Market study on aluminium auto-component market in Argentina


To assist the client (a European auto parts testing company) in evaluating the market for testing of aluminum auto parts in Argentina

Aranca Solution

In-depth analysis of the current market dynamics, industry value chain and quality standards to identify market gaps, which can be addressed


Helped the client establish operations in the country offering a mix of services currently not readily available in the market


Define the framework for the study and methodology to collate/synthesize data

Identify the value chain for the auto parts industry in Argentina

Desk Research

Mapping of auto parts manufacturers, and suppliers of aluminum

Assess the market size for aluminum auto parts by value and volume

Competition assessment and benchmarking

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 30-35 industry players across the value chain

Regulations and quality parameters to be adhered

Prospects and challenges for a new entrant


Identify services and solutions that are in high demand, but are not met by existing competitors