Information Memorandum for a Marina Resort in Central America


A US based boutique private equity firm soliciting investment for a company involved in developing a luxury marina beach resort in Central America

Aranca Approach

Industry analysis to understand the dynamics of marina tourism, advice on proposed capital structures and draft a Private Placement Memorandum


Our analysis helped the client understand the travel and tourism industry in Central America, evaluate the proposed capital structure under different scenarios and negotiate terms with shareholders


Identify key trends in tourism industry affecting demand for marine resorts

Framework incorporating IRR analysis and sensitivity analysis to evaluate the impact of change in key drivers

Desk Research

Mapping of tourism market size, capital investments, spending, etc.

Identify key financial and operational drivers of a Marina Resort

Expert Interviews

Series of discussions with various management personnel to gain thorough understanding of key business insights and key financial drivers


Prepared a detailed industry analysis and a dynamic spread sheet template for preparing a capital structure framework for the company