Opportunity assessment for establishing aluminum recycling unit in Japan


To help the client (a Japanese aluminum mill products manufacturer) explore the option of establishing an aluminum recycling unit in Japan

Aranca Solution

In-depth analysis of current market dynamics, industry value chain, setup cost and feasibility study to understand the attractiveness of the venture


Helped the client establish an aluminum recycling unit in Japan and identify upstream and downstream channel partners


Define the framework for the study and methodology to collate/synthesize data

Identify the various sources of aluminum scrap, and the entities involved in the collection process

Desk Research

Identify the current scale of aluminum recycling in the country

Identify the current and upcoming trends in aluminum recycling, and future market drivers

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 20–30 industry players across the value chain

Understand the regulations on recycling, capital requirement, suppliers, main end-consumer industries, trends, and drivers


Recommendations on plant location and channel partners

Develop setup cost projection, five-year revenue projections and payback period