Market assessment for local fabrication opportunities for Cu/Zn and brass in GCC


To assist the client (a China based nonferrous metals enterprise) to understand the potential to start local fabrication for copper, zinc and brass metals in the GCC region

Aranca Approach

In-depth analysis of the existing fabrication sector and end-user industries in the middle east to assess the market attractiveness of local fabrication


Our assessment helped the client in assessing the viability of local fabrication and identifying major opportunities in each of the metal categories


Initial understanding of fabrication applications in various end-user industries in GCC

Define analytical framework and blank slides for opportunity assessment

Desk Research

End-user industry application, demand and expected sector growth in GCC

Domestic supply and local/international suppliers

Key Market drivers and trends

Expert Interviews

Discussions with +75 industry players across the value chain

Opportunity assessment and future potential and prospects for a new entrant for each metal category


Assessment of local supply
Trade analysis and future outlook
Identify opportunities based on demand and planned capacity assessment