Developing a business case for setting-up international schools in South Korea and Japan


A leading international independent schools group engaged Aranca to assess the market for international schools in South Korea and Japan

Aranca Approach

Detailed analysis of the K-12 schools in both countries, encompassing number of schools, student enrollment statistics, regulations and policies, and demographic trends


Our analysis helped the client to assess if the target countries provided an entry opportunity in the near term


Define analytical framework and blank slides for data collation / synthesis

Set criteria (K-12 English medium) for schools to be analyzed

Desk Research

Detailed analysis of location, students, teaching staff, enrollments etc.

Benchmarking of curriculum, regulations, pricing and policies

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 20 international schools in both countries

Focus on current trends, regulations and key insights on enrollments


Develop an assessment based on benchmarking of schools

Recommendations based on insights from current gaps in the market