globally. Aranca supports clients in managing their IPs by assisting them across the whole gamut of patent research services - right from IP strategy, monetization, and patent search to litigation support.

Our highly capable team of IP research analysts and industry experts have delivered several hundred patent research assignments across various technology domains like product design engineering, fabrication, packaging and encapsulation, product testing, and semiconductor devices. 

Track Record

400+ Semiconductor IP Research Projects conducted


Projects conducted.

300+ Semiconductor technologies Covered


Semiconductor technologies and products covered by our analysts.

40+ Semiconductor IP Research Clients


Clients including equipment vendors, foundries, device testers, OEMs, and Software providers.

300,000+ Man hours of Semiconductor IP research experience


Man hours of research experience.

Domain Expertise

Significant breadth and depth of experience across the Semiconductor domain.

Design Engineering

  • Product Design Layouts
  • Product Prototyping/ Testing
  • Encryption/Decryption
  • Processor Architecture
  • FPGA / Memory Access Technologies


  • Materials
  • Interconnects/Through Silicon Via
  • Process Technologies
  • Clean Room Automation
  • Semiconductor Waste Management

Packaging & Encapsulation

  • 2.5D Packaging (horizontal Stack Integration)
  • 3D (vertical Integration)
  • Hermetic Packaging
  • System in Packaging
  • Wafer-level Packaging / Flip Chip

Product Testing

  • Wafer Inspection Process
  • Package Testing
  • Wireless/RF Testing
  • Testing Automation
  • Testing Firmware

Fabrication Equipments/Processes

  • Lithography
  • Etching
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
  • Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Semiconductor Devices

  • Memories / Microprocessors
  • MEMS
  • Power Electronics
  • RF devices & Sensors
  • Photonics

Examples of Our Work in Semiconductors

Technology Intelligence

R&D Strategy Roadmaps

  • Understand technology development status and develop product roadmap for resistive memories
  • Analyze the technology gaps in PVD equipment to address the Internet of Things (IoT) market.
  • Growth potential for glass interposer in advanced packaging

White Space Analysis

  • Key technology challenges impacting the growth of 3D packaging
  • Identify the unmet needs/opportunities from the equipment supplier prospective for the implementation of 2.5D packaging
  • Problem solution analysis for use of insulated metal substrate in LEDs or lighting devices

Technology Landscape | Innovation Focus

  • R&D trends on implementation of backlit illumination sensors in the display devices
  • Technology landscape related to the manufacturing process of printed electronics
  • Technology landscape to understand the recent developments in Atomic layer Deposition (ALD)

Monetizing Existing Technical Know-how

  • Valuation of patent portfolio related to the semiconductor LASER that can be implemented in the self-driven vehicles
  • Technology assessment of the RF plasma vapour deposition technology and preparing the commercialization plan for the client
  • Fair market value assessment of a patent portfolio related to the RAMAN amplification

Technology Scouting and Acquisition

  • Identify advanced technologies related to monolithic integration of power management IC
  • Ascertain the most interesting technologies created through silicon via during the fabrication process
  • Identify the technologies related to Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) and materials used therein

Product Design for Emerging Technologies/ Markets

  • Technology support for designing advanced RF sputtering equipment
  • Feasibility analysis of the implementation of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology for advanced packaging

IP Strategy

Prosecution Support

  • Novelty search for an invention related to the semiconductor devices with through hole vias
  • Patentability study for technology related to redistribution layer
  • Supplementary search to modify the claims for a invention related to backlit illumination sensor

Prior Art Searches

  • FTO study related to extraction of Gold from semiconductor waste in US and China jurisdictions
  • Prior art study for a use of combo lids in hermetic packaging
  • Invalidation study of a patent related to interconnect structures in integrated circuits

Portfolio Analysis

  • Analyze patent portfolio to Identify key patents describing the use of IGZO in TFT devices
  • Analysis of portfolio related to use of Ozone in Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Portfolio analysis of a leading telecom player to identify key patents related to chip manufacturing techniques

Technology/ Patent Landscape

  • Competitive landscape & benchmarking study in domain of packaging and encapsulation techniques
  • Patent landscape study to identify use of thin glass wafers below 1mm in healthcare applications
  • Patent Landscape study related to Memristors

Licensing Program Support

  • In-licensing support for a technology related to processor architecture
  • Patent to Product mapping for the indirect infringement related to plasma generation equipment (32nm and below)
  • Target identification followed by in-licensing support for technology related to chemical mechanical planarization

M&A Support

  • Identify target companies with product prototyping capabilities for biomedical devices
  • Intake due diligence for MRAM patent portfolio
  • Identify the manufacturing partner for the fabless to fabricating power electronics devices

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