Analyzing the potential for vehicle service contracts (VSCs) in Mexico


A US-based specialty insurance provider engaged Aranca to study in detail the vehicle service contract (VSC) market in Mexico

Aranca Solution

We offered a detailed analysis of the automotive industry and the dynamics of the VSC market including market size, potential, value chain, and key players


Our analysis assisted the client develop strategies to expand services in these markets

Desk Research

Analyzed the automotive market including production, sales, and trade scenario for new and used cars

Studied the VSC market in detail (including market size, potential, value chain, key players, drivers and challenges, and regulatory framework)

Expert Interviews

Interviewed over 20 industry participants including automotive dealers, manufacturers, and insurance and VSC providers


Analyzed the VSC industry in the country, along with demand and supply potential

Provided conclusions on the estimates of the future market for VSC and scope for the client to expand in the region