Opportunity assessment for manufacturing and distribution of medical devices in Saudi Arabia


A large holding firm engaged Aranca to identify opportunities in manufacturing & distribution of medical devices in KSA

Aranca Approach

Detailed analysis of the healthcare sector including disease analysis, size, attractive segment analysis and deep dive study


Our analysis helped the client identify attractive opportunities in medical device manufacturing/distribution across products


Identify key device categories based on imports & end disease prevalence

Define framework to map products which are nascent & provide high economic value add

Desk Research

Healthcare sector spending, key diseases, demographic analysis

Medical device market analysis – market size, regulations and drivers & challenges, business models

Expert Interviews

Discussion with 40-45 importers of medical devices and 30-35 decision drivers - hospitals and clinics

Focus on high consumption devices, attractive growth potential and margins


Identify product categories which demonstrate potential for import substitution, offer high economic value add, contribute significantly to the share of treatment expenditure