The oil & gas sector is witnessing its most transformative era. The recent economic developments are  redefining the energy business as we know it. It is imperative for stakeholders to consistently keep a close watch at the ever-evolving landscape, and assess the purpose and relevant strategic direction for their organizations.

Our experts have more than 150,000 man-hours of research experience across over 200 projects conducted for more than 30 clients including drilling and oil exploration companies. Our consultants help our clients maintain close watch at dynamic developments across 70+ oil & gas technologies, and empower fearless decision making across exploration, drilling rigs, separation, conversion & purification refining areas.

Track Record

200+ Oil & Gas IP Projects conducted


Projects conducted.

70+  Oil & Gas technologies covered


Oil & Gas technologies covered by our consultants.

30+ Oil &  Gas Sector IP Research Clients


Clients including drilling and oil exploration companies.

150,000+ Man hours of Oil & Gas research experience


Man hours of research experience.

Domain Expertise

Significant breadth and depth of experience across the Oil & Gas domain


  • Land Surveying
  • Marine Streamer Surveying
  • Ocean Bottom Surveying
  • Airborne Surveying
  • Well Site Surveying

Drilling Rigs

  • Land Based
  • Slim Hole
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Semi-submersible
  • Drill Ship

Drilling Rigs

  • Drag Bit
  • Roller Cone Bit
  • Diamond Bit
  • Fixed Cutter Bit
  • Tri-cone Rock Bit

Refining – Separation

  • Fractional Distillation
  • Super Fractionation
  • Absorption
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Adsorption

Refining – Conversion

  • Naphtha Reforming
  • Catalytic Cracking
  • Polymerization & Alkylation
  • Hydrocracking
  • Isomerization

Refining – Purification

  • Sweetening
  • Mercaptan Extraction
  • Clay Treatment
  • Hydrogen Treatment
  • Molecular Sieves

Examples of Our Work in Oil & Gas

Technology Intelligence

R&D Strategy Roadmaps

  • Technology roadmap for non-electric air chamber pressure sensing systems
  • Scouting alternative technologies for efficient and cost-effective land based seismic surveying
  • Future trends of fluid control additives to control fluid leak off

White Space Analysis

  • Heat map tables for technologies pertaining to gravity gradiometer
  • Identifying white spaces for technology related to multi-component geophones used for receiving seismic signals
  • Identification of unmet needs pertaining to existing 3D seismic surveying process

Technology Landscape | Innovation Focus

  • Categorization of technologies pertaining to roller core bits
  • Research trends for technologies related to wellbore cementing
  • Identifying technologies pertaining to side wall fluid samplers of drill well

Monetizing Existing Technical Know-how

  • Identifying joint development opportunities for technology pertaining to blowout preventer positioning system
  • Royalty rate estimation for in-licensing a patent related to multi-functional screw drill and reaming device
  • Patent valuation of technology related to a straddle packer system

Technology Scouting and Acquisition

  • Scouting for different cost effective drilling polymers used in extraction process
  • Assessment of emerging technologies to identify solutions for problems related traditional well completion technologies
  • Tech-scouting for under-research and commercialized drill bit protecting technologies

Product Design for Emerging Technologies/ Markets

  • Use of emerging gripper assemblies for down hole tools in the existing drilling assemblies
  • Due diligence of technology pertaining to coiled tubing injector systems
  • Scouting for low-cost oil based mud additives (OBM)

IP Strategy

Prosecution Support

  • Prior-art study for technology pertaining to identification of weak diamond zones in a drill bit
  • Novelty search related to 3D crushing analysis and predictive models with wearflat of a drill tool
  • Pre-litigation support for technology related to drag reduction on turbine motors

Prior Art Searches

  • Freedom-to-operate search pertaining to a manufacturing process of PDC drill bits, in US and EP jurisdictions
  • Validation search related to design of seismic streamers for surveying
  • State of art search for design of inductive couplers for drilling tools

Portfolio Analysis

  • Patent portfolio analysis of companies dealing in technologies pertaining to hydrofracking
  • Identifying key technologies from portfolio related to plasma deep drilling for licensing purpose
  • Assessment of patent quality for a patent portfolio related to oil well simulation techniques

Technology/ Patent Landscape

  • Competitive landscape for technology related oil well plugging
  • Benchmarking of patent portfolio for technology related to acid fracturing
  • Technology landscape to identify various de-oxidation processes of seawater on offshore platforms

Licensing Program Support

  • Royalty rate estimation for in-licensing a patent related to bottom hole assembly surge relief system
  • Cross-licensing support for portfolio related to devices for removing undisturbed cores
  • Identifying companies for joint development of technology related to computer controlled drilling systems

M&A Support

  • Partner identification for technology pertaining to calculation of drilling rate of penetration
  • Due-diligence of IP portfolio of tool wear estimation technology
  • Patent portfolio valuation of technology related to a directional washing tool for a well

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