Medical Devices

Medical Devices Sector Experience

Over 250 projects delivered, covering 15+ segments of the medical devices sector in 30+ countries

Therapeutic Devices

  • Anaesthesia devices
  • Cardiology & Vascular devices labels
  • Gastrointestinal devices
  • Neurology devices
  • Ophthalmology devices
  • Urology devices

Home Healthcare Equipment

  • Respiratory care devices
  • Dialysis equipment
  • Intravenous equipment
  • Hearing aids
  • Diabetes care devices
  • Tele-health monitoring devices

Other Medical Devices

  • Joint reconstruction devices
  • Spinal devices
  • Trauma fixation devices
  • Orthopaedic braces & support systems
  • Endoscopy devices
  • Endometrial ablation devices
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the medical devices sector across the world

    • Demand assessment of HF snares in South Korea
    • Business plan for orthopedic implants company in Japan
    • Opportunity assessment for extraction balloon catheters in Taiwan
    • Market study on minimally-invasive surgical devices in Singapore
    • Competitive intelligence on medical device manufacturers in China
    • Sector analysis of cardiovascular and surgical devices in Philippines
    • Market assessment of medical devices used in orthopaedic segment in India
    • Map future potential for tele-health monitoring devices in Bangladesh

    • Feasibility analysis for medical devices distribution in UAE
    • Competitive intelligence on breath monitoring brands in GCC
    • Feasibility study for urinary incontinence device manufacturing facility in KSA
    • Opportunity assessment of medical devices market in Iran
    • Feasibility analysis for wound care devices distribution in Iraq
    • Sector analysis of spine care device market in Kuwait
    • Opportunity assessment for medical device distribution in KSA
    • Demand estimation of respiratory inhalers in UAE

    • Opportunity assessment of wound care devices in South Africa
    • Demand assessment for pain management products in Sudan
    • Business plan for neurovascular device company in South Africa
    • Competitive Intelligence on medical device distributors in Egypt
    • Identification of JV partners for selling gastrointestinal devices in Tanzania
    • Go to market strategy for distribution of ankle replacement devices in Algeria
    • Purchase patterns for anaesthesia devices in East Africa
    • Surveys to map the probable penetration of advanced neurology devices in Kenya

    • Market study for cataract surgery devices in Spain
    • White space analysis for medical robotics in Germany
    • Demand assessment of orthopaedic implants in Benelux
    • Supply landscape for ophthalmic device market in the UK
    • Opportunity assessment for preterm respiratory care devices in Eastern Europe
    • Country comparison of types of medical device exports for UK and Germany
    • Opportunity assessment for a PoC application for a diagnostic device in Austria
    • Price analysis of spinal implant products in Sweden

    • Market study of diabetes care devices in the US
    • Competitive benchmarking for oncology diagnostic devices in the US
    • Impact assessment of Obamacare on medical device players in the US
    • Demand assessment of health wearable devices in Canada
    • Market study on artificial vessels in the US
    • Go to market strategy for an advanced fertility monitor in Mexico
    • Cost benefit strategy for shifting neurology device plant from the US to Asia
    • Sector note on gastrointestinal devices in Canada

    • Opportunity assessment for respiratory inhalers in Brazil
    • Competitive intelligence on enteral feeding pumps players in Argentina
    • Mapping the physician's preference for two bare metal stents in Chile
    • Financial benchmarking of large distributors of medical devices in Paraguay
    • Regulatory mapping for sales of medical devices in Colombia
    • Assessing the revenue potential of technologically outgrown devices in Chile
    • Market study on Hernia Mesh devices market in Argentina
    • Distribution strategy for sales of prosthetic heart valve in Uruguay

Case Studies

Opportunity assessment for Glaucoma Drainage Devices (GDD) in Europe

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Opportunity assessment for manufacturing and distribution of medical devices in Saudi Arabia

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