Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare Delivery Experience

Over 300 projects delivered, covering 20+ product and service lines of the healthcare delivery sector in 25+ countries

General / Speciality Hospitals

  • Cardiology
  • Child and Mother Care
  • Oncology
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals


  • Veterinary services and animal hospital
  • Pet care service facilities
  • Specialty veterinary services
  • Veterinary testing labs

Laboratory Services

  • X-ray & laboratory services
  • Radiology services
  • Diagnostic imaging centers
  • Fertility labs/clinics

Nursing Homes

  • Intermediate care facilities
  • Midwifery and childbirth reparation
  • Hospice services and centers
  • Rehabilitation

Polyclinic / Specialty Clinics

  • Dental / ENT
  • Dermatology
  • Optometry
  • Chiropractic

Other Support Services

  • Blood/Organ banks
  • Physician practice management Service
  • Healthcare referral services
  • Mobile healthcare centers
Assignment Examples
Explore our work in the healthcare delivery sector across the world

    • Cost benchmarking study in emerging market hospitals in South and East Asia
    • White space analysis for setting up dental clinics in India
    • Opportunities for Investment in primary care clinics in Malaysia
    • Assessing the demand-supply gap for ambulatory care services in India
    • Assessment of operational costs of cardiology hospitals in Singapore
    • Business Plan for setting up a chain of ENT clinics in Australia

    • Analysis of hospital spend across different consumer demographics in Bahrain
    • Feasibility study to set up long-term care treatment centres in the UAE
    • Go to Market Strategy for setting up a gynaecology clinic chain in GCC
    • Opportunity assessment in KSA’s mobile healthcare segment
    • Feasibility Study for expansion of nursing home operations in Jordan
    • Partner identification in Kuwait’s dermatology market

    • Opportunity assessment for a specialty hospital in Nigeria
    • South Africa's Primary Care Market - Study of the Unjani Clinic Model
    • Analysis of private healthcare sector in Khartoum to identify service gaps
    • Assessing the demand-supply gap for radiology services in Kenya
    • Research paper on midwifery segment in Uganda
    • Opportunity assessment in the primary care segment in Ethiopia

    • Opportunity Assessment in Point-of-Care Clinics Market in Russia
    • Comparative Study of the Healthcare System in Austria, France and Germany
    • Identifying disruptions in the pharmaceutical distribution value chain across Europe
    • Go to Market Strategy for setting up a veterinary clinic chain in Germany
    • Regulatory landscape analysis for setting up organ banks in Switzerland
    • Market entry strategy in the occupational therapy space in Belgium

    • Feasibility study for a cancer diagnostics centre in the US
    • Partner identification in Central America for a leading European hospital chain
    • Competitor intelligence study in the oncology hospital segment in Mexico
    • Location analysis for setting up a rehabilitation centre on the US West Coast
    • Research paper on fertility clinics space in Canada

    • Market opportunity assessment for health management services in LATAM
    • Assessing the demand-supply gap for tertiary hospitals in Peru
    • Go to Market Strategy for setting up a dental clinic chain in Colombia
    • Opportunity assessment in the optometry segment in Venezuela
    • Feasibility study for a diagnostic imaging centre in Argentina
    • Location analysis for setting up tertiary hospitals in Ecuador

Case Studies

Opportunity Assessment for Home Healthcare Service Providers in the US

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Business plan to establish an integrated healthcare facility in Oman

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