Analysis of the potential for Bodrum in Turkey as a tourist destination


A leading Middle Eastern consulting services provider mandated Aranca to analyse the potential for Bodrum, Turkey to develop as a tourist destination

Aranca Approach

Detailed analysis of the existing market dynamics covering, market size of tourism industry and marina sector, marine related industries and evaluation of growth outlook


Aranca worked collaboratively with industry experts to develop a detailed report to identify the opportunities in Bodrum’s tourism and marina sectors


Identify key ports, existing marina supply in Bodrum and forecast the demand for marinas in the region

Define the demand - supply gap, cost advantage and potential for marine related industries in Bodrum

Desk Research

Mapping tourism industry size and trends in Bodrum, Turkey

Identifying marine related industries and their growth potential in Bodrum

Expert Interviews

Discussion with 25+ yacht manufacturers and marina / port operators

Expansion of existing and development of new marinas


Provide the addressable market opportunity for marina tourism in Bodrum