Opportunity assessment for Glaucoma Drainage Devices (GDD) in Europe


A medical devices company engaged Aranca to study the market for GDDs in key European countries, as an input to developing their international growth strategy

Aranca Approach

Detailed analysis of the GDD market in target countries with focus on glaucoma prevalence, medical reimbursement, market size, key end-user segments and competitor dynamics


Our analysis helped the client identify target European countries with attractive opportunities for GDD and develop an international growth strategy


Identify target European countries based on glaucoma prevalence

Identification of GDD manufacturers

Mapping of product features of the company vis-à-vis competitors

Desk Research

Understand glaucoma prevalence and medical reimbursements in target countries

GDD market analysis - Market size, Key end-user segments, Market dynamics, Future growth potential, Pricing & Competitor dynamics

Expert Interviews

Discussion with 60-65 respondents including competitors, medical associations, doctors and hospital purchase managers to understand key industry benchmarks & metrics


A market entry strategy was presented covering attractive countries to focus on, pricing, distribution and sales potential under different scenarios aligned to the overall growth