Opportunity identification and recommendations for setting-up a boarding school in Bahrain


To support a public agency to identify market opportunities and provide recommendations for setting up a boarding school in Bahrain

Aranca Approach

In-depth analysis of the private K-12 education system, parent survey, international & regional benchmarking, recommendations


Our analysis helped assess the potential demand and best practices for setting up a private boarding school in Bahrain


Shortlist top regional / international private schools and boarding schools

Define analytical framework and blank slides for data collation / synthesis

Desk Research

Mapping private schools: students, curriculum, teachers, among others

Benchmarking of offerings of top private schools and boarding schools

Primary Research

Discussions with administrators of 15 private schools in Bahrain

Field survey with 100 parents of children attending private schools


Projections on potential demand for the proposed establishment

Best practices being following by top regional / international schools